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  1. Thanks TCapt, that's good info. Still in setup, just doing the terrain scouting is taking a while, but will pay off, as usual. I would like to sit back and ambush each avenue of advance but my orders are to find 'em, so off I'll cover. The warning about soviet air in the area is worrying for sure. I hope to start it tonite. Any chance you can call my manager and explain that NATO needs me this afternoon and I should be given time off?
  2. I'm about to start battle #5 of the 1982 US campaign. I have my first M1 Abrams, thanks much to the gods of war! They've got the 105mm L/56 m68A1, compared to the 105mm L/62 m68 of the M60s. How much better is the L/56? Can I expect to outgun the T64Bs at long range, which I couldn't do w the M60s? With M60s I've adopted 'sherman vs panther' tactics of looking for keyhole/ambush/short range engagements -- any tips? (I guess this is why you added the NTC campaign I haven't yet played 😀)
  3. I just finished battle #4 last night, that one is a real treat also Battle #3 is big, epic fight, I'll be interested to see your take on it
  4. SPOILER** Yeah, phantom captain, I did similar thing on the right, but ran into trouble when a TOW113 popped smoke instead of firing, allowing tanks to advance more than they should've. If I play again I'd still do similar thing on the right. But on the left I think I'd have my guys all in forest behind road where I could pull them back and then sneak them up, kinda shoot & scoot ambush. Once spotted they are dead unless they retreat out of visual ASAP.
  5. ohhhh, that battle. I re-loaded a save to see which one was #2. That was a nasty fight. I definitely learned some lessons the hard way, and sometime I think I'll replay it to see if I learned the lessons properly. I got a victory of some level, don't recall, but my losses were much higher than I would've liked. And I am seeing the attrition now in battle #4 when I need those recon units and there's not much there. I took a week off because my wrist was sore from work but back at it soon Battle #3 is absolutely epic. Remember that M60s are somewhat outgunned at long distance and you can do well.
  6. was 2nd mission the one w the big purple hill on your rear left?
  7. OK,that is the ugliest tank I have ever seen
  8. I've loved tanks since I before I can even remember loving tanks, I had them my whole childhood, collected books on them, etc. They are mostly all pretty good looking, with some notable exceptions. Even boxey (boxy?box-y?), boring PZ4 has it's own beauty. Anyone ever watch bovingtion tank museum's Top 5/bottom 5 tank series? It's interesting because the best & worst tanks are often the same ones. Tigers & shermans often on both lists, depending on how the person graded firepower/armor/mobility/reliability/cost/maintenence, etc. And despite tiger being a PZ4 on steroids, it's somehow sooooo much better looking than PZ4. Maybe they should do top/bottom list based solely on looks.
  9. I think the best looking tanks tend to be one w castings -- more curve-y. Like shermans, M60s, T34-85 has cast turret but does look kinda top heavy.
  10. Enjoying it? it was crazy good fun. I cease-fired w about 20 minutes left, there was no more significant movement happening by red team. I only got a tactical victory despite putting quite a hurt on them. They got the two phase lines but not even close to the road junctions. I knocked out 11 tanks and 33 APCs and caused ~65% casualties. That MRB aint gonna bother anyone else in this war. Only succeeded because I set up flank ambushes and didn't try to have long distance shoot out -- I learned that lesson a while back (those damn saggers and 125mm guns). I am starting to feel the attrition -- my infantry were shorthanded and short of dragons.
  11. 50 cal finally destroys BMP after a million hits https://imgur.com/FTeHVdX
  12. Playing battle #3 of US campaing (1982). Great battle but sooooooo many russians! I've learned that M60s & TOW-m113s need to be keyholed. My one advantage is that I know soviets have to pass thru the central terrain and there's lots of nice blind corners I can had behind to get shorter range flank shots. One this I should've done more of was have dragon teams hiding in woods as tank hunter teams looking for targets of opportunity. The overwatch BRDM-sagger about to be destroyed has given me a lot of trouble.
  13. I guess I am a serial philanderer. I play all the games and my favorite always seems to the be one I neglected for a while and started again -- "wow, this one is the best, why did I stay away for months?". But I gotta say CMCW is f-ing fantastic. I've got F&R campaign and a CW campaign going and keep sneaking over to the CW one when F&R isn't looking. The torture and then joy/disaster of watching those slooooooooow ATGMs reaching out.... those saggers scare me to death If I had to choose one game? I can't do it.
  14. wow, thanks for the screenshots, dbsapp. That is epic, indeed!!
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