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  1. I think, that they can use the existing OOBs and scenarios/campaigns, which would reduce their amount of work.
  2. It could maybe corrected together with the visual misrepresentation of the syrian NVGs. I think the best thing you can do, is to ask some of the testers (like @IanL), if this is registered as Bug.
  3. Oh yes. Even I think it will be not very likely, I am super excited and impatient since Steve mentioned this! On the other side - even it will be done- this will take ages....
  4. This means there won't be a "New Year Bone Post" like last year? I thought this was a tradition?
  5. Cool! I only wanted to show, that it is possible! I'am looking forward to your mod! The "Edelweiss"-Emblems are looking good! Happy new year!
  6. I didn't mix. These one with caps are gebirgsjäger, these one with helmets are regular wehrmacht.
  7. We need someone, who can make a good texture for the (new, coming) fieldcap to use for the gebirgsjäger (edelweiss): This could be eventually a fine mod!
  8. Yes, better! Thanks! Looks very good. The left one looks like an "al-capone-gangster"!
  9. Cool! Thanks! But is it maybe possibleto make a screenshot a little bit closer? My old eyes hardly see any detail....
  10. Lol...I see what you mean, but do the poor lads have to merge with their equipment for this?
  11. So, not that someone says, that nobody said what: The left ammo pouches of the troopers with the sturmgewehr are too deep in the body:
  12. Stupid question: Does it make a difference for the syrian tank crews, when they commit fighting now? Spot they faster, because they look in this direction?
  13. I watched the first episode of Fauda and have to admit that I have mixed feelings about this. It is interesting to see how this israeli special unit works. Killing arabs without visible legal basis and often it is questionable if these are terrorists or not. No wonder when the arabs are hating this behavior (if this reflects reality), respectively these people. I only wonder if this serie critics this israeli behavior or trying to leitimate it?
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