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  1. Any squad armed fully with automatics has this problem though. It doesn't stand out as much in SF since we tend to have the Stryker, BMP, etc portering supplies around everyone but in theory a guy armed with an assault rifle could deplete his entire on hand stock of ammunition in seconds if all he did was mag dump. Naturally trigger discipline tends to be a bit better than that but I hold SMG and AR equipped squads to the same rule of thumb from my own experience. They have enough ammunition on hand for roughly one meeting engagement and then must be relieved for resupply. This sounds
  2. It's all relative. It might happen quite a bit if opposing troops are very close to each other, the visibility is limited and the terrain is favorable, ie: urban, jungles, trenches, night time, etc. Overall though it was a fairly uncommon event due to being a sort of niche emerging from a situation that was already pretty circumstantial, ie: infantry close assault.
  3. I'm still holding out for a Move command that defaults to cover/prone when being shot at than "try harder to get shot"
  4. Tbh this is kind of the irony of the game. I'm not sure there's anything you could've done much differently. Your main attack only exposed a tiny part of itself on a part of the river the Panther Turm happened to be covering. They took a hail mary shot into it...after a Sherman had drilled a few rounds into side no less...and killed a bunch of your men. That's just kind of the reality of fighting on modern battlefields populated by so many sophisticated and dangerous weapon systems that can project horrifying death from a mile away. The infantry were just doing their (unfortunate) job here of
  5. The Panther turm had a clear shot on the river slot and could see your men moving up through it. Your troops probably couldn't see it, and didn't know it was there even if the Shermans did. Open and shut case if you ask me. I will say that High-Explosive is way overpowered in the game and squad wipes are common events with hits that weren't honestly near them.
  6. "Hunt" just means contact imminent. It isn't a super-power, and your men will ignore contacts outside of a firing arc. They will drop if they're taking fire though. Unless there is a major disparity between the quality of your troops and the enemy, you should never send a man anywhere you haven't already sent a lot of bullets and explosives.
  7. It's a shame but the scales of the previous games don't generally seem to require it. In just about all of BNs or FI's scenarios i'd order dismounts immediately anyway.
  8. Engineers and specialized assault troops are the only troops in the game that can use explosive charges to "breach and clear". Rifle infantry generally do not have this capability. You can split teams or use the Assault movement order to compartmentalize losses but the reality is you should never send a single man anywhere you haven't already sent many bullets. Urban fighting or MOUT in American parlance is an ugly, complicated affair under all circumstances. Real life Commanders avoid engaging in city fighting as much as possible for many, many good reasons. Not the least of which is t
  9. Artillery doc is hard to parse and often the differences are overstated, especially between the Allied Armies. In general though the Royal Artillery was known for its rapid response to Request Fires. This is a trait they picked up in World War 1, where it was important to move the guns right in trail of the infantry and be ready to fight off an immediate counter attack that could emerge from seemingly any direction. Destruction-by-fire proved elusive on the Western Front and the British began to prefer Suppression-by-Fire. All of this thinking was completely captured by the 25pdr field piece,
  10. Arguably there's plenty of battles where the AI shouldn't have fire support at all except for maybe mortars to punish some particularly visible and particularly immobile attackers. Anyway the fire support AI is yeah limited, biggest issue it has is that it's easily spoofed and can't discern between kinds of spots. It just shoots at the first thing it sees. An RNG of some kind would go a long way to mask its predictable scripting.
  11. A lot of the time scenarios seem too light on TRPs I think. Especially if fighting in the area had been an ongoing or routine event generally the battery commanders would keep data on previous fires. I also think TRPs are a good abstraction for the quality reconnaissance flights you can achieve with air supremacy. Every US Army Infantry Division had a component of around 10 or so Piper Cubs-organic to their formation, not USAAF aircraft-who's job was aerial spotting for the Division's artillery. At this time most designers seem to emphasize TRPs in defensive situations and discourage the
  12. Pretty sure that was normal for American and British forces from 1943 onwards too. The British suffered acute arms shortages into 1942 though. Just the year prior the garrison on Crete was short rifles, and many men were at the front with no weapons at all. An invasion of the island was fully expected once Greece was invaded as well. I know that for Italy's meticulously planned invasion of Yugoslavia it still reached Mussolini that the Italian Army had a critical shortfall of footwear let alone modern weapons. Even some of the nominally "modern" combatants like Germany suffered acute amm
  13. To add to this, I think supply issues are usually understated in most Armies and many men were usually marching around with a few rounds, not their assigned allotment. So yeah unless they happened to be within about 50 paces of a clear target they weren't going to just mag dump on a shadow.
