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  1. Ah...there I can help 🙂. I remember, that in the creation process respectivly at the end someone said (maybe @ChrisND?), that the cavalry should be implemtend with a different texture. The change didn't managed to get in. It was hoped that it get in maybe later but I think it is forgotten... Greetings, alex
  2. Lol...I think it is more common to say "oh weh". "Eiweh" is more a personally variation... I have to admit I never heard "Unter den bloody Linden"...
  3. You sounds like my english-teacher decades ago 🙂 "Eiweh": I think you can roughly translate it with "Oh dear!" or "Oh my gosh!" (but both with a little pain) or (if I can believe the transalte side Leo): "Alack (??? never heard this one???)" To the textures: I asume, then these textures are leftovers from someone's experiments... Greetings, Alex
  4. Eiweh...I re-read my last post and this was really bad english...no wonder that you misunterood me 😉 I exchange the textures, but the tagged never showed up. Greetings, alex
  5. Late answer, but I am always pleased, of anyone answers! I don't say that there is a bug. I only ask if the appearence was other intended. My english is not very well, but I thought the description of the situation was understandable. If I may repeat myself: "... there would be textures with a [fielddivision]-tag in the game files. They only don't show up. And this is the question: bug or intention? ..." Greetings, alex
  6. Uhh....I see this was reported in 2019 and is known...than forget it!
  7. I don't know, if this was reported or if this is inentionally, but: The tank-commander of the panzer IV g (letzte) ((last?)) stands very high out of his cupolar (more than in other panzer IVs)
  8. Out of curiosity: Where do you see the difference in content? greetings, alex
  9. Here we go again. CMFI v2.11 all modules The left ammo poch of the StG 44 are positioned too deep in the body:
  10. I take the tank from the 4th photo....was it really in combat? Or the night vision panther...even though the panther would be probably a boring screenie....
  11. I' am afraid the turrets will have to be blown away from other things....maybe new things....things which can be shown in screenshots...yeees?
  12. I don't think, that they are in...but something more eastfront-specific...and not this lend-lease-stuff....
  13. To be honest, I hoped for something more....specific.... But: Cool work, @benpark!
  14. Hmmm...I have wishes free? I don't know...what is new? Hmmmhm..... ....maybe red army men with greatcoat? Summer uniform of the Volkssturm? Are T-44s in the game? What is new...what is new...hmmmmmm....
  15. I thought, that I read the artwork ist finished. What about some screenies? Partisans or some other new stuff??? Greetings, alex
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