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  1. Thanks. It's been quite an adventure. The map isn't historical, though. It's largely a recreation of a section of modern Kharkov. At a certain point early on, I decided to generally recreate what I see on Google Street. My logic was that it could have been like that, and using that design method causes all sorts of interesting things to be created that would not happen otherwise, along with pushing the realism as far as it will go. But, it's tactical realism, not historical realism. That's why I'm calling it Kharkiveskya ("Kharkiv-esque") and not Kharkov.
  2. Thanks! Very nice work on your map, too! I think the community is going to really enjoy that one. 🙂 Quick status update on Khark: I'm back on break, due to RL time demands and needing some time away from elevation-tweaking tediousness. I'm down to the last group of blocks. Alas, those are going to be rather a challenge. A doable one, but...the pain...oh, the pain. 🙃 I don't know exactly when I'll be able to get back on it, but I plan to have everything I can do on the map without CM:FR done when it hits.
  3. That may be part of it. The casualty rates are more easily rationalized on the Eastern Front and CM:RT seems to want larger scale battles. I generally play reinforced company sized battles in the Western titles, but nearly always go for a battalion of infantry and at least a company of armor in RT. Speaking of scale, for anyone who is unaware of it, you should really check out TIK's Battlestorm: Stalingrad series. At this point, it is the most detailed, step-by-step video documentary of the battle ever made. It's in ongoing production and the Germans are just getting close to the city. Th
  4. I know, I know, I'm totally in the early war camp myself, but it's a good AAR and touches on the player shifting to EF for the first time in current CMx2. Plus, well...sexy kit viddy + "Thinking of buying" thread = one for the Gipper, or so I thought. 🙂 I'm still hoping for some earlier period equipment prezzies in CM:FR that could be used to fudge it. The changes to Soviet rifle formations would seem to make them much closer to early war. And, for the Germans, you can already take security forces (no LMG), cut down the manpower and add back in MG34 teams to get pretty close to early. So,
  5. Yeah, it's a good one. I found his channel recently and have been enjoying his CM stuff. Link.
  6. I'm a big fan of CM:RT and play it more than the other titles I own. There's just something about it that made it my home base for CM. Here's an interesting, recent AAR showing a veteran Western Front CMer's first H2H battle in CM:RT:
  7. That's a pretty cool idea -- suddenly in charge and in the thick of it. (BTW, Orsha MM5 QB Attack map AI plans updated just now.)
  8. In addition to QB maps and no-frills scenarios, a pool of setup phase QB saves (like the one I posted -- except after the author has finished the battle 😁) might be quite useful. That would allow file creators to choose good force balances with community downloaders getting the benefit of a blind QB without having to worry about a dud AI force or bad AI plan. BTW, I have tested the AI plans I added to the Rough Marsh Hills by Hind map linked two posts up. I think they work pretty well for the quick passes that I did. The Orsha stuff is first pass with no testing, so...my apologies if they
  9. Thanks for the thanks! I don't generally replay or keep the personal scenarios I make either -- just some of the QB maps. I have lots of house rules, depending on the situation. And, like you, sometimes I don't even paint victory locations. I have to force the enemy to surrender or lose the battle. Yeah, I've been thinking about the community having a source for rough, but ready enough for some casual fun, no-frills scenarios and QB maps forever. I was thinking of calling such a series "Spit & Sawdust" -- like, S&S1, S&S2, etc. I've mentioned it once or twice on the forums, bu
  10. Edit: I decided to spend a few hours adding an attacker AI plan and improving the defender setup on the Orsha MM5 QB attack map adaption. It's now playable solo either side, with variations to the plans. Feed the monkey! Orsha Master Map 5 Attack QB Map
  11. Lovely, lovely maps! I can't wait to take them for a test drive. Being able to grab a master map and use it for QB or personal scenarios is fantastic. I strongly encourage anyone who hasn't done that do give it a shot. It isn't that hard and it really expands the content at your fingertips. That goes especially for the folks most tired of waiting. Recently, I grabbed one of the big Orsha maps and spent about 30-45 minutes to adapt it for QB. I set the town at the West end as an objective, painted six defensive setup zones, and put the attacker at the East edge. Then, I set the defensive g
  12. Thanks. I took a look earlier and didn't see a dedicated title. I remember seeing the Q&A in the list. I'll check it out. Much appreciated!
  13. Oh, cool. I'll have to look for the Chieftain video. I really like his stuff and appreciate his attempts to correct myths about the Sherman. DiplexHeated is very likeable and it's great that he's into CM and spreading the word. Watching his CM videos can be interesting, though. I always get mental images of cases of Jolt cola and replacement elbow and kneepads filling his trucks to help his troops deal with the 100+meter slow crawls he is so fond of. 😁
  14. That's true. One of the big issues with first-person sans bots is achieving proper troop density. With PS, you're looking at basically one platoon of infantry facing off against one enemy platoon, with a few vehicles in support on each side. Coming from CM, that's a tiny force, with the AFVs not even able to achieve a true platoon formation, due to spawn limits. IMO, the biggest realism killers for tactical FPS play revolve around morale and speed of play. In order to make first-person fun, you have to keep folks in the action. However, the available tools of things like suppression eff
  15. I'm very much hoping that the SDK for PS happens and opens up sandbox functionality for it. At this point, it kinda' looks like that's really needed to give it more momentum. I've so far passed on HLL and probably won't pick it up. Every time Arma 3 goes on sale, I nearly buy it, but just don't want to risk the lost time if I get into it. I spent a lot of time in the Arma 2 Editor for a stretch and know how lost in that world you can get. I really like PS, but the inherent realism limitations of first-person play mean that it doesn't take me long to want to return to CM and spend my very
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