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  1. Having been following the situation closely on a weekly basis, it seems to me the Russians have finally figured out the principles of the 'Inchworm Attack' as reports of small bite-sized advances happen almost every day for the last few months. It certainly took them long enough, and it comes with a sense of trepidation as the Ukrainians never figured it out at all. Such incredible squandering of human life over a simple failure to learn strikes me as particularly egregious. So far I find this entire war rather distasteful, and given the circumstances under which it was instigated I cannot help but be disgusted at the current global order and see no redeeming features worth mentioning anymore.


    I have reviewed my original posts which had caused such consternation and cries of HERESY and I still cannot find anything I said back then that was specifically incorrect. As the situation has played out my analysis in broad strokes was correct, and continues to be correct.

    Specific considerations such as the proliferation of drones escaped my notice, but one thing is for sure. The propaganda rhetoric about the Russians running out of ammo, their tires all rotting off, and their tanks all breaking down and getting stolen were just plain wrong (both at the time, and in the ensuing time afterwards). The disagreement to my position based on such rhetoric was just plain stupid, and I was right to call it out for being stupid at the time.

    If I was to be censured for calling something stupid, or calling someone who says such things stupid, then I guess I'm just not built for such a kindergarten environment. I thought we were all adults here capable of rational discussion, but when the core of the audience are made up of froth mouthed 'Cold War Veterans' who want nothing more than to drag the world into WW3 to soothe their fragile egos (my own dad is included in this category 🤨) I don't know what to say.


    If you are reading this post, I send you my warmest greetings. I am not dead, nor was I banned or had any moderator actions applied to my account, I merely decided I had better things to do than split hairs over propaganda videos, random twitter posts, and one-sided perspectives rabidly enforced by popular opinion.

    I may go back to making YouTube videos again. If anything I have learned an awful lot these last couple years, and also received some live confirmation of ideas that previously had been theoretical. I find the conduct of war fascinating, but I do decry the cost at which it comes.

    I wish nothing but peace, happiness, and prosperity to all people, except Communists. 😅

    Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 21-06-39 How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get.png

    Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 21-50-50 How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get.png

    Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 21-55-57 How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get.png

    Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 22-12-40 How Hot is Ukraine Gonna Get.png

  2. Who cares? They've been killing each other for a century. Nothing's changed.
  3. Sad news. I got a new PC, finally got all my stuff ported over, and just discovered my Road to Montebourg save file got missed. I pulled everything from the my documents folder out, but because CMBN doesn't use that file setup, the save file was in the game install folder instead. Sigh. I dunno why BF went with that stupid idea to put game files and data folder in the f*****g MY DOCUMENTS folder, then to not retroactively apply that change to CMBN. JUST INSTALL THE F*****G GAME WHERE I WANT IT INSTALLED Anyway, having already had this problem previously I'm not doing it again. Thanks for the memories. Maybe now I can actually start playing the Commonwealth Module.
  4. Uh oh. Literally who? is mad at me!qPpgqDv.jpg


  5. >Tanks deployed five feet from each other.
  6. Quote

    Why don't you bend over and fondle Ukraine's genitals like the rest of us?

    You wouldn't get it, even if I explained it to you.


    He just wanted to be left alone.

