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  1. I lost three out of six of my Dragon Teams. I just didn’t dwell on it.
  2. @The_Capt.. Warren, this has been a brilliantly written and presented AAR. Bravo. I actually laughed out loud a couple times. Well played game as well... as always you have been a worthy opponent. Bil
  3. Yep, I have a couple more turns to post and then Warren and I will start the debrief. I'll get to those tomorrow...in the meantime I'm going to go read Warren's thread and the peanut gallery. Bil
  4. The Twenty-Fifth - Thirtieth Minutes - The Wheels Come Off “Be the hunter not the hunted: never allow your unit to be caught with its guard down.” James Mattis My AH-1 has been flying overhead for several turns now, and as far as I know this BMP is its only kill. But in its defense it was being chased by AA missiles for most of the time it hung around and did lose it's mate so I'm lucky it made even this kill. After that the wheels started to come off.... ...one of my M-150s exchanged ATGMs with one of Warren's BMPs... ...both missil
  5. Ummm... nope. Once these are posted that's it for me.. look forward not back. I even ripped the rearview mirrors off my car. Interesting idea.. sounds like a lot of work. I will consider it.
  6. The Twenty-Third & Twenty-Fourth Minutes – Saga of Tank Section 1 “If the tanks succeed, then victory follows.” Heinz Guderian Tank Section 1... quite an exciting turn to watch actually... well, it was for me. As tank 1/8 came around the corner it immediately spotted a T-62 presenting its flank. It appears that Warren did not see their approach!! Kill 1 - T-62 While the crew of 1/8 was exchanging high-fives a BMP-1 popped into shooting range and fired it's gun... which surprisingly hit 1/8 and penetrated! Though
  7. No donut for me, I'm on a diet... I am looking to kill or maim all of his armor. Then I will call in the infantry to clear the town and make it safe. That is NOT a Cavalry Troop's job. Bil
  8. I’m sure he’ll hear or see them coming at some point. But that’s expected. It’s what he does with that information that matters.
  9. In this fight, they are bait.. they are only effective against enemy infantry, BMPs would eat them for lunch. My hope is that Warren gets target fixated and fails to notice the two M-60s stalking him and also continues to push into my Dragon's Lair.
  10. The Twenty-First & Twenty-Second Minutes – Beyond Here, There be Dragons “Battles are won by slaughter and maneuver. The greater the General, the more he contributes to maneuver, the less he demands in slaughter.” Winston Churchill There was a second T-62 in Dolbach, and this one caught one of 2nd Platoon's tanks.. after two penetrations... On my far left with the delay force, Warren's T-64B across the map caught one of my M-113s trying to withdraw and took it out with one round. It's obvious now that this Soviet force has taken the bait and is
  11. Yes, I've been using them to interfere with his targeting/spotting for a few turns now... the smoke you see in the images above (on my right) are all WP rounds.
  12. The Nineteenth & Twentieth Minutes “The important thing in strategy is to suppress the enemy's useful actions but allow his useless actions” A Book of Five Rings - Miyomoto Musashi Starting to get HOT... this is a long one.. so buckle up!! These two minutes of action unfold a lot of important developments for this battle. On my right, 2nd Platoon/s tanks made it to the low ground that composes the Short Option... ...one of them gets a spot on Warren's star killer BMP-1P in the treeline across the map and after some back and forth missed shots it finally
  13. The Eighteenth Minute - Relearning Old Lessons “Lost in a blurred confusion of yells and groans... down, and down, and down, he sank and drowned, bleeding to death. The counter-attack had failed.” Siegfried Sassoon I seem to be relearning the same old lessons over and over again. I had my 2nd Platoon tanks driving through the open to get to the low ground for the Short Option… the lead M-60A1 was spotted by both the T-64B and the BMP-1P across the map, and after exchanging fire with them, the BMP (of course) hit… …at least the smoke from the burning tank should mask
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