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  1. Damn, Kohlenklau, stop posting in this thread! You nearly gave me a heart attack. 😀
  2. No, a seperate thread for each issue is easier to find and read than a long thread discussing a range of issues.
  3. I think the Sarge is trying to say that even the simplest adjustment can result in serious delay nowadays...🙂
  4. I think it was the great Helmut Schmidt who once made a joke about the Italian army when he was told about the high reverse speed of the new German Leopard tank...
  5. A man of drastic measures. I like your style. 😀
  6. I see your point, but defining justified frustration or justified criticism as malicious complaining also doesn't do any good for the wider community. And yet that's more and more what's happening.
  7. Of course not. But that's not Erwin's point. He just mentions something he noticed. As a valued and long time member of this forum he's entitled to speak his mind about it. No need to be hostile about that. Besides, there's no shortage of excuses for the endless delay of Fire and Rubble. Oeps, there I go again.
  8. Are you the new moderator or just trying to get more likes from your little friends?
  9. Well, we already exchanged our points of view, guys, so let's leave it at that.
  10. Perhaps you're just not as crazy about these games as we are.
  11. When reading his comments I sometimes have the feeling I don't speak English at all.
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