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  1. “They” haven’t because it is supposed to work that way. Every one of those six situations in the list 3 posts up is by design.
  2. The SdKfz 251/3 Engineer half track comes to mind. Just a cost-ineffective way to transport a lot less men than in the 251/1 variant, but it’s in the game nonetheless because it fits real life TO&E. I buy them because I want to have a realistic feel to my formations.
  3. Depends on the version you are talking about. The original had no opportunity fire.
  4. I run CM on multiple Mac and Windows computers each with integrated and discrete GPUs, and I’m not the only one. It will use the discrete GPU autonomously in MacOS and with some changes in settings in Windows 10. See my reply to your thread here:
  5. Simple way to do this without using Nvidia’s tools: In Windows 10, click START - Settings - System then Select Display Scroll down to Graphics Settings right below Advanced Display Settings The second section in the window that opens is called Graphics Performance Preference use the Browse feature to find the exe of the game you want to have use the discrete GPU. You can set that by clicking on the app once it is added, and select Options. There it gives you a choice of windows deciding, or the integrated GPU or the Discrete one
  6. Those red unit icons in the background blend with the crosses and trick the eye in a quick glance. I kept thinking that somehow you killed dozens of people, not 3.
  7. All this talk of people without pants makes me think this is Fulda Gap: Burlesque.
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