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  1. I play pretty much exclusively QB. And lately it’s been my thing to set much of the settings on random. So I’ll know the year/month, and the two sides as the person I play against has his preferences as to nation and force type as do I. But the rest is usually random. We approach this from the perspective that each of us has a superior officer who told us to go to this location (the map) and do what is appropriate (attack/defend depending on the random result) the objectives. We pick our own forces. Sometimes we introduce some “house rules” for that battle alone - like - no substitution, buy w
  2. I worked with him in the 90s on Steel Panthers after SSI stopped. He was a force of nature, seemingly unstoppable, but irrepressibly good humoured and enthusiastic. A positive individual and I am sad to hear of his passing.
  3. I find doing a decision matrix is the easiest and most successful way to make a decision, as all games have small to huge battles possible. I think the key thing is to decide what period ( WW2 or Modern) interests you the most. if Modern, then CMSF2 or CMBS are your options. CMSF2 has more nations and more variety of equipment, but is focused more on a counter-insurgency/asymmetric sort of warfare where one side typically has a lot poorer equipment than the other, but has more numbers and has to use different tactics than a stand up fight. There are no seasons here, it’s basica
  4. Just a further clarification on this: without an AI plan, you can’t use the map against an AI opponent as the AI units will not Advance, and be an effective enemy. They just sit in their starting positions. But against a human opponent no AI plans are needed in a QB map. I’ve made many such maps and they all worked fine in QB against a human opponent.
  5. If you haven’t played any Combat Mission games then it may help to know that there are four types of battles you can have: 1. Premade battles (“scenarios”) that allow you to pick one or any side and have forces pre-selected. You read the conditions, forces available and objectives and attempt to fulfill the latter to win. They can range in size from a few squads to a regiment. 2. Campaigns - these are an interconnected series of what is mentioned above in 1 with outcomes of each battle determining various things for the upcoming battle. 3. Battles you create using the scen
  6. Dang. Sometimes things are surprisingly easy to find or recall, and other times... If you stumble across is please post here. It helps. 🙂
  7. Up front is a great game. Nicely made and presented cards, rules that are sophisticated enough to make it quite serious, and a small unit feel as it’s really squad - sized, with supporting elements.
  8. They’re pretty useful when I’ve used them.
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