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  1. T-72 should indeed be rare in GSFG. I put them in the NTC Campaign because that is what the Opfor used. Bil
  2. Congrats! Don't get cocky kid. Seriously.. good job on that scenario, it was designed to be a challenge and looks like you handled it well. Bil
  3. I think Between Two Fahrbahns would be a perfect subject.. both for scenario size, and for knuckle biting excitement. Post a link please. Bil
  4. Have fun with the game guys.. please post your reactions! Curious if you think its as cool as we do.
  5. I lost three out of six of my Dragon Teams. I just didn’t dwell on it.
  6. @The_Capt.. Warren, this has been a brilliantly written and presented AAR. Bravo. I actually laughed out loud a couple times. Well played game as well... as always you have been a worthy opponent. Bil
  7. Yep, I have a couple more turns to post and then Warren and I will start the debrief. I'll get to those tomorrow...in the meantime I'm going to go read Warren's thread and the peanut gallery. Bil
  8. The Twenty-Fifth - Thirtieth Minutes - The Wheels Come Off “Be the hunter not the hunted: never allow your unit to be caught with its guard down.” James Mattis My AH-1 has been flying overhead for several turns now, and as far as I know this BMP is its only kill. But in its defense it was being chased by AA missiles for most of the time it hung around and did lose it's mate so I'm lucky it made even this kill. After that the wheels started to come off.... ...one of my M-150s exchanged ATGMs with one of Warren's BMPs... ...both missiles passed each other on flight... the M-150's hitting a tree... sigh... ...of course Warren's didn't miss. Damn! One of Warren's T-64Bs... (in fact one that had been beaten up, in what seems like another life now, by my 1st Platoon tanks) fired and destroyed one of my M-60s still sitting on the Short Route... damn. That means 2nd Platoon has now lost three of four tanks. Triple damn. Now with Tank Section 2 joining in on the fun I order all four 1st Platoon tanks back into the breach! Tank 1/9 had it's career cut short when it exchanged rounds with a T-62... 1/9 fired first, however... it missed.. the T-62 did not. Uh-oh... have I pushed too far? Third Platoon's tanks have also started moving down the highway...
  9. Ummm... nope. Once these are posted that's it for me.. look forward not back. I even ripped the rearview mirrors off my car. Interesting idea.. sounds like a lot of work. I will consider it.
  10. The Twenty-Third & Twenty-Fourth Minutes – Saga of Tank Section 1 “If the tanks succeed, then victory follows.” Heinz Guderian Tank Section 1... quite an exciting turn to watch actually... well, it was for me. As tank 1/8 came around the corner it immediately spotted a T-62 presenting its flank. It appears that Warren did not see their approach!! Kill 1 - T-62 While the crew of 1/8 was exchanging high-fives a BMP-1 popped into shooting range and fired it's gun... which surprisingly hit 1/8 and penetrated! Though shocked and surprised 1/8's crew got its siht together, neatly pivoted its turret and destroyed the BMP. Damage from the BMP's gun round was minor, though the crew would remain shocked for the remainder of the turn and would start to withdraw in the next. Kill 2 - BMP-1 Tank 1/9 drove up alongside 1/8 and while it was dealing with the BMP, 1/9 spotted and destroyed another T-62... these were almost simultaneous actions. Kill - 3 T-62 So overall a successful foray. Warren did have some infantry teams in this area by the way... luckily none were in position to attack my tanks and they were following his armor up the hill. After these two turns some of these teams started skedaddling back to the woods. Tank Section 1 will now withdraw a bit and wait to see what Warren's response is. One of the Dragon teams joined in the fun launching a Dragon at another BMP. After these turns Warren started to pull back on this approach. The following image shows his high-water mark... if he had kept pushing he would have run into my three M-150's kill zones... Warren's foremost BMP was meters from entering the killing zone of the M-150 shown in this image when it started to retreat. The three surviving Dragon teams are withdrawing to their next line, in case the Soviets decide to push their luck.
  11. No donut for me, I'm on a diet... I am looking to kill or maim all of his armor. Then I will call in the infantry to clear the town and make it safe. That is NOT a Cavalry Troop's job. Bil
  12. I’m sure he’ll hear or see them coming at some point. But that’s expected. It’s what he does with that information that matters.
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