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  1. My experience so far in CW is treat your infantry not too far different than late WW2. Get yourself positioned for side and rear shots. And note your range is far superior to WW2 weapons. Anyone who thinks they can scoff at LAWs and Dragons is gonna be in for a rude awakening. Definitely not as bad as Javelins but you can still serve up some hurt. BMPs and BTRs are a nice target, especially if their crunchies are still mounted. As for the Russian side. ATGM heaven. I learned to really like the BRDM 2 ATGM variant
  2. I literally laughed out loud reading that. Man that is a brutal comparison. Haven't played with the Brits enough to really experience it but I'll be wary.
  3. we're just waiting for the next release and are bored. You stepped in it, have a beer.
  4. If you argue with him he'll just surrender because....... do I have to say it?
  5. Looking forward to this. CMSF2 is still my preferred game.
  6. wait till you run across a flavor object blocking your access. 😛
  7. something else that might be of interest Sgt just from the perspective of how the Iraqis shoulder the fight against ISIS The Spymaster of Baghdad: A True Story of Bravery, Family, and Patriotism in the Battle against ISIS - Kindle edition by Coker, Margaret. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.
  8. Are you asking if trees can block ATGMs? If so yes as well as main gun rounds.. likely more than they should. 😛 Don't count on it though as it isn't always going to be true. You'll notice it as well in air attacks against units in woods.
  9. Some of us not even that. First I heard was just about 1 month ago.
  10. Let's face it, the real reason the picked him was because he was the Cabin boy. Cabin Boy (1994) - IMDb
  11. Fair point but in what TYPE engagement do Mine rollers appear and how many of those do you think scenario designers are going to make? Throw in QBs etc. How many CMBN scenarios have you played with flail tanks? Don't get me wrong, I am not arguing they not be included, just that if we had them I don't think we'd use them all that much. A late 70's/early 80's battle for Germany was going to be by necessity a short affair. For Cold war I think you will find the vast majority of what gets produced isn't going to be well defended positions the combat engineers have had time to shape. They'll
  12. yeah the dearth of material for anything in this period is more the problem.
  13. I tried him. The overall idea I was really into but his character development is pretty awful. When the Native American started wielding tomahawks I ditched the series.
  14. In the assault period but the vast majority of engagements would not be represented by Mine roller led companies. BFs philosophy has always been to spend the effort on the usual, not the edge. Too many of our likes are wrapped up in the edge cases that would require more effort from BF that we then would likely not even use . We want it like we want everything. That being said... yeah I'd like it too. My list of wants is no shorter than anyone else's Experimental detachments of PT-34 mine roller tanks were formed in May 1942, and saw action at Voronezh in August. The first Independ
  15. OMG is this thread going to resurface?
  16. I suspect that once the game is out the development of user made campaigns for CMCW will be pretty awesome. Too many of us have grown up immersed in this stuff.
  17. Watching the gaming industry I second all this. The gaming industry has this tendency to try and maximize their profit based on whatever new sales idea hits them. The result is watered down intellectual property where games start looking very similar despite being completely different franchises. The rush to also get product to market, hype as much as possible, promote with videos that turn out to not be actual gameplay. All the major players have had huge issues in the past year. Ubisoft is getting bashed heavily. Even CD Projekt has demonstrated the same. BF is one of the few instance
  18. I am just really impressed at how well he did the likeness of Bil. I never knew the Cpt had a side business doing portrait work.
  19. yeah this one is really going to be a game in itself. The Russians are awash in AT missiles of various ranges. The issue with using is 1 you want as much distance as you can to limit detection of launch. While this does increase flight time the enemy may never see it coming. 2. Fire when in view of as few enemy units as possible. Keyhole locations are an absolute necessity and if possible be firing outside their frontal arc. I have had far more luck playing the Russian side than US. Those AT 7 teams of the Russians are deadly, 1000 meter reach and 2 guys parked behind a hed
  20. one item I have learned the hard way is micro manage your anti air assets. There is very little as demoralizing as watching in horror as your 6 stinger guys all launch missiles in a turn wiping out your reserve... and not hitting anything. And now you just have to sit and take it as enemy air relentlessly bashes your force. I typically park 2 Stinger/Igla guys near their vehicle and the rest mount up so only those 2 can fire and they will replenish from the vehicle on their own.
  21. guaranteed you'll be checking. And you'll be backing your tanks up with M113s to take advantage of their smoke dischargers as well. ...be sure to check wind direction otherwise it could be quite embarrassing..
  22. Son you needed to spend more time listening to the dead. and then doing all that other stuff
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