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  1. because you once again deliberately displayed your bigotry on this forum, exactly as you were doing earlier in this thread. So now you feel obligated to draw me in again? that's on you.
  2. leave me out of this, I don't need to get involved as you dig in on your views.
  3. Banning, not likely Couple notes 1 Not a good thing to post your email. We all don't mind, but Bots may find it. 2 What a bummer. I hadn't looked at Tiller games for a bit and didn't know John had passed. Huge loss for the gaming community.
  4. tear him apart!!! Damn too late again. @Rosseaudifference in period from ww2 to modern fundamentally are what you'll find in a lot of real world documents on weaponry and tactics. For example, optics, infra and thermal viewers, defensive capabilities in armor vehicles, Anti armor attack weapons etc. CMCW is pretty accurate in this sphere. Fascinating thing about CMCW is the representation of a transition point particularly in optics. That being said, if you are doing a review I think you need to invest the time. Otherwise your review will end up being a smattering of things from other people and not really authentic. There are a number of scenarios that are done in different time periods allowing you to feel that transition point when thermal optics become more prevalent for NATO vehicles.
  5. understood, it was more the "presumably with very little, if any, support" that isn't accurate.
  6. LOL it's what I do. I'll be here all week. Try the veal.
  7. it wasn't done outside of BF. Not sure why you think that. A portion of the development was taken on by a couple of people to deliver the concept etc, but it is still Charles, MikeyD etal. "We" wouldn't determine anything. Early War would mean BF developing all those models etc, a whole different level of lift than Cold War. My bet is if it weren't for CMSF2 and CMBS you'd have never seen CMCW at all. There was a significant body of work already done for the end product. Other than a small handful of pieces, Early War would be all new.
  8. That is the curveball here. The AD team are the vehicle crew but have to use dismount as they are primarily a weapons crew. They do not remount as passengers. They also can not use a simple way point to dismount. In other words everything you noted does not apply to them.
  9. Nice try Elvis, but none of us are buying into that. Q says Space Lizards so Space lizards it is. Even Ted Cruz mentioned Americans fighting aliens on July 4th. - an unfortunate leak of BF plans, but blame Ted.
  10. space lobsters were declared an endangered species so they went with lizards. Steve's Maine predilection for lobster not withstanding.
  11. ssshhhhhhh don't tell anyone but I think that is space lizards 😎
  12. LOL yeah that one is a curveball. Don't quote me but I think that is because they are considered a weapon crew.
  13. What should be a bug? I am unclear what you are doing or expecting. Everything I told you in my previous post is correct and does work. I downloaded your file, selected the m1152, selected special/dismount and I have a stinger team adjacent to the vehicle now with a launcher and 2 missiles. I select that team, hit move, put them back in the vehicle, hit acquire and took the remaining 4 missiles and again dismounted and now have 6 missiles. It is working as intended.
  14. No it wouldn't be a bug in the campaign, it is engine generated behavior. Try dismount. Would help if you could note which battle in the campaign and a screenshot, but generally the vehicle mounted AD teams use a dismount command and already have the launchers. (as a side note you may not want to acquire all the missiles as they tend to burn through them rapidly.)
  15. you need an actual AD team.. It can't be just a random team. You'll either have a dismounted stinger team or a vehicle and the vehicle typically already has the launcher. Only the missiles can be acquired. I haven't seen a launcher as acquirable. Could be wrong but I just loaded up an AD platoon and all the launchers are already possessed by the vehicle crew. Only the missiles show up in the ammo pool.
  16. wait are you telling me CM stands for coffee maker? Wow. I knew I loved this game! Necro'd a thread from 2008 dang. Someone here REALLY loves coffee.
  17. anything change in your virus protection that could be looking at CM?
  18. not a classic "war" movie, but a great film on urban guerilla warfare and pretty accurate - Battle of Algiers. (and not gonna generate any CM scenarios 😒)
  19. you expect me to remember something from April? I can barely remember yesterday... what day is it? Is the Canadian module out yet?
  20. Fed ex charges up to $.50 a page (I expect BF would end up paying more as they aren't just printing but also binding and a smaller format). The CMCW manual is 80 pages and a lot of it in color. The 4.0 Manual is 126 pages though largely B&W. Then you add shipping costs. My advice if you really want a printed manual is definitely get it locally printed. You'll save a lot and you can get it printed in larger format. You can also load the CM manuals on any e reading device like Kindle.
  21. yeah the other problem is as the manuals change with updates, you end up with a physical manual that is no longer accurate for new features. I prefer just opening on PC where I can annotate etc. I had a coworker however who would also print out PowerPoint presentations even if they were gonna be tossed at the end of a call. He drove me nuts... I think intentionally. We've been buddies for a couple decades and he loved getting me torqued up. 😁
  22. ooooh yeah, the opportunities for.... all kinds of creative fun. Hell eventually how about an East Bloc revolt where the West Germans intervene...
  23. Speaking from experience.. I am a deadhead after all.... ya can't blame this on acid. 😛
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