  14. It's a public access forum which pretty much means heaps of slacker posting, ****posting, venting, and advertising. I would be cautious about drawing any kind of sense or conclusion from such a narrow sampling of a consumer group.
  15. This is a very good point. I think the Syrian Force count in the Hospital is large enough to warrant it as a legitimate target, but the presence of civilians and especially patients inside it would definitely make a direct attack on it pretty distasteful in any context. Ain't war hell? Yeah I figured that, I was going to highlight the F-18 as "loaned" from the Navy because Army Aviation assets are up with the SBCTs further inland. EDIT: So the Briefing states the Syrians occupied the building aware that its status as a Hospital would discourage the use of aerial bombing. No men
  16. Yeah I just loaded it up again to make my dream scenario with the location come true in the editor and I do remember now that it is explicitly a hospital. I'm still going to allow one of the F-18s in support though for use at player discretion with perhaps a demerit or points off for using it on the hospital. It won't be a failing grade by itself because I think the Syrian Garrison is plenty large enough to warrant the Hospital as a fair target, but i've also built the map up to include a potential outpost positions the Syrians may or may not be occupying dependent upon whatever plan the AI ro
  17. I think what stands out to me is how inadequate a Stryker Brigade is for the circumstances. The given battle is very set-pieceish though with lots of forces crammed into a relatively small space. It's not that the circumstances are invalid, but that the force composition and stated objectives lend themselves to a scripted blood bath that annoys me as always. If was the local XO i'd tell the Combat Team troops to just push on down their route of advance and then have infantry and engineers find ways to prep the site for later capture. Capture 1 is ground with good oversight on low ground W
  18. Some people really seem to think clearing a massive factory complex packed with enemies is a single scenario thing ya know? The American Commander should reject the attack entirely if he has any clue what he's up against and should be prepared to take that all the way to a tribunal if need be. If he isn't very competent, you'll get this scenario. You could say "well it could still happen for reasons XYZ" but you'll never a find a good reason to explain why its explicitly a SBCT executing this attack and not follow on forces or Engineers with a couple of F-18s flattening the stru
  19. I despise even seeing forest objectives because the context for them is always poor. Who cares about 100m square capture in the middle of a forest? The enemy can have it and when they emerge from the forest in a few weeks from depletion of rations and ammunition or just fear of what the Partisans will do to them then you can capture the wood. Otherwise what sensible Commander would send men into such a place? To capture the enemy's supply of birch trees???
  20. Biggest thing for me was the infantry behavior fix. It wasn't that they were retreating too much that bothered me, it's that they were retreating into the enemy's fire.
  21. Also it's not tactical level but Unity of Command is an outstanding virtual board game too. Other cool thing about DVG is that many of their games are available for virtual purchase for use in Vassal Engine, and they're much cheaper than the physical editions! I might grab Warfighter that way soon. Lock n Load Tactical is also starting to show up on Steam and it's way cheaper than the $80 modules for the regular edition.
  22. It should. Remember you'll have to dig a little for the expansions too but they're all great and absolutely worth it. They make the units more distinct and even include insanity like Spanish Civil War scenarios.
  23. I played A las Barricadas and wasn't too impressed by it at first. I did grab La Battaile de France but by then I modified the rules of the War Storm Series to make more sense and clear up some oddities or translation errors. Memoir 44 can be had with all of its (gigantic) set of expansions for free on Vassal Engine and tbh it's great that way. It's way more granular with its subsequent add ons but easy enough to play still. The DVG Board Games are also all great. Sherman Leader and Fleet Commander Nimitz I had tons of fun with, and they're solitaire based so you don't have to arrange an
  24. Seriously. It's important to keep in mind that considerable firepower has been placed down in the hands of the infantry now, and this is much different from the platoons of 1945 maybe having a few light machine guns a rifle grenade launcher and a sharp stick they all share. Every man in today's infantry squad is a potential bullet hose, and he's backed up by liberal allotments of machine guns, grenade launchers, and rocket launchers all of which used to be much more rare or restricted to higher levels. This also means that modern infantry squads have relatively short periods they can rem
  25. This is a big reason why im not in favor of avoiding or removing big stuff from the game in lieu of engine improvements or mechanical changes etc. The game's biggest scenarios fully develop the game's ability to create random, organic, and exciting encounters that affect each other in the abstract and in the direct. There's lots of player controlled context well outside a single squad and what they're up to now clearing out a house. In a way, you can almost view "big battles" as multiple interconnected "scenarios" just all happening in the same scenario. Except the effect of the map edges is m
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