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  1. That is a shame. I wish him well. In the meantime, it has been years since I played this mission. Just going through my results, when I played this on Engine 2 as the Axis vs the AI I only managed a Major Victory losing three tanks in the process. My memory isn't good enough to know what you need to do to get a "Total Victory".
  2. "I don't think defensive missions are necessarily a strength of this system". Well BFC did do a rather lukewarm job of defending themselves when you called them "Mother****ers", but perhaps they didn't want to descend to your level.
  3. If the son is "not interested", give 'im a clip 'round the lug'ole. And try "telling the wife", or get yourself a Polish girlfriend who is into CM.
  4. The Poles called the local ridgeline Maczuga or mace in English, because it resembled a club. Rather than the more decorative mace that we have in the House of Commons to bash the Royals with.
  5. I personally hate trying to fight my way up a mountain. In FB you get a blend of flat wetland in the east of The Netherlands, the city streets of Aachen, the Rhine valley and the Ardennes of course. So FB gets my vote.
  6. My Granddad was in the R.A.S.C. at the start of the war. He was attached to 2nd Battalion, The Middlesex Regiment i.e. 3rd Infantry Division's Machine Gun Battalion, commanded by some bloke called Jorrocks. I can state as a fact that the MG boys sole job was to defend Paddy's Guinness laden Bedford's. Or, they were spread out evenly between the various Infantry Brigades. I shall let fellow forumites make up their own minds.
  7. I don't have a new competition in the pipeline sadly. I think doing one over on the CMFB forum would be a bit pointless, as we are all so familiar with the photos taken then. I quite like the idea of doing something set in the west during spring 1945. But, we shall have to wait for BFC.
  8. I always told Elizabeth that these mechanical quill type things would cause nothing but trouble.
  9. You might want to get the spelling correct before you get too far along the road of applying for a trade mark, me old mate.
  10. For A-H it should read "Mad Addy" And for Speer it should read "Slimy Bastard". Please try and get these things right. After all we do want CM to be historically accurate.
  11. "Nurse, we've got another one. Call the men in white coats."
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