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  1. One suspects that something was lost in translation. Molly would have said "Great" and "Spitfires". When it came to the struggle against the Dictatorship of the Semi-literate he was in the front line.
  2. Let the OP learn the game at his own pace. And comment on his videos as and when he posts them.
  3. Given that you only joined the forum on Saturday, how would you know?
  4. In the meantime the Sarf Lunnener on the right turning his head away has just shouted, "Ullo Mon'ee, got a new motor."
  5. It is around 16 missions long. I'd learn the game in bite sized chunks at your own pace before diving into it. But when you do give it a go I'm sure it will be worth watching.
  6. If one is to teach someone from across the pond how to speak like the good people north of the border, then Rab C. Nesbitt is your man.
  7. Sadly, Poxbridge has been happy to collaborate with the Dictatorship of the Semi-literate in order to sell their so-called dictionaries for some time. Those of us in the Resistance will go down fighting.
  8. "They seek him here, they seek him there." As Ray Davies and his brother Dave sang. But they were from Muswell Hill, which is north of London, and they have nowt to do with Bromley Dave and the Self-publicists previously mentioned in this thread. It would be like thinking that Saga was from Copenhagen, and Martin was from Malmo.
  9. Haha. As any Devonian will tell you a Devon Cream Tea is not "just a tea". In the meantime I look forward to your next installment.
  10. And after a hard morning on the range they all headed off to the nearest village for a cream tea.
  11. Thankfully Paddy never lived to hear the non-word "moobs". Although he did have such a beautiful soft accent that he pronounced the word "mate" as "met".
  12. MJK, the very idea that General Simpson would stand on the Siegfried Line giving a "Heil Hitter" salute is almost as ludicrous as suggesting that the lead singer of Bromley Dave and the Self-publicists would do the same thing from the back of an open top Mercedes in Victoria Station.
  13. Only "Br**s" to rhyme with Sh**s, drink wine. Us Britons drink beer. "Elizabeth, pour us a quart each of your wonderful Entire Butt please."
  14. Hahahaha... Ignoring the fact that the UK had been in existence since the early 1800's. They're not selling anything. This is some kind of Retro event, possibly in Battersea Park. There will be a band making Miller sound really boring, and three talentless bottled blonds doing a dodgy Andrews Sisters melody. It is plain to see that the fags packets are empty, they are almost flat. And there are some bright shiny signs in the background.
  15. Part 2 "Hey Field Marshall, the Krauts are putting out white flags." "Ah, sorry to disappoint General. I think that you'll find it is Paddy hanging out his long Johns."
  16. That's what the Diggers used to say about me. Things did not end well for them.
  17. I like the way the bloke on the right is looking the other way, just a split second before gagging him with that stocking, then calling the Rozzers.
  18. Just wait until we go back to LSD. Ooops, I meant £.s.d. Nah, not even The Bullingdon Buffoon would be that stupid, would he?
  19. @John 1966 Have another look inside your game folder, you get a number of manuals. One is called CMBN Game Manual which is specific to Battle for Normandy Another is called CM Engine Manual v4.00 which is the same across all titles.
  20. A friend of mine from across the pond is studying "Received Pronunciation" online. So just to mess with her head I sent her "Ullo John, Gotta a New Motor". It gave her a giggle.
  21. John it is good manners to thank people who try to help you. You didn't read the Engine 4 manual 20 years ago because it didn't exist. Both the Engine Manual and the Game Manual are provided to all of us when we buy the game. If you can't be arsed reading the Engine Manual that is your fault, no one else's.
  22. That is why you should always read the Engine Manuals. They explain the new features as they are introduced. You then practice using those before embarking on a new campaign or single battle. "Simples" as an English meerkat with a dodgy Russian accent said far too often for my liking. So just to hammer it home. Use "Combine Squad" as often as you like during the Set-up Phase to get your broken squads into new formations that suit you. It cuts out trying to run them all into the same action square mid battle.
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