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  1. Just realized I haven't been keeping up on this for those who follow here instead of youtube. Sorry, the holidays have been insane. Y'all shipped a BILLION packages this year.
  2. Here's another one I've been ruminating on for quite some time now: If you're going to drive your vehicle Slow, ask yourself why you're not driving Fast instead. If you can't think of a reason, why not do it?
  3. First ever book report I did in school was a biography on Chuck Yeager. Been a fan ever since.
  4. Imagination is a powerful thing, but in reality the Target Light command is your friend. Tactical Tip #1: DO NOT BE AFRAID OF RUNNING OUT OF AMMO, BE AFRAID OF SPENDING IT INEFFECTIVELY.
  5. Oh Steve, if you ever need someone to come by and play PanzerBlitz (or Axis and Allies), let me know. I too can never find anyone who wants to play a board game for many hours these days.
  6. I use my match against BletchleyGeek as an example. I threw all my remaining forces at him in a very costly and ultimately fruitless counterattack, all with the intention of getting him to agree to a ceasefire under favorable terms for me. Result? Many casualties, but I squeaked by with a minor victory. Now that probably wouldn't sit well to your average "fight to the last man/bullet!" player. But in this case it worked fine. Sublime also did the same thing to me in our match. He convinced me I couldn't win by appearing to be strong everywhere, yet after I agreed to a ceasefire, it t
  7. Fire smoke at building. Use the smoke to position your supporting weapons unmolested. After smoke clears suppress the heck out of the building. Fix bayonets.
  8. Okay. Heavy modular buildings have always been very strong defensively. What you've experienced is two very select instances that are no doubt very frustrating, but aren't indicative of the average. In SF2 your infantry are armed with guns that shoot tiny little bullets, that will not really penetrate buildings at any distance aside from point blank range. You need to rely on your 40mm and .50cal to get any real results. I make it an SOP for my Strykers to follow my infantry at a distance of about 3-400 meters and use their 40mm and 50cal to engage enemy in buildings. When the enemy
  9. I think MikeyD has a Point Point Target is your friend.
  10. >Playing in urban environment. >Place Tube Team on tall building. >Oh look, an HMG over there. >POP! FWISH! BANG! HMG? What HMG?
  11. Tactical Tip #571: Never breach the obvious obstacle.
  12. When you're playing H2H you must always remember, you're fighting the enemy player, not just his forces. Break his morale, then you can break HIM!
  13. *Sniff God I miss that game. I even made my own K rations to eat while playing it.
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