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  1. I can't help but think how many of the volkssturm were WW1 veterans who in 1918 thought "I am sure glad I won't ever have to go through that again"
  2. those snow battle pics above reminded me that there's a lot of winter fighting before we ever get to Berlin
  3. Thanks Steve, that was very clear. I'm having fun w Black Sea right now. So while I am ww2 guy first, the other games are really just as fun. And now there will be thread about Abyssinian campaign but with Meanwhile, Elvis says 'major milestone', which to me means we've reached the final product which would then go through the 2-4 week production release tunnel. I can't wait to be overrun by T34-85s! Ah, Berlin in the spring.
  4. I like this idea -- challenge all of us yammering for east front to put our money where our mouths are. I'd pay my $60 right now for a 1943 or 1942 game that wouldn't be delivered until 2022 sometime . So BFC could ask how many would be willing to fund the project, and if that's enough they could ask folks to pay up and if enough actually pay then there's the answer. And if enough don't I guess we get refund.
  5. I think CMCW started out as a labor of love by a couple of long time modder/users and so was presented to BFC as a partially completed project, so low investment. And the best surprise I've had since.... since..... well, gosh, ever? I am still surprised though that east front isn't the most popular thing since chocolate and ice cream, but sounds like it's not.
  6. So following up on what Steve's said over time: once they had Normandy game, then doing east front 1944 (RT) meant only investing in one side's new OOB for the most part. But going to 1941 the entire German and Soviet OOB is different than anything that currently exists, so is huge investment. Doing Italy meant adding some features, but not entirely new sets of vehicles, uniforms, etc. Which also gives me hope that we'll at least get back to 1943 someday since we already have most of the equipment But Steve's made it clear the investment for Barbarossa is very high and therefore very r
  7. I get the frustration about waiting. but I suspect that ~4 weeks from now we'll all be complaining we don't have enough time to play all the new content. That will be a nice 'rich person' problem.
  8. oh, Right, Capt Miller. I gotta do those! thanks. Someone mentioned those before but I forgot about them
  9. I recently reread Team Yankee and Red Storm Rising after 30+ years. What a treat. And read Larry Bond's Red Phoenix (1980s war in korea) also. reread The Third World War last year. I am ready for CMCW. I suppose I should also re-read Sword Point by the Team Yankee author. I know I used to have The Untold Story, might have to do that one also.
  10. Thanks for pointing this out, Gnarly. There's so much forum traffic these days I miss a lot it seems.
  11. I'm surprised I haven't seen anything on the forum about this. Russia says it's just for exercises while at the same time saying it has right to intervene within Ukraine to protect ethnic Russians from persecution. There's tons of videos showing armor being brought in on trains, supplies being moved up. Oh my. Meanwhile, Ukraine asking for more military support ASAP from US et al.
  12. I wonder what's coming next after BF gets through the hectic work of getting FR & CW released? Since from Steve it certainly aint Kursk I am guessing more BS and lots of add-ons for CW? Anyone read between the lines on what's next? There's lots of speculation and it's hard to wade through. Now that I've gone through the phases of grief (denial, etc) on finding out more eastern front is not coming anytime soon, I am actually kinda excited by what we actually could actually get next.
  13. Steve, I think you will never feel spiritually complete or fully emotionally actualized w/o at least getting to Fall Blau. I am only thinking of you and your mental and spiritual health going forward into the future. But there are many paths to enlightenment. A CMCW NATO module w Germany, England, Netherlands, and also some Norway battles would greatly improve your karmic trajectory even if Fall Blau must wait. Again, only thinking of you, not my own selfish and grasping desires.
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