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  1. Somehow these screenshots (soldiers without helmet) make me more aware these were human beings of flesh and blood, fighting for their family and country.
  2. Live and learn, Warts. 🙂 This is about the Australian/New Zeeland version of that battle. Keyword: bayonets.
  3. That is pretty spectacular, LS. You trully are an artist and we're very lucky having you on board.
  4. Reading Battle on 42nd street at the moment. Very interesting.
  5. I remember they were very much worth waiting for. 🙂
  6. No worries, MJ. Holiday is approaching, so take your time.
  7. How are things getting along, Phil? I'm still very interested in this project.
  8. Westerns are my favorite genre. I remember watching series as a kid like Roy Rogers, Bonanza and Rawhide, loved it. Also western movies with James Stewart, John Wayne and others. I will check all the above mentioned movies to make sure I didn't miss one of them.
  9. For me Tombstone (1993). Great acting by Russell, Elliot and Kilmer. Never getting tired of that superb movie.
  10. Given your Cromwell complex those are harsh words, Warts. 😉
  11. Macisle, man, that's one good looking map!
  12. Absolutely agree. And this is indeed a very informative book.
  13. Imagine what kind of impact the JS-III would have had when the war would have dragged on.
  14. It is number 28. Very nice atmosphere. Well done. Thanks for sharing them.
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