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  1. I only ever play a scenario seriously once. I play ironman and only keep one save I overwrite every turn. The maximum amount of time I can 'rewind' is thus limited to 60 seconds. So if I want to 're-roll' my turn I can do that (or if I forgot to give an order I intended to, etc.), but I cannot go back to fifteen minutes ago and move down another approach route. Whatever result I get at the end, is what I get. If I get my butt kicked fair and square I give a friendly nod to the scenario designer and move on. I may play it again from the other side just to experiment or see what was the situation from the other side, but I don't take those seriously and I rarely finish them. Once I've seen what happens in a scenario it's difficult for me to go back and do it again given I've already seen it once, I wouldn't feel it was 'fair'.
  2. It usually takes a few seconds for a surrender to 'register' so during those few seconds, surrendering troops may be shot. I don't know if there's any soft factors that adjust this tendency, or if it's the result of something else. Maybe the spotting cycle has to complete before the status is updated. Anyway, I checked out the CMMODS and I can't find those sweet IS-2's with the slogans on their turrets I keep seeing in pictures. Can anyone PM me a link or something?
  3. Advice, as always, is conditional. Sometimes, you just need to kick that door down and shoot him in the face. I often do this when watching videos of other people playing.
  4. It doesn't work so well point blank against the firing slit of a wooden bunker, but it seems pretty much perfect for all other applications.
  5. Watching tanks roam around the NTC scenarios like ships at sea was a picturesque and relaxing way to spend my weekend. Thanks.
  6. There's only two types of ground impassible to infantry, so you'll likely not see it much, and it will be obvious when you do. The trouble is some types of rubble or flavor objects can be used to block a door and make it impassible, and you won't know until your guys refuse to use the door. Personally I think if the scenario designer wants to block a door, he can simply not put the door there in the first place.
  7. That's what I figured, but what I don't understand is why you make Base Game owners download all that extra data if they don't own the module? Most people don't have data limits anymore on wired internet, but those that do might get a little sore at downloading several gigabytes of data they cannot use.
  8. I guess Steve needs to update the front page of the website. Looks like I'll be gone for a month or two.
  9. Game hasn't even been released yet and we've already got texture mods. I love you guys.
  10. The easiest way to clear enemy out of buildings is to apply high explosive to any and all suspicious rooms, floors, and doors.
  11. So you downloaded a fresh 2.10 installation? If you have your higher HQ's ride on the regimental command tank they can use the radios on the vehicle, but the rifle troop platoon leaders don't have radios themselves. Those silly soviets.
  12. It always displays them so long as your troops can see them. The bodies never disappear unless the enemy re-takes the position and performs buddy aid. Most likely the enemy exited the building and are now hanging around in the backyard, or they said, "Screw this!" and took off running somewhere else.
  13. Wrong. See above. Version 210a 210b 210c 210d 210e 210f 210g .brz files are not present in a version 2.02 installation. It is likely the planned base game patch would have included them, but is delayed. The README file for the installation download contains patch notes which specify to install over an existing 2.02 installation, and the patch contains the 210 files needed for the module. You will need to patch your game to 2.10 (when able) or install the patch installer downloadable given to you upon purchase of the module over your existing 2.02 installation to play Fire and Rubble. If you try to activate with an existing 2.02 installation the activation tool gives you an activation for something called 'Total Destruction' and will not give you any additional content until you install the patch update. Hope this helps. Seelow Heights looks freakin' awesome BTW. Might have to make a video about it.
  14. I know, right? People have been banging kitchen implements and screaming for years now. They're not going to wait a 'few more days'.
  15. So this is wrong by the way. The up to date version of the base game is currently 2.02, while the downloadable installation for Fire and Rubble is 2.10. Lemmie guess, the base game patch was supposed to be out at the same time?
  16. Context needed. What orders did you use? How far away was the shed? Did you recon by fire the field first? Did you pop any smoke? Did you split your squad into teams? Did you probe with one team first, then order the rest to follow? What is the location of the enemy? What direction is the squad taking fire from? Were they detected before you started your movement? What is the experience/morale of your men? What time of day is it? Did they eat lunch before setting off? Did you have a few beers before playing? The answers to these and many other existential questions could help us drill down to a plausible answer, as a result of my own experience playing this game. Here's hypothetical example: If the squad was just given a Quick command through the hedgerow to the shed, it is likely there was no enemy detected before they set off. The squad would have gotten strung out passing through the hedgerow gap, and when they came under fire some men were outside the hedge, and some were still inside it. Upon being taken under fire initially the squad might not have received enough suppression to stop moving, and so the guys outside the hedge kept moving toward the shed. As the enemy fire builds up quickly they realize they're in danger and decide to stop. One or more men might now decide to return fire. Some men might panic at this point realizing they're in the open, outgunned, and in danger. Some might run back to the hedge to join the rest of their buddies, the rest might decide it's faster and easier to move to the shed instead. Some might just decide to go prone, curl into a ball, and pray. The result of this is that the squad gets divided and some guys get shot for their trouble, and it's all because the Sergeant is an idiot and made no preparations for moving through potentially hostile open space by doing some recon, or popping some smoke, or splitting the squad into teams and sending one team forward while the rest stay back and observe or react to enemy contact. The TACAI can only try to have your men react AFTER contact is made, everything that happens before that point is entirely up to you, the player. If you properly prepare the ground you fight on, you won't need an AI helper to fix your mistakes, because you won't make them in the first place. I hope this helps. Thanks for your time.
  17. You know, guys on the back side of sloped ground will stand up in order to see what's in front of them. I don't know what's worse, the complaint about your troops attempting to see what's directly in front of them, or the decision to place foxholes in a position that cannot see anything without standing up in the first place.
  18. I do believe Space Lobsters of Doom has pride of place as first in line of the fantasy/sci-fi Combat Mission titles.
  19. Here's another one. The tank platoon finally shows up. I'm going to have to ask him where he's been all day, and why my boys had to die because he wasn't there.
  20. Well I'll do the correct thing and buy it here, then activate it on steam. Then I'll buy a second copy on steam as a gift for a buddy of mine. Then I'll force him to play it.
  21. [whispers] Whisper whisper whisper. Sorry, I just wanted to get in on this action.
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