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  1. Great work - fantastic attention to detail and quickly issued too. Thanks for listening about the infantry light AT weapons (M72 and RPG-18), the new rendering makes much more sense. The new Soviet helmets are cool too! Thanks to all involved, very much appreciated!
  2. Grunt - A Scout Team Dismounts Armored Cav 113 Tucking Away From Soviet CAS The Most Dangerous PRC on the Battlefield - Armored Cav RTO Overwatch - Armored Cav Hammerhead
  3. June 2, 1979, 0613 hours, Rulfenrod, West Germany Remnants of a US mechanized infantry company push to establish a hasty defense as a bloodied armored cavalry troop withdraws through their line. Opposite of them, a combined Soviet forward patrol and vanguard battalion rally to maintain their momentum and pursue the battle in depth. Eyes of the Forward Patrol - Route Reconnaissance North of Rulfenrod Ivan - Providing Security Forward Patrol Light Armor Exploiting a Dried Creekbed Moving to Contact - Soviet Recon Bringing Extra Ass
  4. @Bil Hardenberger Congratulations on bringing a vision of CM so many of us have pined for to reality! This is the most excited I have been for a CM game in some time and the potential to build off of the initial title only heightens the anticipation. Speaking of the visual representation of infantry, wouldn’t it make more sense to model disposable AT rockets (M-72, RPG-18, etc.) as collapsed when on the backs of infantry models? Just an opinion from the outside looking in seeing as this would be the correct depiction for the vast majority of the time the models are displayed to the player. Rendering them in firing position all of the time to satisfy a firing sequence that lasts only a second or two seems backwards to me if a choice has to be made. Anyways, thanks again for your dedication, here’s hoping the final pieces fall smoothly into place for your team.
  5. It's the least I can do... log in click your user name on the top right corner of the forum click the "Edit Profile" button on the right corner of your "Cover Photo" enter your text in the "Member Title" field click "Save" in the lower right corner
  6. @Lucky_Strike A word of thanks for your skill, dedication and generosity. What you have exhibited here is a rarity - a transformative piece of work that adds a new layer of value to the game. It's not only the aesthetic know-how on display that makes this one great, but your passion to delve into the subject matter and get the details right that sets it apart. There's a place for you among the pantheon of Mod Gods with this one, joining the likes of Aris, JuJu, Mord, Kieme... Outrageously good stuff - thanks again.
  7. @Battlefront.com Hey Steve: Good to see you on the forums - can I take advantage of your inquisitive bug hunting mood from earlier in the thread? Here's an unintended consequence of the 4.01/4.02 patch that puts a real kink in the bocage terrain and presumably related infantry TacAI behavior (i.e. displacing into enemy fire) in CMBN. Some players like @PIATPunk called attention to this a few months ago and @BFCElvis has been helpful in logging it with a viable test scenario. You can view page six of the most recent conversation about this, which contains two files uploaded by PIATPunk reproducing the issue. In a game where the bocage is often as much a role player as the combatants, perhaps you'll agree this one constitutes more than a nag by a few Normandy buffs. Maybe a ready fix can be pushed now that the Rome to Victory dust has settled? As always, thanks for the countless hours of great wargaming over the last 20 years - you guys really are appreciated! I'm definitely looking forward to the Black Sea module and a fix for the CMBN bocage/infantry bug!
  8. @JoMc67 - interesting, I've never heard of that line. Advanced Squad Leader is as far back as I go - the notion of tiny cardboard StuG III's still brings joy to my soul. As I see it, ASL lives on as Combat Mission - how fortunate we are!
  9. Thanks to everyone for resurrecting this topic, as well as to @Elvis for being present and hopefully bumping it closer to the top of the internal Please Fix or Do Sumfink List. I know the R2V module took on a developmental life of it's own over the last months! CMBN is my favorite title and I too have held off starting any new games due to the counter logical infantry/bocage behavior.
  10. Echoing Howler's post above, is there information I can be pointed toward that mentions when BFC will re-direct their attention to correcting the lingering triggers of the "hedgerow gap charge?" Following the responsive, June release of 4.02, I haven't discovered much about any planned follow up. After the CMFI Rome module perhaps? If I have my facts straight, 4.02 reduced the incidents of infantry unduly breaking cover, but did not eliminate the issue as it relates to hedgerow features. I seem to have experienced it a handful of times in 4.02 while playing CMBN when infantry takes small arms fire. Given that hedgerow fighting characterized much of the action in this theater, this nagging issue personally strikes me as something of a "big, little thing." Thanks for getting me up to speed.
  11. BFCElvis: First, thank you for keeping us so well informed - you are doing a great job! Can you remind me how we install the patch to a game in progress to see the fixes take effect? It must be done while the game is saved in the "command" phase and then you can resume regular play, right?
  12. @Tantarantula My system specs are similar to yours (i7-8700, GTX1080, 32GB RAM, Win10) and I began experiencing regular crashes after 30-40 min. of play. I resolved the issue by rolling back from the latest Nvidia driver to version 388.71 as noted in this thread. If you are comfortable uninstalling/installing video drivers and don't mind using an older version, you may want to give it a shot. If you go this route, be aware - Windows will try to update the old driver, which will potentially resume the crashes.
  13. Ah, the The Dark One sleeps no more. Well Mord, it looks like the latest round of spike tongued invocations you have offered up to whatever pantheon of Lovecraftian horrors loaning you talent has paid off - again. What a debut - The SS Panzer and British Para are absolutely cracking. I am excited to see your treatment of the US and remainder of the Commonwealth forces. Well done on recognizing the point of diminishing returns on your previous work and mapping a new path of creative growth - that's artistic wisdom. For those who haven't tuned into the whispers in the darkness yet, Mord's a mighty gifted dude - just wait and see.
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