  7. Video tour up on youtube. I have been informed the tube thing is a snorkel for fording rivers. Feel free to comment on anything else I messed up, I know there's a few misplaced words and screwed up factoids here and there.
  8. As I explained before, I did not see today's report. EDIT: It is most interesting to see Russian Naval Infantry in the fighting report considering just yesterday it said they wouldn't be able to land. I guess they landed?
  9. I still think all of my bullet points are correct and valid, and I've not seen anything that refutes anything I've said, aside from people misinterpreting what I said to mean something else. For example: I said, "Ukraine cannot control their airspace," which people immediately misinterpreted as me saying, "Russia has complete control of Ukrainian airspace." This is not now, nor has it ever been what I said, what I meant, or even a point I made, but you should be able to understand my frustration when this is the sort of response I get. I think it's called 'The Zebra Crossing Fallacy' (not my name for it) where if you are not one thing, then you MUST be the exact opposite thing! Because there is no middle ground anymore, about anything, ever. Combine that with the fact that I type very slowly and I do tend to get overwhelmed by a fast moving thread which makes me tend to not give a ****. I've been gone for some time, blame the Beer Situation and the fact my workload is directly related to it. I just popped back in because I figured some discussion was happening given current events, started reading the thread, saw how long it was, said "Screw it," and posted my existing synopsis figuring I'd catch up on any replies to it when I eventually read my way up there. What I didn't expect was the response I got. "Everything you said is wrong, go back and read 275 pages to find out why." Well, I don't come here often even on a good day, and given I really thought long and hard about posting, even about the snarky bits, that irritated me immediately. Okay, it's fair to call me out on the bit about the Winter War, or me laughing at the idea the USA is going to play political hardball in any capacity, but if you (not you specifically but a general "you") deny the political maneuvering statement out of hand as nothing but 'trolling' then you haven't addressed it either. What gets me though is if you guys have been discussing this for weeks, I would expect someone to take my bullet pointed synopsis (I PUT BULLET POINTS IN IT! I WAS TRYING!!) and simply refute each point with a sentence or two and go on about their day. I would eventually have read my way through the thread, saw what I had missed or gotten wrong, and said, "Thanks for the info." I think people got more hung up on my tone, than got bothered by anything I actually said. Well I'm not apologizing for my tone. It's just my style. We're all adults here. Sorry, where were we? I do tend to ramble on. It will indeed. I hadn't realized the Russian deployment was so extensive. Most of the info I've seen still maintains the original divisional assignments. Is this a case of RUS using other units as a replacement depot of sorts or are they committing intact units wholesale? Is the call-up for replacements or are entire reserve units being activated? The casualty figures I've seen are quite large, but not nearly enough to consume several divisions wholesale. I have to assume given the fact Russia hasn't fought a major war in a generation at least their divisions were at full strength when they stepped off, with ten thousand of personnel per division or so, and we had several divisions engaged. Even with casualties of up to 10,000 -20,000 (likely less than that?), those initial divisions are no longer combat capable but they are hardly destroyed. It's very difficult to figure though because every single source I see has different numbers which vary wildly, most of which are news articles copy-pasted from other news articles written by people who drink starbucks every morning (it's like five bucks a cup!?) and live in their parents spare bedroom. Aw shoot, I'm rambling again. I guess what I really meant was, what information do we have that all of the Russian first line units have been committed? Did they pull everything from everywhere? Do we have video or satellite of trains hauling divisions worth of stuff to the front? Have they re-deployed their Baltic unit? Has their been a major air power redeployment? Have squadrons or wings been pulled from other assignments? Have we seen indications of gasoline shortages in civilian areas indicating a shortage of production or excessive consumption? Has the pace of their shelling eased off indicating a lack of ammunition? Have we seen food shortages in areas outside of Ukraine? There's a whole lot of stuff we simply don't know (because the Russian media doesn't tell us, and the western media doesn't care to find out), and in the face of this uncertainty I have to assume the reports of 'imminent collapse of everything' are suspect at the very least. I also have to assume there are units elsewhere that have not been committed but could be if Putin wanted to. We've seen units of the Western and Southern District identified, but two 'Armies' (Divisions) are missing (St. Petersburg and Caucasus), and that's not counting if they wanted to borrow units from other districts. They still, (by my count using wikipedia fwiw) have six airborne units (div or bde) and two divisions in the central district which could be easily transported. That's 70-80,000 dudes they could bring in if they wanted to, with hundreds of tanks and various sundries. If this has already happened then I would of course, stand corrected. It just seems difficult to believe that everything available has been consumed in just a few weeks. Geez, is it 9:36pm already? I haven't even had dinner.
