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  1. Een Vlaamse leeuw. Very impressive, Chuckdyke. Thanks for posting that. Tells more than 10 history books.
  2. Hey old friend,


    Is there any way to reach you currently apart from this method? Had to rebuild my system and I believe I don't have your current e-mail address anymore - at least I can't find it. 

    Would be great to talk to you again - please respond! 

    1. Aragorn2002


      Hi comrade,

      Will try to contact you with ICQ tomorrow, haven't used that for a long time. 

      My e-mail is now Boromir1963@gmail.com

  3. Looks like those German prisoners at the end lost their shoes.
  4. Me too. Seems I will be having more time available in the coming time. Stunning work, LS. Really, stunning. Perhaps in the future you can also use your skills for the autumn season in CMRT and CMFB.
  5. One of the best even. Imagine what the Finns could have done with more German weapons like the StuG and Panzerfaust. My heroes, Finns. If I had to chose between a 1941/42 module for CMRT and a Finnish module, I would chose the Finns.
  6. A big THANK YOU to all involved for these great mods!
  7. Do you have a source for this? Sound pretty unlikely.
  8. I think quite a few of us 'developed' a beard since we've joined the CM community. I know I did. Congrats with the award. And vice versa, exactly what we need. CM will be far ahead of it's time. So proud to be part of this.
  9. I'm not sure, Erwin. If I could chose between more CM2 or a more sophisticated CM3, I would probably go for CM2. But not many people will agree with that. Which I also understand.
  10. It's more than a game to me too. A happy place? Yes, I think that's not exaggerated.
  11. Yeah, those explosions and flames are sensational. Flying turrets, like in Steel Beasts, would be awesome!
  12. I've missed this one, JM, but sure looking forward to the finished product.
  13. Great job, Artkin. Must have been quite a lot of work. Thanks for that! I often think how good it would be to have more maps of famous battlefields and more master TOE's, as you call it, to create your own scenario's faster and easier. Would be great tools to create realistic quick battles.
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