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  1. Very nice @BFCElvis and team, this is one of my favourite Eastern Front battles Looking forward to learn about the other campaign too, a vignette taken from Vistula-Oder or Lake Balaton?
  2. Hmm, interesting to read that "has not been decided yet". Limiting work on CMx2 to bug fixing and releasing modules would make sense, nearly 10 years after Battle for Normandy being released.
  3. I had a similar method using draw.io ( now https://app.diagrams.net ). Check it out, you may find it useful. I hope you find your way back down under some time soon. I don't love Sydney, but the Southern Highlands, and the coastlines north of Newcastle and south of Wollongong have a dear place in my heart. PS: playing Verdenne or Victory over PBEM as the US Army. Great map, tactical situation very hairy. Where is the third company of my battalion? Got lost in the mist? Great scenario!
  4. Are you based in NSW these days? I used it to illustrate some vignettes for work, it does also "support" emergency response planning. It has limitations - doesn't cover the whole 2525b set - but the other app that I knew offering similar features, Milsym, doesn't work very well under Windows 10. I have still to try its overlays, and see what you can do with historical maps.
  5. Cheers @37mm, I have been reading recently quite a bit about that battle and I was imagining the mountain to look a bit like that.
  6. Hello everyone, I just discovered this wonderful application https://www.map.army It allows you make your own maps laying military symbology (2525b) and GIS vector and raster data, over a map of the world. Allows saving the maps to their proprietary format, collaborative editing etc.
  7. That is sneaky! I will write that down as an idea for future games. I have had opponents playing defender in QBs buying wire, and I don't think they regretted it. If you don't get engineers or tanks you will have your attack channeled into a KZ. In terms of cost effectiveness, you could get a Panther instead and it could get stuck on a fence or a bridge without firing one shot. Wire doesn't get stuck (but can be breached or avoided).
  8. He must be referring to this guy https://youtu.be/1jSTiKHOFEI
  9. I am pretty sure BFC would love someone to volunteer and proof read the website and send corrections. Next thing you find yourself proof reading and sending corrections to the Fire and Rubble manual...
  10. Beautiful work @benpark, I particularly like the autumn one.
  11. I think this is one of those rare occasions in which somebody steals his own thunder After catching up with the thread I opened up www.battlefront.com and spotted this onthe front page Beware of any typos in the dates on the upcoming announcement!
  12. As observed by @chi-chi, the smart thing is hitting where the other side is weakest... and weakest can be not just a flank, but what Robert Leonhard calls the "center of gravity". In Ancient times, an obvious "center of gravity" usually was the commander of the enemy army. The Persians (and Alexander too!) sought to engage the enemy commander and his entourage as a matter of priority - cut the head off, and the body may run for a couple meters but not much longer. For a study that looks into the eye of the tiger, I think the "Battle Studies" by Colonel Ardant Du Picq https://www.gutenberg.
  13. Back in January, the southeastern Australia fires haze noticeably dimmed the sun as far Christchurch, New Zealand.
  14. Ah, that's one my favourite popular music trivia facts https://bowiesongs.wordpress.com/category/diamond-dogs-1974/ Alan who?
  15. Wow, @combatintman - so this is the whole thing. Really looking forward to try this. I have never bothered with total conversion mods, but this is just too good to pass. I'd love to see CM in Indochina / South East Asia. There's plenty of material to explore (the two Vietnam Wars, the Konfrontasi in Borneo). This maybe the closest we ever get to that. It is a very different type of battlefield (and tactical problems) than what we're used from our European and Middle Eastern haunts.
  16. Wow, looking forward to get bogged down in those paddies!
  17. I saw the pop up yesterday and wondered how this worked. Great to hear that it is as fun as it looked!
  18. Nightlife there looks really rough (see below at the 11:15 mark). Glasgow has a completely undeserved reputation, compared with this place.
  19. It's like Star Trek ships moving at the "speed of plot"
  20. I am playing this scenario at the moment, and I am enjoying it quite a bit. Your plan is pretty much the one I came up with
  21. Thank you, I see that my reading comprehension this morning isn't very good!
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