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  1. Part 4 Paddy closes his copy of Union Jack and slides it across the table. "There'se a nice little piece in there about you this week Mr. Jorrocks Sir. Will yer'se be wanting a look? "Thank you Patrick, most kind. Paddy takes another sip of his pint of black just as his eye is caught by a poster on the far wall. "D'jew tink they'll ever find a cure for that there Verbal Diarrhoea, Sir? "Well if that Mr. Attlee of yours gets in at the next election, and creates that Health Service of his, then they might well do. But, sadly I think that it is something our grand ch
  2. Only three days to go until we get to celebrate Chas Stuart's Napper Chopping Day. I still can't understand why it isn't a Public Holiday.
  3. Paddy lifts his eyes from his Sporting Life, rolls them and says... "Mr. Jorrocks will yer'se listen to that there fella, anyone would think that I was from Craggy Island instead of County Meath."
  4. I know that the Septics have Blue Jays, and we have the Eurasian Jay, is the Frabulous Jay found only in Denmark? Exits stage left humming a tune by the Edwin Hawkins Singers ------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  5. I very rarely do it because as you say it kills the immersion. Occasionally in the thickest woodland in Red Thunder where I can't see the track I'm trying to follow is about it. I pretty much stick by the old mantras, "My granddad and his mates couldn't turn the trees off so why should I?" or, "If I wanted to play in Telegraphpoleland, I wouldn't have bought Battle for Normandy."
  6. "Last man to Le Hotel Carbide has to replant all the trees."
  7. Don't worry, I'm English and I sometimes have trouble with what he writes as well.
  8. It's known as Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, but your phrase is close enough for us to understand. Meanwhile on a lighter note Frank the W*** has been sacked as manager of South-West London Wide Boys F.C.
  9. It is shame that we don't have a voice mod specific to the Scots. I would love to send 'em into battle singing Rabbie Burns' "Cock up yer beaver".
  10. Even with my 400 year old eyes I can tell that this isn't Normandy.
  11. Another nice blend of well edited action footage, and witty captions. I would follow the advice given on the result screen and give Task Force Raff a go. The campaign does include some fictional Pz IV's but it is still worth playing.
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