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  1. That was epic indeed. Two of the best American actors and a suberb story. I loved it. Season 3 was also pretty good.
  2. Not yet, danfrodo, but I will pick them up at Amazon for a couple of pounds sooner or later. If you love medieval stories like I do, I can also recommend the Templar series by K.M. Ashman. What a writer! I have dozens of paperbacks from all those brilliant English writers, that I haven't read yet. At the moment I'm reading the Captain Korolev series by William Ryan, about a police investigator in Stalinistic Moscow. Brilliant stuff. So much to read and so little time, even now in the reign of Corona.
  3. Looks like the usual Hollywood BS. I will most certainly give this a miss.
  4. Greyhound Dash is by far my favorite CO2 scenario. I play it at the end of every year (German side only) and each time it's more enjoyable. One of the best gaming experience I ever had, really. I salute you, Pieter!
  5. And wait for years and years for the next game. God, I'm fed up with all this empty talk.
  6. It most definitely was a joke. Nobody is hounding him for an exact date, it's just high time that we are given some definitive information with regard to the release. Steve said that it will definitely be released this year, so I expect pre-orders at the beginning of november and a release in the second half of december. BF only has itself to blame for this situation. Elvis is being cautious, i get that, but giving the exact 'update' like we had in february has to infuriate/confuse people.
  7. Really? I think for an interview of that length it contains remarkably little 'beans'. CMFR will 'definitely' be out his year, which is already contradicted by Elvis, so what are the other beans that lately have been spilled?
  8. Yes, that would be the right following order. You can of course first release it and then open the pre-orders, but that will cost you money....
  9. I think Elvis gave that date just to get me off his back. 🙂 Hopefully we will all have a white Christmas this year...😉
  10. Perhaps the Lauban campaign from CMBB can be resurrected for Fire and Rubble. One of the last German victories in the East (Silesia, eastern Germany, now Poland) and a great subject for a campaign.
  11. I always liked Bowie, although not as much as you do. Under pressure with Freddy was a great song, same as China girl. Such great artists back then. 🙂 Apart from that I hope you aren't too serious about that date, because a pre-Christmas release would wipe away a lot of frustration and displeasure. It would also mean I can finally stop making a nuisance of myself, which is also for myself quite exhausting to be honest.
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