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  1. Now that is a sentiment that I could probably agree with. The issue tends to be that in the immediate aftermath of the incident this is often put as 'CM is broken', I've posted comments like that myself in the past.
  2. IMHO.....Iran. By this I mean that after ticking Iraq off the list in 2003 and Syria in 2008, the US & NATO then go into Iran in around 2012. At this point the Shia explode into violence across Iraq, Syria & Lebanon (with covert support from Russia who are still smarting after the loss of their Syrian ally).....The resistance organisation OSIRIS (Organisation for the Shia Islamic Resistance in Iraq & Syria) leads the fight against 'The Crusaders'. The sectarian fighting soon spreads to Saudia Arabia & Bahrain, both of which are subjected to heavy bombardment by Iran's unexpectedly large & capable SRBM, IRBM & cruise missile force. Saudia Arabia is rendered uninhabitable overnight by a concentrated strike on the kingdom's desalination facilities. Once NATO and the Americans are well & properly tangled up in the middle east, the Russians invade the Ukraine in 2016!
  3. Sweet! Can we nick it please? PS - @kohlenklau It might be worth adding Sten Guns to the Partizani weapons options.....We dropped them to everybody!
  4. It always strikes me as a notably long rifle.....No idea whether it actually is, or whether it's just my imagination.
  5. With the right two colours that might actually look OK for a civilian car.....Two tone was quite the thing in the thirties IIRC. I'm still messing about with the units, seeing what I can make.....I had thought one of the Italians' many antitank rifles was available in CM:FI, but I haven't managed to find it in the editor yet. In my experimental scenario I'm using a mix of your Partizani and 1943 Italian Infantry.....The idea being that a small group of (probably SOE backed) partisans have made an alliance with a rather disreputable band of Italian & German deserters in order to speed the Allies advance into the area. The Germans are laying mines & fortifying a local strongpoint, the player has to mess with their work.....Still playing about with units and messing with the map, I have absolutely no idea how (or if) it will work it yet.
  6. @37mm I think I fixed Operation Mardi Gras (assuming you can live with ****ed up radioless Red C2): Just waiting (28 Minutes! ) for the Skyraiders to arrive, but that's OK.....We're crawling around tending to the (many) wounded in the lull, hoping the communists don't push forward again (we've fought off two counter-attacks already). It's been so long since I scripted this, that I have no idea what happens next.....Imperial reinforcements I hope!
  7. After an hour of savage fighting the outpost remains in Imperial hands: The air-cav are pinned down by superior forces awaiting the arrival of their mechanised bretheren, but they are still in reasonable shape as the sun is rising and a full squadron of BHIAF A-1 Skyraiders are now en-route. Can the Skyraiders and the air-cav hold the communists back until the mechanised forces arrive? TBH I genuinely have absolutely no idea and I've been working on this thing for months!
  8. Glad you cleared that up, I was worried that they might be contagious!
  9. The question you should probably be asking is 'How ridiculous does this seem compared to all the times that my units were in a similar situation and did see the enemy tanks first?' It's the outliers that stick with us.
  10. S-Tanks (with working flotation screens)? TBH I'd be much more interested in seeing the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
  11. Dude! That's been in CM since CM:SF (the original version)!
  12. Could it be ported onto the default French truck? As I say it has vaguely Italian ancestry so it would be very suitable. Is it possible to get more than one colour scheme for the Opel Kadett? It's a shame that vehicles don't cause damage by contact, or we could make something very novel.....Apparently in the period just before the US formally sided with the Allies a number of Americans of German ancestry (& with suspected Abwehr connections) were involved in unfortunate, often fatal, accidents with cars driven by Americans of Sicilian ancestry (& with suspected Mafia connections).
  13. Will do.....As I said I'm thinking on another way to implement it. A recoloured ZIS-5 truck from CM:RT would make an excellent civilian truck for any of the WWII games, ironically CM:FI in particular as IIRC it was derived from an earlier Italian design.
  14. With regards to uniforms hats etc. Is it possible to mix bits of standard Italian military kit into the mix? Also would it be possible to ensure in the future that at least one Italian unit type can alway be used 'as is' alongside these mods, so that units in this uniform can be mixed in with Partizani to give a more militaristic look.....They do kind of look like certain Sicilians right now!
  15. If there isn't, there should be! My first scenario concept for Italian Partisans fell flat on its face when @MOS:96B2P reminded me that you can't directly make mines an objective.....I still think the concept has merit, but it will have to be implemented in a different manner, which will require further thought. The most difficult issue with these tiny units tends to be that a single RPG or 82mm mortar round can utterly lay waste to the player's force, thus balancing your scenario can be very tricky.
  16. Hah, that explains a lot.....I had a savage forest fight with some M113s, wondered how they had seen my carefully laid ambush. Now I know.
  17. That's an old Ausf D, the cupola of most Panthers looks like this:
  18. We should ask JK.....He would know for sure! PS - Keep your eyes open for trucks driven by Jews!
  19. The only possible explanation is that they thought it was a Russian tank (or they'd just done their whole week's vodka ration).....Incredibly tenuous, massively unlikely, but it's all I've got.
  20. The Soviets don't tend to do solitary tanks....My bet would be a full platoon (I've deliberately not looked at this scenario BTW).
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