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  1. Sorry late reply, but I play GFO mod and the Narwhal is a separate mod given to Subsim Overlords and donators.
  2. I think this might be the longest running series on YouTube at this point. I just have little imagination.
  3. Before you go REEEEEE!!!!! Remember, this video is about the use of the ZF-41 as a SNIPING scope. It works perfectly fine as a regular optic. Just thought y'all might be interested.
  4. Most of the time I use bazookas, I usually hit something at least once before he runs out of ammo. The best use of them is from ambush, at short range, without using the Target command to force Tube Guytm to shoot when he doesn't want to. That being said, sometimes the guy just can't hit the broadside of a building 60 meters away. You gotta remember, it's basically a bottle rocket fired from a tube in terms of accuracy. The projectile is NOT stabilized in any way. It has fins, but relies on nothing more than aerodynamic forces to keep it pointed in the right direct
  5. The way I see it, it's a tank if the person using it calls it a tank, or if the person building it calls it a tank, or if it's used in a battlefield role that would (or could be) be performed by a tank. Or if it's a Monday. Or the word, "tank," is now used as a generic term for, "any vehicle that drives around on tracks," by a buddy of mine back from three tours in Afghanistan who refers to his M113 as a tank. It seems only on forums like this are the real nitty gritty details hashed out. I love you guys.
  6. I like the way you think. There is another angle you may not have considered, which is strange because the rudiments of it were demonstrated in the opening part of this battle. If the town is the objective, then you need to get your mass (I.E. your infantry) into the town. To do this you are confronted by one big problem, all that open space between you and it. That being said, I have one question that might shed some light: How many smoke rounds does a T-62 carry? Once upon a time I was confronted by a similar but much smaller scale tactical problem, how to cross a
  7. I'll take a stab at this: Absolute hatred and vitriol. Only enough to ensure mission success, and no more. EVERYONE!!
  8. Call me a heretic if you like, but my view is that I'm the Captain, and the aiming of the torpedoes is the job of the Weapons Officer. It's my job to tell him WHAT and WHEN to shoot, it's his job to figure out HOW. Greetings from the USS Narwhal.
  9. I agree. Seems ideal for a purely defensive doctrine.
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