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  1. Thanks! But I have time and be trained to wait! 😉
  2. I think the release of F&R is accompanied of the release of a patch. So you download the patch or the (new) fullversion which include F&R, but no extra-specfic software for the module... So I understand the process...
  3. Oh please not here! You know how it will ends! And I will never get my answer from benbark...
  4. That is ok. An additional question: I can see soviet cavalry troopers (blue trousers) on one of the screenshots of the gallery. Are these a selectable uniform-option in the "appaerance-menue" or is it a scenario with the tag [cavalry}?
  5. @benpark Is the M44 uniform only for the wehrmacht available?
  6. 😁 It's been a long time since anyone said I had good eyes ...
  7. Like it...but I see the left ammo pouch of the sturmgewehr vanishing in the body...
  8. Thanks! Interesting! And now the new german uniforms (M44?)! 😊
  9. I only thought, that then the people don't have to choose... And yes...sometimes I like the tag-system too. I switched one time the german paratroopers in CMFB to parka. Looked good, but I think they would need theier own camouflage...
  10. Why not add the snow-tag to the winter-tag to the white uniforms?
  11. I hope not! After we have a minimum release time of 1 1/2 weeks for F&R , I hope, that CMCW comes out earlier
  12. I'm afraid it will be between 1.5 and 3.5 weeks ... just like Steve wrote it ...so I say between 21.04 and 5.5. 😞
  13. I really like the covered goggles! Are there any plans to do the same for the Americans? This could be ported to Shock Force 2...
  14. I think for mods, this is the correct place: https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/ And for publishing mods there: I think you have to contact @Bootie
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