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  1. Good tip Heirloom, thanks. I'll try damascus path first, which sounds terrifying.
  2. Second try on the counterattack and I got another tactical V w the enemy surrendering w a lot of time left. So I'd say it's pretty well designed -- the enemy hit me hard even when I knew what was coming. Now onto the nasty-looking next battle. Looks like nice places for enemy to launch ambushes.
  3. Erwin, I realize my wording seemed snarky, actually did not mean it to come out that way-- shoulda put a smile emoji there or something. I am still having fun w the campaign. I hope I get new vehicles else my men are going to have to walk to Damascus. Those warriors would really benefit from an ATGM like bradleys or BMPs have. Even just one missile would be great.
  4. so this campaign is no good because it was too easy. And now it's not good because it's too hard? I actually have done the counterattack battle twice because I want to get better at how to run a defensive fight like this. It's hard to not lose warriors unless I forego the warrior firepower (meaning hide them entire battle. And it's hard to keep flanks safe because attacker uses multiple approaches. So it's a tough fight. I got tac V first try, probably not much better 2nd try which is nearly done. It's a very interesting tactical situation. It's more like the situation the Syrian infan
  5. losing 200K soldiers is easy in CM. just give me 400K and give the enemy artillery and spotters and I'll do my usual impetuous, ill-advised moves.
  6. oh, thanks, great tips! I am actually currently doing Captain Blood on Audible. that's a really well written, fun book
  7. Yeah, I am with you on that Aragorn2002. did you read his latest, set in middle ages? I thought it was quite good.
  8. nice! except I'd prefer ground action over air but I'll take it. And I'd probably take naval over air. I guess I'll be getting Apple TV for a spell once this comes out. I did free apple TV trial just see Greyhound, which was pretty good, I had read the book (The Good Shepard by CS Forestor). I've always thought they should do a series on allied pilots downed in France/Belgium trying to get to Spain or Switzerland w help of resistance. I've read multiple books on that subject incl excellent The Freedom Line. Would make a great series. Lots of heroes, villains, traitors, scheming and be
  9. Thanks for that, StieliAlpha. I didn't know there was a museum there, I gotta visit that someday. I read Ben Kane's historical fiction trilogy set on the Roman/Germanic frontier, was an enteraining & compelling look at that battle in the first book, Eagles at War. Aragorn2002 may be right that the Liberator might be BS. But I am so starved for military-historical shows I will certainly withhold judgement until I see it. I would much prefer another Band of Brothers type of series. And I don't care if it's US, German, Russian, Brit, whatever. Just make it good and make it look au
  10. that panther has the embarrassing "just been sherman-ed look". a dozen+ frontal hits, some probably damaging main gun.
  11. oh, cool, can't wait. Also Oct 23 on Netflix there's a movie about Romans in Teutoberg forest that might be good. SPOILER (romans lost, germans won)
  12. I suspect real life soldiers hate convoy missions also. I used the uncons to occupy the mosque to left of armored entry point. They had some cover & elevation and from there pressed out small groups to patrol my proposed path. I ended up being able to move my entire force mounted to within a block of the police station. I suppose just mostly luck that I decided on that route. The uncons have very little ammo and aren't much for fighting but they are excellent for getting bad guys to divulge location. I am not persuaded that there's some "politically correct" conspiracy to ma
  13. It's interesting that we have mixed experiences on what's easy & hard. The crazy city fight, Mission#8, went pretty smoothly for me, though I only got a minor V because I didn't destroy enough bad guys. I used the militia to screen a path for my reinforcements past the mosque along the left side relative to the incoming brit forces. No vehicle losses, very low dismount casualties. I, however, lost a scimitar & a warrior in the convoy battle whereas you breezed right through it.
  14. yeah, I agree w Erwin that difficulty is not too bad. Fun campaign, not super hard like some other campaigns -- although some WW2 campaigns are hard because they were failures in real life -- Pieper's real life mission was never gonna succeed and the campaign reflects why.
  15. I read that it has aluminum 'armor' + applique. So maybe the added protection helped. My warriors have been pretty vulnerable to RPGs and ATGMs if I am not careful. So it sounds similar to Bradley as a base unit, maybe difference is in the applique. I bet there are some folks on this forum that know exactly what's what on this.
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