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  1. It's also about distribution of said fix. BFC probably has 50+ fixes it wants to do. This is what patches are for. Collect a bunch of fixes and publish all together. They certainly can't just fix little things like this and put out a new version because some not very important APC reverses too slowly -- they'd have dozens of code versions in no time, a maintenence and support nightmare. Of course, maybe that particular APC had transmission issue and just needs maintenence (kidding), given it's an over-designed, absurdly expensive vehicle in the first place. Considering my main use for th
  2. Steam folks, does Steam cause any burden on your computer? I used to play Assault Squad which I purchased via steam and it always seemed that steam caused nothing but trouble for me -- like would hijack my boot up and cause it to take forever. So I have never wanted to go back. Do y'all have any issues w steam? I am guessing this no longer occurs.
  3. Those 234 ACs always seemed to me like the most over designed, expensive things I'd ever seen. I like shooting holes in them. Then they have the correct speed forward & reverse, zero. Maybe it's an easily fixed patch repair now that someone noticed it.
  4. fun stuff but I gotta wonder what Zhukov & friends thought when Molotov said "great news, we're getting military help from the west! British tanks!!!". I suspect they were hoping for spitfires.
  5. Thanks for that great video, 37mm. I played that battle last summer, got a low level victory, but a really fun challenge.
  6. Just don't give us lend-lease Matildas in scenarios w large maps. They are slower than walking. I guess facing sherman-75s is better than facing t34-85s. Though I don't know if I'd rather face a T34-85 or the sherman-76. Those upgraded shermans give me a very hard time in CMFB.
  7. I think playing the same scenario multiple times is great for beginners. My son did that. I did that some early on. He played Gog & Magog CMRT over & over & over. Then he finally started watching videos and trying other battles. Now he's quite skilled.
  8. I was thinking more of once you play a battle, you have an idea what the enemy will do and so second time is a different experience because you already know many of the surprises. Of course, most of the surprises are bad. 😀 But yes, some of the campaigns are hard. Especially the ones where you are playing the side that lost in real life.
  9. I suggest doing lots of quick battles for getting your skills ready. If you do all scenarios or campaigns while learning you will spoil them a little for later when you are more ready to take them on.
  10. All I know is when my enemy has tigers they are rolling pillboxes of endless death and mayhem. When I have tigers they are fragile little butterflies. Though once I blundered into one in a nice little Norman town w a terribly under-gunned churchill -- but first shot broke the tigers gun. I spent the next 10 minutes chasing the tiger around all of northern France and blasting it w that dreadful Churchill 75 until I finally got them to bail.
  11. Actually, His Dead Puritanical Majesty is my major source of culture and example of how to proper talk right good. I was actually mesmerized (horrified?) by the videos he linked where some crazy bald fat dude sang about his new 'motor' and his Doc Martin boots. Maybe it was middle of the night in Blighty and his mind was obforscated or some such.
  12. what? that's it?? that's all the Dead Puritan has? No obscure 80s UK music thing we don't understand? No obscure UK history thing we don't understand? No references to other UK things we can't even categorize because we have no idea what he's talking about at all? This is a great disappointment.
  13. maybe I don't need pre-order because I will never ever ever ever ever play CM again (kidding). Last night lost 4 tiger tanks in 60 seconds in St Vith battle in CMFB (one tiger1, three tiger2). To 57mm & sherman 75mm fire! Two destroyed, two immobilized. Flanking fire. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I know this is realistic WW2 warfare, based on what I've read, but it HURTS
  14. Aragorn, I will pre-order just because it makes me feel good. and it probably makes our friends at BFC feel good to get lots of early orders. I am spending the money anyway, so doesn't hurt me to spend it a month or two early.
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