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  1. I really like the buttonhole, belt and pouch details on the uniforms. The hats are especially nice and some of the best uniform work so far in CMx2, I'd say.
  2. This was a neat 2 minutes. A Spitfire attacked and shredded the lead AA vehicle. Then, it got shot down by the remaining two. Then, a heavy point barrage by 75mm Pack Howitzers knocked out the Panther with their first FFE salvo and the AA vehicle beside it with their second. The first hit brewed up the already buttoned-up Panther. That was the front hull top hit. However, a second hit on the engine deck came seconds later. And, in the next minute, two more hits that would have likely killed the Panther, had it still been alive. Not bad. The paras got an easy morning!
  3. Yeah, I guess it's a catch-22. Community folks could easily organize projects and most likely fund them as well, but the kind of projects desired would require coding to integrate. Aaaaannd...that puts the ball back to BF, which lands us right back into matching limited coding resources to what benefits the most CM players. A pickle, indeed. Might be easier to start a hunt for the fountain of youth to knock some years off Steve & Charles to push back retirement. 🙂
  4. Sure would be nice for community folks to be able to organize and crowdsource desired projects to fill in the gaps that BF can't cover for whatever reason.
  5. I think the late variant Shermans still had the edge, but much less of one than vs. the T-34/76. Having a two-man turret eliminates the earlier T-34s from being considered in the running IMO. Over the years I've gone from thinking the Germans had the best tanks, to the T-34, to the realization that the much-maligned Sherman was the best tank by a pretty wide margin. By "best" I mean operationally and strategically. Ease of production, reliability, parts standardization and supply, ease of transport (could and did go anywhere by whatever), adaptability and ability to upgrade, crew situatio
  6. I've had the same CPU (i7-950) for about 12 years now, but have replaced dead graphics cards a few times and added an SSD and more RAM (from 6 to 16) last year. My experience supports what Artkin said above. If you want to play big maps, you need a good graphics card. I don't know for sure, but the feeling I get is that VRAM is also important. My last jump was from a GTX 550 Ti 2GB to a GTX 1060 6GB and I noticed a huge difference in running larger maps. Interestingly, there was flat zero difference in loading times going from 7200 RPM HDD to SSD.
  7. I'm going to let the action play out in a larger chunk before posting again. Probably when my big push gets underway. In the meantime, here's an overview for those interested: The enemy may have more armor and/or lighter vehicles near the Asten objective. No hard spots -- just some iffy intel. Also, despite the casualties I've inflicted so far, I could still be outnumbered by a fair stretch.
  8. Thanks! Yeah, I've noticed that weirdness occasionally happening with tripod-mounted MG42s for awhile now.
  9. On the far left, German screen units return to their positions to intercept the revived enemy push there. As the HMG team starts to set up, an American spotting round lands nearby. That was fast! Disturbingly, US artillery also now appears to be hunting for the Germans on the northern marsh road. This could be very, very bad... As if to complete the minor chord, US infantry strength grows in the push on the main road. With German units in the farm area forced to hide by the Rooster Gang, German HMG units are redeployed to hopefully interdic
  10. The plan: 1st company will hold the far left flank, cover the southern marsh road against any enemy infiltration behind 2nd company, and act as a reserve. 2nd company will push on both the southern and northern (Hetzer) marsh roads. 3rd company will attack West along the main road North of the marshes that leads to the main objective being held by the Rooster Gang. 2nd and 3rd company will attempt to link up on the Rooster Gang position and then separate again to push on to the two further enemy-held objectives West of the main objective. The scout car will continue to observe the far rig
  11. On the German right, the enemy Rooster Gang armor forces friendly infantry there to hold fire and hide in fields and buildings while American infantry gets ever closer. And, as if things weren't bad enough already, the Rooster Gang Sherman spots some of the German infantry grouped with the Hetzer HQ on the marsh road. It opens up on them with its .50 cal. Then, it takes a shot at the HQ Hetzer. Luckily, the angle is bad and it does not penetrate. However, the resulting shrapnel takes out several men. One of them is the squad leader nearby.
  12. The German push on the right marsh road grinds to a halt as the American presence and firepower there grows. The GIs quickly wipe out the remnants of the German point teams. The Germans attempt to achieve fire superiority with their machine guns, but fail to do so. The best they can do is provide covering fire while forward units fall back. The stream of Americans moving north beyond the marsh grows ever thicker as the Germans struggle to find anything to interdict them with. Friendly units on the parallel marsh road to the left rush forward in an attempt to
  13. It's great that you're into mapmaking! The CM Editor opens up a second world of hobby pleasure on top of enjoying the gameplay. Plus, once you get the hang of it, you can create your own content while waiting for new stuff from BF and the community. Whipping up private scenarios with house rules to cover gaps doesn't take much time at all. Public scenarios are a whole other thing and can take massive amounts of time. While working on learning the AI, one thing you can do to easily add AI traction to QBs is to adjust force size and unit quality in favor of the AI. For example, in RT, if I
  14. Thanks. I agree on WWII still being very popular. I'm very much a WWII gamer myself. I just think I'm seeing a natural shift towards more current as time moves on. IIRC (and sorry if I'm wrong), BN is slated to be the first WWII title to hit Steam. That makes total sense. It's got the most content and it's Western front -- which is where the money is. Steve has said so many times, while acknowledging the passion of Eastern front fans. So, until Russian gamers start outspending Americans for targeted WWII content, if something's got to give, it's going to be Eastern front.
  15. Big-picture-wise, CW hits a lot of key points. To name just a few: Offers a completely new title on Steam at a time when the CM line is making itself known to a new audience there. Introduces younger players less interested in WWII to the world of CM via a title that offers relatively modern combat in a very balanced form, faction-wise (unlike BS and SF). Offers Cold War-era CM to all the older players from the age group that remembers it at a time when that includes potential customers from BOTH sides of the conflict. Helps establish CM on Steam faster and more solidly
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