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  1. The picture of the US tank on the flatcar, is that a M-60? The reverse turret throws me.
  2. I don't suppose all the railway lines will come with the electric wires in this game?
  3. I'd expect France would be more willing to enter the war than the Warsaw Pact allies.
  4. I thought the Kuwait War was clear enough as opposed to the Iraq War, but perhaps my dislike of naming them First and Second Gulf Wars got the better of me.
  5. IIRC they were the first US tanks to take station in Saudi Arabia in the Kuwait War but I don't know if they actually saw action.
  6. I inquired on Board Game Geek Wargamers area and got this reply so far: "In about 1981 or maybe 1982, I was the S-4 of 1-34 Armor and we deployed as a part of REFORGER and drew a POMCUS set. The set of equipment was well maintained and we had no real problems during the draw, operations, or turn in. The equipment or at least some, of the equipment was not new. I remember looking at tank serial numbers - I don't remember if I had to sign verify the serial numbers of the equipment I was signing for or not - but I essentially signed for a tank battalion, one each complete. At least on
  7. Hey, we need something to take on the ASU 85s ! I want to say I appreciate that Battlefront includes second line material in their hypothetical subject families. To me the biggest stretch was the Canadian Leopard I in Shock Force. Had the Syrian War in Shock Force been a reality, I still can't see any way Canada would ship its Leopard I's to participate in that campaign. P.S. Do I recall correctly Shock Force Canadians also had M109s that would have had to been taken out of reserve storage to be used?
  8. At least she didn't call it a Gavin.
  9. NM-116 Norwegian Chaffee conversion with 90mm gun still in use in 1979
  10. Didn't someone post somewhere that it was rare to have a LOS over 1000m in Germany?
  11. Canadian M113 variant Lynx cavalry and recon vehicle. Also used by the Netherlands. I have no idea what's up with the Pirate flag. This is from the Bovington Tank museum.
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