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  1. paintball w AFVs?!?!? And now i know there is a benevolent creator of the universe.
  2. Just finished this movie (Forgotten Battle, Netflix). I thought it was VERY good, especially as compared to most the drivel that is WW2 themed. Good battles, good story. Three unrelated young people whose stories start completely separately (one on eastern front) then collide in fighting in Scheldte estuary.
  3. which battle was that? totally epic eastern front battle. Thanks for taking the time to post those great pics!
  4. well, that's quite a coincidence. I was listening to Spearhead audio book today during my workout and it's the battle of Paderborn.
  5. I suspect BFC is keeping quiet so as to not have us yelling at them to hurry up. Which means I am very much hoping for a surprise pre-order thread one unsuspecting day. Like they did w CW. And hopefully it's soon. NATO, marines, etc.
  6. Stock German campaign battle #2. Step 1: use anti-personnel artillery to clear potential ATGM rooftop positions as much as possible. Step 2: advance scouts w Leopard overwatch. Then these true believers open up -- on a Leopard. Ah, actions & consequences. It's hard for me to put into words the amount of sublime emotional and spiritual satisfaction this provided. These guys would've shredded my scout vehicles. Dang, that felt good!
  7. ohhh, yeah, that battle. That was tough but excellent fight. Bummber about your losses Codreanu, hopefully weren't core units.
  8. OH BOY NEW MEGALON MOVIE!! only movie I am looking forward to at all other than maybe Dune
  9. Hey y'all, just took Berlin 1945 and now looking to start a new modern campaign in either BS for shock force. I want to play as western forces. I've played highland games and task force thunder. I am thinking about the SF german campaign to take Aleppo -- your thoughts on this one? So what are some of your favorites?
  10. Final battle of On to Berlin. Foolish defenders all cram into bunker that might as well have a "kill us" sign in neon letters, lots of those in this campaign. These are OK until their AT neighbors go down. Usual techniques, infantry moves to contact, armor edges up and starts area firing into the bunker area. and the usual outcome sherman scores 3 hits on STUG from only ~300m but not enough to knock it out. Side hit, lower front hit, partial penetration just next to driver's port. STUG puts round through top of turret, killing commander. Crew bails (but returned later). fortunately STUG backs up and comes into flank fire from other sherman at ~400m. Tough STUG, but not tough enough. Then some big boys show up late to the party but not before the dancing is done. and finally I finish the campaign! Yay me! Hard to read here but over 2000 enemy lost + 20 tanks. I lost ~600 and 23 tanks. Overall, EXCELLENT campaign. Really had the kind of feel I'd expect from this phase of the war. And now the big decision: what's next? Modern or WW2? I think something a little smaller, but not sure yet.
  11. It's like a "what is the best tank" thread. Some folks will see the weakness, some will see the strengths, and both will be right, like RedWolf said above for me, what else am I gonna do for military sim that doesn't require twitch over brains? Better graphics would be fantastic, but there's lots of military games out there w amazing graphics that I have zero interest in playing but are super popular.
  12. It's all fun & games... until someone stick a flamethrower through the window... Suffered several casualties from these well positioned devils. FINALLY got some use of flamethrower. That'll learn 'em. Meanwhile, just a couple of buildings away, Mr SmartyPants w an MG34 thinks he's taking on just a 3 man scout team. Then finds out the scouts have lots of well armed friends who rush up the street in support of their pinned comrades. Always hard to capture the actual torrent of bullets that PPsh teams can send at a target, but good enough. Around ten or so soldiers firing on the one.
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