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  1. Yeah, I get you. But, something, anything, is better than absolutely nothing. My ultimate fallback is Hollywood Spanish accents by kohlenklau! I did take a few years of Espanol in high school... I would just do it in English with a hint of Antonio Banderas. If nobody steps forward. The same with artillery commands for the CMRT Romanian Mod. I asked around, no volunteers. So, I did the google translate and had the computer lady say it, then I did it my best Bucharest tough guy voice. I forgot all about it but then was playing a PBEM and damn, there I was in the game! I even messe
  2. If you set CMFI at July 1943, it seems (with a test of 5 minutes or so in the scenario editor) that your German infantry squads do not get panzerfausts. There is still a mix of HMG/LMG42 and HMG/LMG43
  3. Karl, This project of yours is very, very nice. A scenario/campaign with some mods. Exactly like I enjoy to produce! A shame it is being delayed by F&R but I understand. Once you have theos partisans, you can release it as you dreamed of it in the night! Your wife wonders why you wake up and scratch out a quick a bunch of notes... Phil
  4. A 377 page pdf written by Oregon State University CAMP BLENDER PDF
  5. It looks like we are on our own lads. I gave my best case (others did too) in the CMRT forum F&R thread to Steve/BFC to give us some "war gamer kits" and I can hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. FROM HERE ON OUT, I THINK CMFI CAN BE THE BEST ARENA FOR EARLY WAR MODS EVEN IF SET IN USSR, FRANCE, etc. Reason 1: Since you can set the scenario date to July 1943, there is a certain lower availability of panzerfausts. I have to test that to see how true that is. No MP44. Reason 2: There are multiple axis nations so you can have around 6 uniform choices on the map. CMRT
  6. @Erwin Thanks! I guess maybe I am the good looking front man to the band and often do solo albums and have my own tour bus and groupies, but please a big salute to the great folks working with me or giving me some guidance. @mjkerner @Juju @JM Stuff @jamxo @Broadsword56 @JonS AND EVERYBODY OUT THERE IN FORUM LAND! YOU WANT TO CONTRIBUTE? MAYBE WRITE A SMALL SCENARIO FOR THE MOD? PM ME!
  7. Glenn, An idea off the top of my head. IBM PC here... Go into scenario editor and load a stock scenario, one that came with the game. Find one that has something in the designers notes and EXPORT it. It gives an opportunity to rename so save it as designer notes format or soemthing. Then go look at it and just try to copy it using your info and then try to import in your scenario?
  8. Here is a record of what I got from a very fine gentleman who I will respect his overall privacy. He retired as a colonel in the Finnish Army. He served as a UN peacekeeper. He works at a Finnish military museum. I wish I could go and shake his hand. AND THERE IS MORE! This guy's Dad served in WW2 and had bullets hit him on 2 different occasions. Once from Soviet weapons. Another time from German weapons. These are the basic CM artillery commands. In each military with a different language, there are interesting differences in how they get the basic concepts across. My starting point was
  9. JM gave me 85 files of war game phrases in Greek. Not specific to CM but very helpful. It would still be great to get a Greek speaker to volunteer to make voice files to cover all we need and for some variety...
  10. I took care of pintere with converting the image. I also recommended he download free paint.NET. "Convert a man's image and he mods for the day, get him to download pain.NET and he mods for a lifetime." CM Bible
  11. Hello everybody... Anybody capable of producing voice files in Greek? Please PM me. Thanks.
  12. Why don't we have the MG08 in the axis unit editor to purchase? The Maschinengewehr 08, or MG 08, was the German Army's standard machine gun in World War I and is an adaptation of Hiram S. Maxim's original 1884 Maxim gun. It was produced in a number of variants during the war. The MG 08 served during World War II as a heavy machine gun in many German infantry divisions, although by the end of the war it had mostly been relegated to second-rate fortress units
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