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  1. damn just saw this. I did the St Vith master map for CMFB. Tough one as it is just a lot of ground to cover to do the real battle and beyond the capability of CM to really do. Fascinating engagement and if you haven't read this I'd highly recommend. The Defense of St. Vith, Belgium (7tharmddiv.org) This used to be a free downable, but they indexed it etc and now it is on amazon for $25. I still have the original PDF. Interesting excerpt The only excitement there had been when an M8 armored car from Troop 3 destroyed a Tiger tank. The armored car had been in a concealed position near the boundary of Troop 3, 87th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron and Company A, 38th Armored Infantry Battalion, when the Tiger approached the lines at right angles to move along a trail in front of the main line of resistance. As the tank passed the armored car, the latter slipped out of position and started up the trail behind the Tiger, accelerating in an attempt to close. At the same moment the German tank commander saw the M8, and stated traversing his gun to beat on it. It was a race between the Americans, who were attempting to close so that their 37-mm gun would be effective on the Tiger's thin rear armor, and the Germans, who were desperately striving to bring their 88 to bear. Rapidly the M8 closed to 25 yards, and quickly pumped in three rounds; the lumbering Tiger stopped and shuddered; there was a muffled explosion, followed by flames which billowed out of the turret and engine ports, after which the armored cat returned to its position. ballsy
  2. don't leave a post for devs. Turn in a ticket. There is no telling when someone might look at this and then they'd have to contact you anyway. (and yes they do care.)
  3. I would hesitate to say burned. Not because I disagree with the result, but burned seems more like getting ripped off. in our case it is more we went in trying to impose our own perspective despite the facts on the ground. We saw what we wanted to see. Interesting parallels to our efforts in Iraq. We brought in external "leaders" who were utterly clueless with no real base of support and without the proper force ratios or plan to maintain order. In my own probably wrong perspective, we were never going to really stabilize Afghanistan with a regime next door with an active interest in supporting the Taliban (Pakistan). Hell Osama had been living there who knows how long and I'll be damned if I don't think the ISI knew the whole time. That's not even the Taliban, it's f'n Al Qaeda. It may be decades before we really know the impact of Western occupation and support in Afghanistan, but it is going to take a significant cultural shift across the region before the fundamental facts on the ground change. As it is I don't think there was any way we were going to withdrawal and this fiasco not happen. We just haven't wanted to face it which I think is the real reason it has taken so long.
  4. good detective work. It is being escalated to figure out if there is any logic to it or just a bug. My own personal opinion is fighter/combatants/regular troops shouldn't matter. It is your armed enemy. Spies yeah I could see being excluded.
  5. in every generation there are always some who just never learn how to play nice with others. They assume that all their put downs and verbal insults etc are showing their superiority when most everyone is wondering "what the fk is wrong with that dude?" then we shrug and move on cause there are plenty of more interesting things to do... like yell at the fk'in clouds.
  6. makes one look back in history at examples of how that can play out - Napoleon comes to mind.
  7. Ha! I retired at the beginning of July and NOW my wife is worried I am working too hard. All the little things I needed to do around the house are now on a big active list. I am enjoying it though, I actually feel much more productive versus spending hours on zoom calls accomplishing nothing. Regarding the generational argument. Cracks me up as it happens with every generation, but I really sympathize with young folks now. My generation did a lousy job handling our impact on the planet and they'll be paying the price. Add to that the pace of change now and trying to stay relevant in the workplace is tough. I managed to work in one field for 30+ years and be considered very proficient. Nowadays that is a lot harder to do. Now excuse me I am late for my morning moment of yelling at clouds.
  8. What a day to be talking about CMA eh? 20 years later and nothing changes.
  9. Maybe, but the flip side of that is, let's say you are new to CM and shock force really appeals. Are you going to wait hoping they redo it again in CM3 or get it now? I know what my answer would be. We have no idea what the roadmap for CM3 might be and even less on where BF would start. They have said Europe Western front is their bread and butter, but in releasing CM2 they went elsewhere presumably to iron stuff out before hitting the big dollar item. Most folks don't sit on gaming money for years. Heck if folks heard CM3 was gonna come out in say 2023 I doubt they would sit on their money... especially knowing that is "steve time".
  10. asking and making it feasible are two different things. The partnership with Slitherine is what made steam possible. If it weren't for that, BF would still not be on steam.
  11. damn and I have to argue with the wife for space for a table saw. I can't imagine saying "honey, mind if I store a Panther tank in the garage?"
  12. because you once again deliberately displayed your bigotry on this forum, exactly as you were doing earlier in this thread. So now you feel obligated to draw me in again? that's on you.
  13. leave me out of this, I don't need to get involved as you dig in on your views.
  14. Banning, not likely Couple notes 1 Not a good thing to post your email. We all don't mind, but Bots may find it. 2 What a bummer. I hadn't looked at Tiller games for a bit and didn't know John had passed. Huge loss for the gaming community.
  15. tear him apart!!! Damn too late again. @Rosseaudifference in period from ww2 to modern fundamentally are what you'll find in a lot of real world documents on weaponry and tactics. For example, optics, infra and thermal viewers, defensive capabilities in armor vehicles, Anti armor attack weapons etc. CMCW is pretty accurate in this sphere. Fascinating thing about CMCW is the representation of a transition point particularly in optics. That being said, if you are doing a review I think you need to invest the time. Otherwise your review will end up being a smattering of things from other people and not really authentic. There are a number of scenarios that are done in different time periods allowing you to feel that transition point when thermal optics become more prevalent for NATO vehicles.
  16. understood, it was more the "presumably with very little, if any, support" that isn't accurate.
  17. LOL it's what I do. I'll be here all week. Try the veal.
  18. it wasn't done outside of BF. Not sure why you think that. A portion of the development was taken on by a couple of people to deliver the concept etc, but it is still Charles, MikeyD etal. "We" wouldn't determine anything. Early War would mean BF developing all those models etc, a whole different level of lift than Cold War. My bet is if it weren't for CMSF2 and CMBS you'd have never seen CMCW at all. There was a significant body of work already done for the end product. Other than a small handful of pieces, Early War would be all new.
  19. That is the curveball here. The AD team are the vehicle crew but have to use dismount as they are primarily a weapons crew. They do not remount as passengers. They also can not use a simple way point to dismount. In other words everything you noted does not apply to them.
  20. Nice try Elvis, but none of us are buying into that. Q says Space Lizards so Space lizards it is. Even Ted Cruz mentioned Americans fighting aliens on July 4th. - an unfortunate leak of BF plans, but blame Ted.
  21. space lobsters were declared an endangered species so they went with lizards. Steve's Maine predilection for lobster not withstanding.
  22. ssshhhhhhh don't tell anyone but I think that is space lizards
  23. LOL yeah that one is a curveball. Don't quote me but I think that is because they are considered a weapon crew.
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