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  1. I haven't played this battle. But, I did take a look at it and was unable to get the Kubelwagen's out of the churchyard. It does seem to be a poor piece of design on an otherwise great looking map.
  2. I think that you'll find that it was the Anglican in charge of the army for part of the 20th Century who was the "prig". Elizabeth and myself had a lot of drunken fun in St.Jame's Park in our day.
  3. It looks like you are trying to move them through a corner AS. And sometimes the game has a trouble with corners, whether they be formed by walls, fences, or hedges, which can effect both vehicles and infantry. You mentioned that on one occasion a Kubelwagen got through the gap. But you didn't tell us if it is one of the ones shown in the pictures above. Also, it would help if you told us which scenario this is from so that we can test it for you.
  4. Although there are "x variant" missions which kick in after two consecutive defeats, and allow the player up to 3 hours when attacking (rather than the standard 1hour 10mins), if you suffer too many more defeats the campaign will terminate early.
  5. "Ah, if only people had listened to The Diggers back in the 1650s." Elizabeth lifts hers eyes from her Whitehall Gazette, rolls them and mutters, "They couldn't listen them cuz you had 'em killed. You dozy plonker!"
  6. When it comes to diversity, Afro-caribbeans fine by me, East Africans, West Africans, Sikhs, Hindi, Muslim also fine by me. Royalists, you gotta be joking.
  7. Sadly, to my old eyes it looks like none of the mods really fit properly. They seem to creep over into the surrounding terrain. One side of the road sloping up, and the other sloping down. In some battles I've tested it is more pronounced than in others, but it still looks off putting. It is something that doesn't occur with the vanilla roads, not with the paved road mod created by Aris.
  8. The link does work. I've taken a little look this morning. Number 1a1 comes complete with the bright coloured dots as shown in one of your earlier posts, which is a bit off putting. But as a road surface it does look good. I'm not sure if other forumites will agree with me, but the main problem with this as a mod is where two different types of road tile meet. The contrast is very stark. I shall have a look at the rest as and when I get time.
  9. Ah, good old Captain Peacock.
  10. ... or this. And there are plenty more examples where that came from.
  11. You're wrong I'm afraid. Firstly you're forgetting that vehicles having gone off road and then returned to a "large" road would deposit mud on it depending on the weather conditions. And secondly, paved roads in Normandy hadn't been particularly well maintained during the depression and German occupation, and were fairly quickly ground to dust after the D-day landings. Add, allied bombing and arty fire and you soon got roads looking like this...
  12. You've obviously put a lot of work into this. But, two things spring immediately to mind. 1. The track markings are too "black". They look like the tanks have driven through oil over and over again. Using different shades of brown would look more realistic. 2. Some kind of mod tag or variation similar to Falaise's June, July, August method might be handy. A road that has seen no previous tank traffic is not going to look the same that one that has seen weeks of use.
  13. One of the school kids up on NelsonMandelabrug has just lobbed a house brick at this model during filming.
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