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  1. This module is taking so damn long that this is who they have the budget to hire! CMRT Fire and Blubber She probably has a nice personality and can make a good cabbage soup
  2. @MikeyD Thank you for your successful efforts to get the Valentine into the game! Just so we know, did it take a bottle of good Scotch or what? Maybe we can cut to the chase and still get the Matilda in the module... Way back in the 80's I was a navy diver and we did a training operation over the wreck of the Liberty ship SS JOHN MORGAN off the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay. It sank after a collision with another ship. 50+ souls lost KIA. It had Canadian-built Valentines... My ship was unsuccessful in recovering one but apparently somebody did get one since then.
  3. @Haiduk I do appreciate you offer the historical facts about Soviet Matilda usage for the official CMRT and CMRT Module #1 timeframes. But I admit I have some oddity in my mind that always pushes me to brainstorm or tinker or dabble and go beyond the game's official timeframe. I think I was the first guy to bring snow into CMBN. I think I was the first guy to bring snow into CMRT. As part of a team of like minded and usually always much more talented fellows. I just try with my amateur skills to go beyond the game in some manner. So, to try and get a Matilda "early" would be awesome for
  4. Shucks. That Matilda would be great for improving my 1942 Kholm Pocket mod...
  5. Happy New Year Mark! No, I did not think to show her that. I should! Maybe she'll make me crank her out a personalized vehicle. Those were fun times. The entire CMPzC thing we orchestrated with multiple players for the battle over that town with your FJ troops. The Dutch town near the River Dommel or Drommel, started with a "V". Can't remember! Best wishes to you, Phil
  6. Thanks Steve. Happy New Year and a round of Schwimmwagen for everybody at the bar!
  7. Happy New Year 2021 everybody! The Missus and I played a game of scrabble as part of our celebratory evening for two. The deal was the winner would get the opponent to perform 1 request. I won! But instead of asking her for some intense, amorous type of action <<wink, wink>>...I said I wanted her to watch me play a short, small scenario in the CMRT Winter Mod and see some of the stuff that was done over 5 years ago! This morning over coffee, she sat next to me and it was fun to explain it all to her. She even made a few tactical recommendations. I am still looking forward
  8. @Vacilllator The US reinforcements appeared oddly out of nowhere right under your own units? Ooops. That is bad design. I am very sorry. It has been a long time since I made that campaign, I can only theorize that maybe your forces under your leadership achieved a deeper penetration than I would be capable of...
  9. From my experience, if you decide to produce content (mod, make maps, scenarios, campaigns, post pictures of Kate Upton's jugs, etc.), do not expect anything in return. Maybe enjoy a few pats on the backs from forum buddies. Expect to get very little feedback or comments. Do it because you might enjoy the learning process. Do it because you really want to fight the CM battle you are researching and trying to create. Do it if you HAVE TIME to invest. Like after a divorce or recovering from a cardiac surgery!
  10. Each Chrysler Cordoba is assembled by hand, the touch of old world craftsmanship that can't be hurried...
  11. Dennis, am very happy you enjoyed it. I had fun making it. So many years ago. Comments taken and accepted, no worry. Maybe space aliens will land in thousands of years on an uninhabited earth to find all our various CM mods and creations.
  12. Coming up in a few months is November 2020 and the 5 year anniversary of my heart attack and the CMRT Winter Mod. Maybe F&R can be out by Christmas 2020? Let's start a betting pool?
  13. @StieliAlpha I solved the weird unit names but somehow still have this modtag import issue.
  14. Thanks for the idea but still no success. I don't know what the f is going on... But whatever, I don't even play the game any more although I can still do his mods. He added the new modtag and emailed me the scenario. We're functioning.
  15. I removed the Vin mod and the odd units went away BUT I still have this other odd issue. I am trying to make sign mods for a guy making a Peiper campaign. He sent me a scenario/map. Anyway, in the modtag section of the editor I see the white text for the modtags he had and wanted to import a new modtag text file but then I seem unable to import. No white text. Nothing there.
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