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  1. There's also a new Dutch movie, called 'De Oost' about the war in Indonesia between Dutch special forces and Indonesian guerillas on Zuid-Celebes after the capitulation of the Japanese. It's not bad, but I never like dutch movies to be honest. They have little 'soul'. With that I mean that it's more about sex and sensation, than historical truth. But perhaps 'Slag om de Schelde' is an exception. Haven't seen it yet.
  2. Finally found the dutch translation of Poles Apart, the book on the 1st Polish Airborne Brigade during Market Garden. Never knew there was a dutch version. The English version is rather expensive.
  3. Haven't seen it yet, but it doesn't look bad. For dutch standards a very expensive movie, I've read.
  4. Somehow these screenshots (soldiers without helmet) make me more aware these were human beings of flesh and blood, fighting for their family and country.
  5. Live and learn, Warts. 🙂 This is about the Australian/New Zeeland version of that battle. Keyword: bayonets.
  6. That is pretty spectacular, LS. You trully are an artist and we're very lucky having you on board.
  7. Reading Battle on 42nd street at the moment. Very interesting.
  8. I remember they were very much worth waiting for. 🙂
  9. No worries, MJ. Holiday is approaching, so take your time.
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