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  1. Will there also be a patch upon release? The equipment on the US paratroopers' belt still needs to be adjusted (it hangs a little too low on the model since the beginning of the game and would really only be a minimal effort to correct... )
  2. Is there anything for the red side on the wish list for the BOAR module?
  3. I have no problem being the bogeyman. English is not my native language and I am not particularly good at either English or French (both learned at school). I'm happy when people understand what I want. But if you have serious problems with my English, please open a ticket on Google. It's unfortunate that no one addressed the content.* *) Attention: This text was automatically translated!
  4. Ok, the US Paratroopers loose their uniform options (82nd, 101st, 17th) in april, may 45, too....were the units no longer fighting at this time?
  5. Well oops! I just wanted to play it, not create it! (I've never done a scenario before...I don't have the patience...)
  6. Funny! I had this battle in my head, too since I recently saw the corresponding video from Operations Room on YouTube!
  7. Uh...sorry! That was probably misleading! I meant a Google search to see pictures of British snow uniforms (white!) in WWII. I just took the leather vests from the mod https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-mod-warehouse/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cmbn-infantry/cmbn-veins-cw-uniforms/ to make the CW soldiers look a little more wintry....
  8. When I google the following terms: "british uniform winter ww2", I get some hits with snow camouflage. But I openly admit that I don't have the slightest idea how widespread it was. But I think winter textures for the tank crews and for the infantry with this leather vest should have been included.... (well, and gloves )
  9. As a workaround, it is possible to add the cold tag to those textures with this leather vest from Veins-Commenwealth-Uniform-mod. But the English even don't have any gloves (you'd have to steal them from CMI) and I was hoping that the British paratroopers would get white snow coats. So far, I've always been pleasantly surprised by Battlefront when I've repeatedly bought the various Commenwealth modules...this was the first time that I was a bit unimpressed...
  10. To be honest, I would have expected more from the British uniforms, too...
  11. In "Ice Station Zebra"? No....I don't think they lost a single man... However, I was thinking more about the fact that we already have several games waiting for paratroopers from the East...
  12. Then we would need - once again - russian paratroopers!
  13. I am on windows, Battlefront-version. Loaded one sturmtiger in the editor, snow, februar 1945: everything ok.
  14. I don't think so. I think they are just like regular troops. They can see better if they have binoculars...
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