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  1. Yeah, right. Sure. Let’s make up more things that aren’t true.
  2. “They” haven’t because it is supposed to work that way. Every one of those six situations in the list 3 posts up is by design.
  3. The SdKfz 251/3 Engineer half track comes to mind. Just a cost-ineffective way to transport a lot less men than in the 251/1 variant, but it’s in the game nonetheless because it fits real life TO&E. I buy them because I want to have a realistic feel to my formations.
  4. Depends on the version you are talking about. The original had no opportunity fire.
  5. I run CM on multiple Mac and Windows computers each with integrated and discrete GPUs, and I’m not the only one. It will use the discrete GPU autonomously in MacOS and with some changes in settings in Windows 10. See my reply to your thread here:
  6. Simple way to do this without using Nvidia’s tools: In Windows 10, click START - Settings - System then Select Display Scroll down to Graphics Settings right below Advanced Display Settings The second section in the window that opens is called Graphics Performance Preference use the Browse feature to find the exe of the game you want to have use the discrete GPU. You can set that by clicking on the app once it is added, and select Options. There it gives you a choice of windows deciding, or the integrated GPU or the Discrete one
  7. Those red unit icons in the background blend with the crosses and trick the eye in a quick glance. I kept thinking that somehow you killed dozens of people, not 3.
  8. All this talk of people without pants makes me think this is Fulda Gap: Burlesque.
  9. I enjoyed Bil and c3k’s CMBS Beta AAR some years ago, watching modern kit go and bang each other about, but this will be a completely different experience. Really looking forward to it!
  10. I remember reading Hackett’s Third World War, Coyle’s Team Yankee, and wanting to play out those battles and feel those stories. Now I get to do it for “real,” rather than the board games I bought back then. Awesome stuff, Bil!
  11. The dark May skies were laden with rain as the trucks trundled up the hill. Sound of laughter and boys’ voices pitched high with bravado filled the canvas tops of the trucks.
  12. Just stopped for the day during a REFORGER exercise...
  13. I run the CM games on my 2012 MacBookPro without issue. I’m still on MacOS 10.10. My friend runs it in his 27” iMac using MacOS 10.11 without a problem. There is a delay the first time one runs it after installation as the OS does some sort of scan of the application. This can sometimes take a few minutes but if allowed to complete then subsequent running of the app is instant.
  14. I’ve been waiting for these little guys for ages. I played around with it a fair bit to make that shot different from the conventional front or side shot.
  15. Ah, Balance. I agree, we need to have balance in a competitive game. And that is made all the harder because the war it is trying to simulate was never balanced. The more the game balances things the more it is removed from the realism that many die-hards would like to see. Personally, I don’t feel I need an excuse to be able to use certain vehicles. You mentioned the Cromwell and other Commonwealth vehicles and it’s an interesting example. Are they overpriced? Do their costs not reflect their quality, as you put it? I actually don’t know. Even if their cost was adjusted, would rarity not come into play and make them still problematic to purchase compared to the ubiquitous Sherman? I don’t expect an answer, it’s more an illustration of how this isn’t actually an issue that cost adjustments will automatically correct; more a “can we all buy something other than the same 10 units” frustration. Which I can relate to. To turn the argument around, I am fairly certain that were units priced for balance, many would complain that Unit X is nowhere near as good as Unit Y, so how can their costs be so close? In a realism focused game balance might require some mental effort and collaboration between players, sometimes. I get it; that can be a hassle and source of argument. NONE of what we’ve talked about should imply that I agree with the prices of all units. I DO wonder why the StuG is so pricey. I’m less concerned with the PzIV than you but I can see a reasonable person could think they are overpriced and I’m inclined to agree. There are other examples. So I while I may take a different viewpoint on HOW to price things, I think getting the costs right is very very important. ps: I enjoyed this discussion. You brought up ideas and approaches that were outside my focus and it’s good to have that mental challenge of having one’s approach to a problem challenged in a positive way.
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