  10. If the objective is to negotiate for better terms, literally drum-firing a major city into rubble isn't going to help him one bit. What he would need to do, is demonstrate an ability to hold onto the territory he has taken, and demonstrate the inability of the UKR to take it back. That's if he's interested in negotiation, but the Russian has used a pretense of negotiation as a ruse before. I know your comment is from a couple hours ago, (geez I don't want to be accused of being behind the curve already!) but my later point about kicking him back across the border applies here. I think the best outcome is to kick his ***, until he cries uncle. But that's some starry-eyed dreaming there and I don't think things will be that clean or easy.
  11. You're right. I misread your post replying to me. I blame the advil not working fast enough.
  12. That's not what I meant, but I have to bow out. I meant units as opposed to specific pieces of equipment or vehicles. I shouldn't have said the word 'stuff'.
  13. I hadn't seen the March 17 report yet. I've been busy reading. And yes, that's why I just let that comment slide right off my eyeballs, and my brain. But I simply cannot resist the 'Muh Winter War' meme. It's like a cat with a laser pointer. Gets me every time. As far as the previous one, well, let's just say it my way of making a statement about politics by rolling my eyes and groaning for all to hear. I do get a bit irritated at being told to 'learn to read' given I could read before kindergarten. So I apologize for getting snippy. But I really do think drawing conclusions on a war that's been going for a matter of weeks, when we have no idea when or how it will end, is foolish. To turn around and tell someone they're wrong without at least explaining, with one or two sentences at least why you say that is also foolish. I also think it's dumb to say something like, "It's ovah!!!" When the example of all of human history is before you. It's over when BOTH sides say it's over, and not one nanosecond before then.
  14. The rational discussion I've received has been for people to tell me I'm wrong, then tell me to read 275 pages of forum posts. I work for a living. Give me a break. Starlink. Okay. What about all the other altitudes? I do think the Russians had the plan to establish air superiority, they failed to do so. There were a ****load of cruise missile attacks on radar sites and AA positions early on, but the Ukrainians proliferate mobile systems just like the Russians do. I don't think a complete absence of threat was ever in the cards, but being able to cruise around largely unmolested at the higher altitudes you mentioned is still a huge advantage, and the complete absence of UKR air power these days is a big disadvantage to the defenders. Thank you. Which makes me wonder one burning question, "Are they waiting for something else to happen first?" I don't know, but it will be interesting to find out. Honestly I think Putin is safe politically, unless the entire population rises up against him, but I don't see that happening yet. Economic? Definitely. This does seem to have been a massive throw of the dice on a very shaky bet. HOWEVER: Nord Stream 1 and 2 are still pumping gas, aren't they? We'll see. Militarily? Seems so. But like I said before, let me know when the UKR counterattack shapes up because I REALLY want to see how that plays out. Yeah, but a lot of that is shaped by a media perspective. One thing is for sure, all the media and information we receive is dominated by Ukrainian sources. I'm not saying I don't believe them, but I do question things when it's this one-sided. One thing is for sure, Ukraine isn't going to surrender, so once again it's up to Mr. Putin to throw in the towel. What I don't get is that they really seem to have drank the kool-ade and not deployed their best stuff. Either they didn't think they needed it, or they're waiting. If they are waiting, why? If it is a matter of them simply tripping and falling on their own faces, then Putin should trow in the towel, come to the table, and just take whatever we tell him because Russia's days as a power of any scale are well and truly over. But for some reason, I just don't see that happening. I don't side-step that at all, I said repeatedly and many times it's up to Mr. Putin to end things. Ukraine is obviously going to fight, so this war will last as long as Putin makes it last. That is my point and it's directly in line with everything stated here, but let me know when Ukraine invades Russia, because that would be awesome. Russian Nationalism being destroyed by the Neo Cossack. What a reversal of history that would make! Admittedly that's just a fever dream and I have no doubt if Russia is kicked out of Ukraine terms will be set. IF... That assumes Russia isn't content to control 15% of the country. That may have been the plan all along. Who can say? Putin isn't talking to CNN so we don't know. As much as I enjoy that old forum game. I've been around here for a very long time. I take your point though, all I was trying to do was post 'Wot I Think'. Y'all were free to ignore it. I whole-heartedly agree, which is why I'm not casting dispersions, blame, guessing at motives, propagandizing, describing anyone as hitler, or screaming to high heaven about support for one side or the other. I just want to know whats happening, why, and how things might turn out. I gave my best assessment according to the information I have received over the past few weeks, layered it atop an assessment of likely capability going forward into the future, and made my conclusion. This war will go on until Putin throws in the towel. Period. I say the best way to get there is to kick his dudes back across the border with their tails between their legs, and until that happens victory will be incomplete. There will be that lingering doubt on the other side about, "If we try it again it might work next time." The problem is the UKR dudes are going to have to do it themselves. I don't think there will be a no-fly zone established, I don't think NATO will get involved, and beyond sending money and weapons and few crazy redditors trying to join the foreign legion, Ukraine is in this by themselves. The real test is whether or not they can do it. They have the will to fight, but can they physically do it? I don't know. We'll see. Thanks for the conversation.
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