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  1. Poor M47, ever the bridesmaid, never the bride!
  2. I'll let you know if anyone gets killed.....So far it's only them. A bunch of total mugs ran straight into my sneaking dudes on the left.....Might have gone quite badly for us if it hadn't been for that BMP. It didn't see them until the dumb-asses took a potshot at one of my dudes.....At which point it tore them to shreds!
  3. If you give me enough Huge IEDs I could probably manage a sub-kiloton airburst!
  4. Cool.....Don't suppose you'd fancy bundling them up for potential future use in single player scenarios at some point? CM:A badly needs more & better maps.
  5. Pretty sure I've had this happen when repeatedly editing & previewing big (10km2+) maps in the editor in CM:FI.
  6. Don't know if it was standardised but there was the VW Type 183 Iltis: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Iltis
  7. You could probably shorten your shot with a well timed stonk from your 155mm howitzers!
  8. What's that turret.....I'm normally pretty good at tank identification, but that one baffles me! PS - Scratch that I reckon it's a M48 with the rangefinder missing.
  9. Why? If you had already read this thread, you were primed. Then you get a momentary glimpse of a similar aircraft in unusual circumstances, so your brain does 2+1.5=4(ish)! IMHO the brain's tendency to do this is the cause of both the UFO 'phenomenon' & humankind out-evolving the sabre-toothed tiger.
  10. I'll be following along.....Looks a fascinating project.
  11. They like their Lee-Enfields too.....The trick is to suppress 'em with your APCs/IFVs or heavy weapons.
  12. Yes, but not in front of the BMPs.....Most are in the woods on the right flank of the units in the image, but there's a not insignificant force sneaking along to their left too, with another BMP attached. What a remarkable coincidence.....That's the very same plan I use!
  13. Here's a couple of mine doing their best: As you can see a couple of infantry units settled down just in front of the BMPs (my BMPs are spotting before the infantry as most of them have command elements aboard (they're also marginally taller I guess).....The BMPs will edge forward, just to make me feel safer about targets popping up on my flanks.
  14. You think? Have you seen his effort at sword design? Patton had a great staff, but the man himself was a non-entity, in jodphurs.
  15. Not as a rule, remember my infantry are only a tile or so behind and there's always some variation, this isn't a hard and fast rule, it's what I tend to do when the going is difficult and trees are an issue (it became a common practice after my own BMPs caused 50% of my casualties in one of the scenarios from the CM:BS campaign 'Mountains Of Allah').
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