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  1. At least there's no member of the Stewart family hiding in one of them.
  2. I seem to remember that when Michael "I don't sing, and I don't drink Pepsi" Jackson used a picture of this beer in one of his books back in the 1980's, it was captioned "It doesn't mean what you think it does".
  3. Meanwhile south of the border, and far from the muck and bullets, the higher ups will be enjoying a different type of "Slag".
  4. I've not seen the movie. But I think that scene might be a flashback to when a young Dutchman is serving with the Germans on the Eastern Front.
  5. Not everyone has an 'arris made out of bacon fat.
  6. Personally I've always found pistol packing tankers to be a pain in the 'arris. So as far as I'm concerned he got what he deserved.
  7. A park is something of an over statement. It is actually on a piece of waste ground just off the Old Kent Road. Not far from where Brian Epstein used to get beaten up when he went out looking for rough trade. It is seen here sporting a blend of NHS blue, rainbows, hearts and a poppy. It reminds me of the days when County Hall would be "adorned" with the number of unemployed, just to piss off the Milk Snatcher. ...
  8. So is winning every battle I play. Doesn't mean that it is going to be top of BFC's "to do" list.
  9. I seem to remember that "Those were the days" was a No.1 for Mary Hopkin back in '68. Ah, we were all so much younger then, he says drowning in a wave of nostalgia. Which makes a change from drowning in a hogshead of Elizabeth's "Whitehall Bugger the excise man this stuff has a kick to it".
  10. Regarding Prob Bob's youtube lecture above. My old dad always said "Never trust the Liberal Democrats, they're just as bad as The Tories". And sadly he was proven right just a couple of months before he died in 2010. Meanwhile here is a tank, maybe not sexy enough for the willy scalders amongst you, but it did a decent job in the Western Desert. ... "I can't find FartyTrollers anywhere on this bleedin' map".
  11. There is no such thing as a grammar Nazi. The pathetic phrase is a ****ing insult to the millions murdered by Mad Addy and his cronies.
  12. Meanwhile here is a Tiger on Horse Guard's Parade, which I hasten to add is on the north bank of the Thames.
  13. Spot on. The pretty pink-ish concrete was called "Opus signinum" much loved by Time Team fans and presenters alike. The other variant was called "Opus Caementicium". Chamberlian wanted all British tanks made out of it, but Taylor Woodrow said "No". .. Allegedly.
  14. I think that you are confusing my comments with "Estuary English", which is as clear as mud, and comes out of a wide mouth. Personally I think that we should have built a wall at Greenland Dock to keep the semi-literate Saxons out of the great Kingdom of Kent many years ago. In the meantime I think that what you meant to write was "Warts 'n' all's posts". But, given the fact that Mr. Axeman is otherwise occupied, you are spared the big chop.
  15. Park one of these outside The Tate and you'd make a fortune.
  16. "Noddlehead, someone's just called you offensively ugly." "Have they, Lizzikins? Well just jot the name down and give it to Mrs, Axeman the next time you see her in the park. I'm sure her hubby can do with the work."
  17. Given that most orifices on a tank get very hot, I'd be careful as to what you regard as sexy.
  18. Yacht Club members across the nation will be choking on their Sunday morning kedgeree at the thought that their uniform might include "short pants".
  19. The answer has already been given above. The designer forgot to include an FO for the Russians.
  20. @LongLeftFlank As much as I love "Jammin' The Blues". I prefer to send my boys into battle with "Jumpin' at the Woodside" when fighting in the Hurtgen or Ardenne Forests.
  21. The idea of going into battle in a truck that didn't exist during WW2 would be a tad silly old chap, if you don't mind me saying so. Almost as daft as believing that my granddad runs a pub in heaven where his only customer is Brian Horrocks.
  22. Paddy puts down his copy of The Sporting Post and rolls his eyes in disbelief. "Mr, Jorrocks Sir. will yer'se listen to these 'ere gob****es. Everyone know'se when it come ter tanks yer just can't beat beat the AEC 8-wheeler. Will yer'se not agree?" "Give me another G 'n' T, Patrick, and I'll agree with everything you say right enough."
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