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  1. I guess orders could tell us exactly what the enemy has and where it is and how much ammo and how much experience and his objectives. that would be a nice briefing.
  2. any of those here that read enough military history books know that orders are often not totally clear, usually because the situation is not clear
  3. I bet the forum will be utterly bonkers (me included) when we get first CM3 game and then are clammering for everything else and new content to be ported, which will probably happen slowly. So what game would be first CM3 I wonder? Black Sea?
  4. I guess that was a bit mean on my part. I should've said " maybe you could bring it to the attention of BFC so they could fix it in some upcoming patch, but w/o being nasty". So sorry on my part for being nasty.
  5. You started a whole thread to start a mean-spirited thread about typos that don't change the actual gameplay one tiny bit? So, Dude can't type and/or spell well but he's bringing great stuff? If he keeps making content like this I will never care. I dont' give own littel fuk, just bring me sum NAETO forses spelled any way he wunts. "for a fee copy of the game" -- seems y'all can't spell super good neether
  6. well, at least this didn't occur on an Eagles home game sunday, that would be particularly cruel to Elvis. Although if they are as bad as last year that might save him some suffering (this coming from a Bengals fan, so definitely not gloating)
  7. Aragorn playing CW as the soviets! Never thought I'd see that in writing Good luck Comrade
  8. Hi Aragorn, yes, this was a good battle for getting used to the A2. so far I've fought two small, fun defensive CW battles. However, it's an historic anniversary today, May 8 1945, so I am moving over to F&R. Decided to start w On to Berlin campaign. Three mini-campaigns broken into three battles each, starting Poland Jan 1945. Should be fun. After that I will betray my soviet comrades in the 1980s and destroy them on some of the terrain What battles are next for you?
  9. JM STuff: Run Lola Run!! that was a great movie! Thanks for that
  10. next release will be new CMBS w very sophisticated, updated russian forces as shown in this sneak peak video:
  11. I'll be darned, those awful M60A2s actually worked. I just did a lot of hulldown, shoot & scoot. Got total V w 16 minutes left. Lost one tank, 3 dead and 2 wounded. I suspect this will be high water mark of my CMCW career. Like hitting homer in first MLB at bat and then striking out for the rest of a short visit to the majors.
  12. I think i saw dark skinned men in CMCW actually. 'course, WW2 US was totally segregated so wouldn't see that there.
  13. wow, I really wish I could un-see and un-hear that Klaus Nomi clip 🤪 I'll stick w my current Tragically Hip binge. ~A few years too late for CMCW but it's working well enough.
  14. I agree w what folks are saying above. I'd also add that you'll end up getting all the WW2 stuff anyway so there is no wrong choice as first game. There is no best fit, all three west front games are great. I started w Normandy big bundle, it's got huge amount of content. Same w FI and has most varied terrain and seasons in one package. Blitzkrieg is US vs germans only, so a little less content but fighting in winter is fun. And then later you'll wonder why so many folks are excited about the modern games, and next thing you know you'll have those also. 'course, I am projecting my
  15. not CW specific, but does anyone know how to turn the crickets off? It's just too much ambient noise. All I know is all sound on/off, nothing about ambient on/off.
  16. maybe there's codebase changes that make other maps not work here, and those changes won't hit the other games until next patches/releases?
  17. So any thoughts from smart folks here about US 50 cal vs BMPs? Is there a range where I start to have a chance of penetration? Just started my first fight (They Own the Night) and realized the 1980s 50 cal ammo seems less destructive than in Black Sea (or is that my imagination?).
  18. I am guessing some Black Sea stuff is probably next -- NATO or US Marines perhaps? A lot of the gear is already made in SF2, so the work would mostly be in making scenarios & campaigns (which I am sure is still a mountain of work). Or maybe just battle pack w the existing forces? I want NATO for CW but it seems that is gonna require a lot more work. Warsaw pact nations have same gear & tactics to soviets so not that interesting IMO, although that would be a nice detail if added.
  19. thanks to all for posting here, the pics are fabulous. Today is my first CMCW battle day -- I hope it rains here enough today so I don't have to waste time going out to cut the grass and do yard work, so far so good.
  20. geeez, they are a company of 6 F-ing people and just released two new games in the last week. Which you didn't even purchase judging from your previous posts. So why p-ss on them?
  21. You don't need luck, you are a toaster from Minnesota. You are gonna be shocked at how good this game is nowadays.
  22. ohhhhhhhhh, that's where it is. It's usually on my order form on my account at BFC. Thanks CptMiller
  23. you guys are killing me -- I have no access code AND I have to work ~8 more hours, while y'all are having fun. It's killing me.
  24. Hey ELVIS, install went fine but I don't see an activation code on my order page. Can you help?
  25. Did you sacrifice a chicken or goat before you started the install? That's the part the instructions leave out.
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