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The Year Ahead Bone Post

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On 1/11/2020 at 12:32 AM, Battlefront.com said:

I dunno, maybe I'm remembering things all wrong and in fact our customers were uniformly open minded, happy-go-lucky people who never showed a hint of passionate or opinionated disapproval of anything we did.  Maybe I should spend time looking through old threads to find out?


I have a much better suggestion: maybe you should do your job?

For example you could start by taking care of the AFV-bug which reveals all enemy infantry?

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1 hour ago, MOS:96B2P said:

Sorry, I don't recall this.  What is it?

Shhhh you are not supposed to talk about the horrible bug that Steve uses to win all his games. :D

It's carlw so who knows. Just put him on ignore and you will not see his next hissy fit.

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Aaaaand CarlWAW is now banned.  No big surprise to anybody, I bet.  But to be formal about it, here are the reasons:

1.  Pretty consistently makes personally abusive posts

2.  Has been repeatedly warned about behavior

3.  And it turns out... was previously banned for abusive behavior using a different account.  Just noticed that and it comes as no surprise

As long time Forum members know, we never ban people for being constructively critical or even being generally sour in attitude.  Sometimes people flame out, others go the slow burn route.  CarlWAW has been on the slow burn route for quite some time.  I've been overly patient.  Thanks for the reminder that I should "do my job", BTW.


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2 hours ago, MOS:96B2P said:

Sorry, I don't recall this.  What is it?

I don't recall it either.  Which kinda indicates how important this "bug" is even if it exists.   My guess is it either doesn't exist or is so situationally specific it's not noticeable.  If someone knows of a thread where this is discussed, I'm happy to look into it.  After all, it is my job ;)


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Hey Steve:

Good to see you on the forums - can I take advantage of your inquisitive bug hunting mood from earlier in the thread?

Here's an unintended consequence of the 4.01/4.02 patch that puts a real kink in the bocage terrain and presumably related infantry TacAI behavior (i.e. displacing into enemy fire) in CMBN.  Some players like @PIATPunk called attention to this a few months ago and @BFCElvis has been helpful in logging it with a viable test scenario.

You can view page six of the most recent conversation about this, which contains two files uploaded by PIATPunk reproducing the issue.

In a game where the bocage is often as much a role player as the combatants, perhaps you'll agree this one constitutes more than a nag by a few Normandy buffs.  Maybe a ready fix can be pushed now that the Rome to Victory dust has settled?

As always, thanks for the countless hours of great wargaming over the last 20 years - you guys really are appreciated!  I'm definitely looking forward to the Black Sea module and a fix for the CMBN bocage/infantry bug!

Edited by Peter Panzer
Sheesh - I can never get those little "@forumuser" things to work!
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This has been racking my brain a bit...

Partial quote from initial post by Steve:


"The inevitable question is… when will it be ready?  Winter 2020 is as specific as I think I can be at this point.  That’s only a few months and it seems about right for what remains."

Winter 2020 to me is like saying the Battle of the Bulge happened in Winter 1944. It means that Fire and Rubble gets released at the end of 2020?

I request a more specific answer!

Some suitable answers would be:

1. By the time I get home from work on the day after my first master's degree term is over...say 1730 CST on 3 March 2020. That would be most lovely.

But I can hang for an extra week so the Schwimmwagen looks DoublePlusGood.

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