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  1. 1945 januar, single vehicles In the scenario editor
  2. Aloha! Anyone know where I can find the file that contains the tank of the German flamethrower (infantry)? I just can't find it...
  3. @kohlenklau I know this is a thread for QB-maps, but because of desert-warfare: Did you actually make a desert-colored texture for the field cap?
  4. Yes, the IIIG is a little bit messed up. The hull mg turns too, when the turret turns and the side turret hatches are vanishing when the crew gets out...but the other panzer IIIs are looking ok....
  5. I made it less comlicated. I took the syrian chin-strap-mdr-file from CMSF2 and swapped it with every poncho-, breadbag etc- mdrs. Additional there is one masking texture for the chinstrap (I took it from the gebirgsjäger cap). Et voilà!
  6. Ok, I tried it and I think there are not noticable shadows. Can you make it for yourself or do you have a upload taget? Or I can try to offer a dropbox-link.
  7. One method would be to replace the model of the objects with something, which makes less shadows (e.g. a chin strap). But at this point you have to be careful, because in the case of equipment objects, the associated texture file is often written into the model file. Maybe the syrian chin strap-model from CMSF2 with the masked textures from kohlenklau?
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