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  1. In working on my CM:RT project, I've been unable to get terrain triggers to work in the QB environment. Testing shows the same setup will function in scenario mode, but not QB ...which really bites. Hope there is a workaround or code fix on the horizon. The context I've been testing in is trying to have AI troops hide during setup to protect from arty and have them unhide when the player's forces move in to attack. Again...haven't been able to get it to work in QB mode.
  2. I'd be fine with them allowing the player to have control of air (as in the other titles) during the setup phase. As things stand, the risk of having friendly air attack your own troops is so high that the air feature is essential useless in CM:RT. I've had friendly veteran soviet air on a huge map with clearly defined lines take out a large chunk of my force over the course of battles. I understand the logic behind the current system, but it basically prevents the feature from being used -- which is stupid in a tactical game. So, let the player get the use of air as a tactical asset by s
  3. Thanks! I'll probably do a few more installments, if the action warrants it. Will be a weekend thing.
  4. The battalion commander orders his team to dash to the building behind them. A low crawl would have been wiser. The eagle eyes of the American tank destroyer crew immediately spot their movement and in short order a round is fired. From their vantage point, the HMG team watches the round rip through the the battalion commander's assistant, killing him instantly. The round explodes on the outer wall of the team's destination, but they make it safely inside. Thankfully, they have not lost their radio and the commander immediately calls for medium mortar fire on the open-topped devil. The ammo b
  5. Thanks! Here's a few more: The German's single scout car crew has been observing dismounted on key terrain on the friendly extreme right. They return to their vehicle to mount up. If the flanking group can take out the Rooster Gang armor, the scout car will be free to roam the right flank to hunt for enemy infantry infiltration. Visible in the background is the dead road Hetzer. The ammo bearers attached to the HMG team that crossed the street join up and attempt to take an observation position at the farm. However, they attract the attention of the now advancing America
  6. Okay, I won't Carry On with that bawdy kind of humor anymore. Back to our regularly scheduled program... An HMG team throws smoke to conceal itself from the hungry eyes of the Rooster Gang and relocates across the street in response to infantry contacts moving away from Rooster and toward the German right flank. They make it to the farm buildings safely. Not so lucky are some German teams attempting to join the marsh road flanking attack. A salvo of artillery lands further left and wider than expected, taking out a squad's worth of men across the teams.
  7. Might be a different merchant with a different stick of ivory, but I think we've entered the right cell block. 😀
  8. Sorry to disappoint. I'm afraid the target of my little double entendre was less Merchant Ivory and more Benny Hill. 🙂
  9. Maybe a special op to determine just how easy it is to flood a Dutch dyke. 😁
  10. The wounded HQ Hetzer links up, while friendly infantry, escaping artillery, finds itself also joining the attack.
  11. Area fire absolutely does work. Targeting the ground right in front of a building instead of the building wall itself can be just as effective, or even more effective than direct fire -- at least for suppression (wider splash of bullets, I think). Just recently, I posted a few screenies from a CMBN battle as the British. The whole battle was a series of identifying enemy building locations and wearing them down to the point that my infantry could get into the building to confirm clear, clear, and/or take willing survivors prisoner. To do that, I drained most of the MG ammo from two platoons o
  12. Yup. I still have PTSD from all the hours of getting the opening AI attack orchestrated in the Radzy Award. Between the arty and trying to fit a reinforced battalion's advance under only 9 minutes of smoke was...well...I just don't want to think about it anymore...😵 And, yeah, the AI will happily advance into its own arty. I think a few usually die that way in the opening of Radzy, but that's their best chance of getting close before the arty lets up on the player.
  13. Right. My experience is that the Engine looks at your AI Support Target list and assets and then decides what it wants to do. After that, it will generally hit some places fairly consistently, while occasionally leaving others out, with perhaps a smaller number being left out more often. I can see the benefits of variation, but from the designer's perspective, it's a PITA. It produces a need for wasteful testing time. A much better system would be for the designer to have total control, but the option to add his own, chosen variations, like with different AI Plans.
  14. No, it's German, with several FOs on map, plus the usual HQ teams. Another weird thing I noticed was that regular HQs seem to be better than FO teams about calling for arty. However, I haven't done any scientific testing. These are just impressions I've gotten from playtesting over the course of making the map. Not sure on your specific situation. The game engine manual says that AI Plan support targets follow the order of assets in the unit purchase list. So, if you bought a module of heavy howitzers, one of medium, and then one of medium mortars in that order, the heavy howitzers would
  15. I haven't tested, but have also noticed what feels like a tendency for AI arty spotters to prefer on-map assets over off-map for opportunity fire. Maybe they go for the lowest response time and that tends to be on-map mortars? To my knowledge, off-map assets cannot be used with the AI Area Fire feature. Maybe the on-map assets you used appeared to be off-map.
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