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  1. That is more than a litle bit odd! I didn't think subsystem damaged carried over like that.....How it could appear from nowhere I really can't imagine. You can't damage subsystems in the editor (other than tracks/wheels/engine via immobilistation).....Or if you can, I haven't got a scooby how to do it! Almost certainly a coincidence caused by the game's random name generator.
  2. The biggy for me is to get all excited mid-battle, decide to make a screenshot (with icons off), spend ages faffing around in Photoshop so I forget about it.....Then get butchered on my next advance!
  3. SU-152s could knock out a Tiger (or pretty much anything else) with HE.....I recall reading a contemporary account where a crewman described his tank as 'ringing like a bell' after a bit of Zveroboi rough love!
  4. Gonna be honest, I have both and I've never noticed.....They still shoot the same! But welcome, all the same.
  5. Only just discovered this.....What an absolutely cracking looking map. Can't wait to blow it to bits!
  6. I find this peculiar too.....I know there are at least one set of fixed scenarios out there, but for some reason they aren't being uploaded. @BFCElvis.....Mate, enough is enough, this is paid product and it's properly f**ked.
  7. Probably best you don't take that muppet Citrone to Montebourg TBH!
  8. I'd love to see both, TBH the game feels incomplete without them.
  9. Surprised to hear Matildas were still around by the time of Kursk.....Were they stll serving as gun tanks?
  10. What, again? Maybe the USS Donald Cook should go somewhere else, the Russians don't seem to like it very much.
  11. Yeah, I'm sure the MOD worries itself to death over b**t-hurt gamers.
  12. Yes you can.....If you want one tank to know where the other is in advance for your tests, simply go into 'Mission' and then 'Data' in the scenario editor and set the 'Intel Strength' to 100% for the side you want to have the advantage.
  13. It's also handy for placing trees & other foliage into a hedgeline.
  14. But if they don't do that the thread sinks to the bottom of the list of currently active topics and then vanishes into obscurity on.....Page 2!
  15. Gonna have a look at that.....You've kind of sold me on mods you know!
  16. Absolutely.....But surely, in that case, just the one thread might work better?
  17. Just looked in the editor and (assuming you are talking aout the Germans) their tanks are all indeed opened up.....This appears to have been done manually, in Preview Mode by using the Open Up order. There is nothing notable about their AI posture or plans. I've done exactly this in the past and I could have sworn the AI units always buttoned when you started the scenario.....I could be totally wrong, or perhaps something changed in a patch. Maybe I'm thinking of something that appiles to CM:SF1 or CM:A (I still mess with both, particularly the latter).....Will experiment in a couple of
  18. Yeah, but real Russians wouldn't be even slightly lacking MLRS.
  19. So, the results of the Great Bong-Hai Boat Race are in.....The winner (as expected) is: The crew had time to get out and crack open a beer while they waited for the other competitors to arrive (roughly 4m40s to cover 1km). Second place was a close run thing between the LAVs, our BRDM based Patrol Boat and that stalwart workhorse of CM:HE the BTR-60: Bringing up the rear at a leisurely pace were our Fuchs based MG Boat and MG Junk followed by our BMP-2 based Patrol Boat and the BMP-1:
  20. Never seen a A-1 Skyraider (dunno why I wrote A-4 above, that was the Skyhawk) in flight, but I do love them.....The term 'bomb-truck' could have been made for them: How many weapons? All the weapons!
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