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  1. all depends on the material models. The material models are built from from pulling on a sample of the material and then backing out stress-strain from that. So it all depends on how well the stress-strain behavior used in the model would match with the stress-strain behavior of the projectile and armor materials. They are probably reasonably close. These kind of models are used in car crash simulations simulations every day, though the test data for those models is very good, of course. Automakers don't go crashing dozens of super expensive prototype cars into walls to see what happens. They simulate and get something they are very confident in, then crash just to verify. Simulation-driven-design, which is predictive, as opposed to old school build & test, which is reactive.
  2. This company, Sy Simulations, is showing of its structural simulation chops with a bunch of armor penetration videos like the one below. These are cool in general, of course, but I like it even more because I use this same SW tool (Abaqus) every day, though my simulations are not this totally cool. Excellent representation of advanced material modeling using damage initiation and evolution leading to element failure. Love it.
  3. Best birthday ever I'd say. I hope you have lots of time on our hands, you'll be busy
  4. I hear you, codreanu, this one is really satsifying so far. I have cleared the tiergarten and am starting to enter first row of houses. Just got a nasty armored surprise, I think you know what I mean, definitely have to flank that beast. Lost some men but no armor. Spent a ton of bullets thus far but better bullets than bodies. I currently plan to advance via mouse-holing down the blocks until I run out of satchel charges (or sappers).
  5. Dudes thinking they are so cool in their bunker Even invited all their friends But forgot to invite the friends w AT assets and this is what sherman(-ski) tanks excel at. Two shermans and an SU76 make 3 hits at nearly same time Party over, Dudes Meet the new neighbors The bad news is there was another bunker I hadn't properly suppressed and one of the sections above lost several men and fled the scene
  6. When is santa claus (GeorgeMC) gonna leave this under our trees? Me & a bunch of my heavily armed friends want to know (picture from On to Berlin, battle #8). SU152. Yeah, slow loading, not many rounds, but 120mm of frontal armor and a navy-sized gun. I'm planning some urban renewal in Berlin.
  7. Codreanu, you inspired me to keep going on the campaign and not divert to seelow heights battle. I have pre-planned smoke and arty barrage on the enemy side of the first bridge set for 15 minutes from start. So I have to get the bridge approaches clear enough for an assault. This is a really fun one so far. Glad I am not volksturm, they are getting hammered. And so it begins: infantry + armored car rush the bridge. The smoke rounds missed did the bridge/road but at least will blind flanking fire. First wave rushes across. Success: first wave across w follow on troops now crossing. So vulnerable but it looks like my preliminary fire destroyed the immediate bridge defenses. That plus smoke made for no casualties in first wave
  8. Either this Admin feller knows his stuff or he is a persuasive liar. Either way, at least shows talent. I just want striker w some like a 50mm autocannon. That would be cool.
  9. I think assault might not tire out units that are not under fire. When they come under fire during assault I believe they sprint. Of course, I believe a lot of false things, so be sure to test this one out
  10. Ouch! that sounds very painful. Like I said, I think I got lucky in mine. The last panther and the Jpz4 I did not get so lucky, that was a fight. I am putting campaign on hold for a short bit. I think I want to fight the Seelow Heights battle having just seen good video on the subject.
  11. My vote: I don't want civilians in my wargames. Never ever. I respect that others disagree in that they want missions where they need to navigate that (it is realistic). I'm not wanting to disparage anyone on this, I just personally don't want it.
  12. dang, Codreanu, you lit them up! My pics were from battle #6, whatever it was called.
  13. There's a war, you are an officer up to ~battalion or so command, and you gets orders. You tells yer fellers where to go and what to do to meet those orders. That's all you get in real life mostly I think, cuz most folks is usually confused by why they are fighting, based on lots of lying -- the list of that is endless -- and even decades after lots of folks still don't see the real reason even when it's proven beyond a doubt. So why overthink it here? You signed up and you have a duty. Your commanding officer is not interested in your feelings or thoughts or concerns at the national political level. Here's a big pile of men in funny clothes and steel hats w lots of cool gear. Now get your men moving and get the job done, and that is an order. At least here you get to chose who's side your fighting for, don't get much of that in real world.
  14. Finished, only a tactical victory. I thought I did better than that, but I guess there's a computer somewhere keeping score. Briefing said I didn't need to get the center of the town so I didn't. That would've probably moved me up one victory level. On to battle #7 and urban warfare w my somewhat depleted infantry.
  15. wait a minute, what the heck? One of my destroyed shermans was not destroyed. It took a round from less than 200m right thru the hull and only two minor wounds??????? Luckiest tankers ever.
  16. I don't know art but I know what I like. FINALLY got this guy. My ambush got ambushed by panzerfaust/panzershreks, careless of me, but I was having trouble getting panther spotted and ventured too close to some tree/bush cover w/o infantry support. Then panther lit up another couple shermans. So I lost 3 shermans plus a damaged T34. Finally holed him from 800m when he had pivoted to take on the shermans coming from behind. Two nice holes in the turret, good shooting. Below shows view from T34, then bottom shows zoom from T34 viewpoint. Can barely see the panther, w brown turret tracks & white paint, hulldown behind the brown wooden fence.
  17. I did have three lucky shots that helped. I knocked out a bunker using area fire, w infantry having spotted it. Then managed to put a hole in panther gun. Then got two hits just at the top of the nashorn. The rest of the battle was less lucky in my shooting, unfortunately. But I do have lots of shermans.
  18. good luck Sid_burn. I hope I didn't spoil anything. I was stuck for a while then used dead ground to get in position for coordinated attack. And the infantry have been great, as they were able to advance and spot when the shermans were all hiding. Here's the immortal jpzIV, with more lives than Voldemort, now under attack at close range from multiple shermans and a T34/85 -- and it is still operating, trying to retreat!
  19. I'm not mentioning location of anything to avoid spoilers. Situation: an 88, a jpzIV, and a panther are widely separated and in good hull down positions, very hard to get at. But I've got lots of free shermans from my good friend Franklin D. and I've maneuvered into three main tank assault groups. The 88 is suppressed by sherman MG fire from elements of two of the groups, though main guns unable to get shot on target. The JpzIV took traded shots w sherman and some hits from ~1500m but eventually damaged sherman w two casualties, crew bailed though I hope to re-crew later. Bunch of shermans and one T34 are alloted to attack the jpzIV, two shermans and two T34s for the panther. Every tank available has been positioned for a coordinated attack. above, 88 suppressed by MG fire from 4 shermans at 0 and 90 deg to the gun direction. Below, the devil spawn tank destroyer from hell that is wrecking my hopes for promotion. Everything attacks at once and this demon knocks out 3 shermans. The panther knocks out on of my precious T34-85s and takes no damage, the other tanks can't seem to spot him yet. YES!!!!!!!! ah, I know y'all know that feeling! T34-85 just holed the gun mantlet and I am in business! Toothless jpzIV retreats! and I order general advance! My infantry pours forward! I can skirt the panther and get him from behind later. SW objective just a few buildings away, infantry supported by two shermans will make short work of any remaining resistance in that sector in a few minutes
  20. The march to Berlin continues. I was starting to think this battle would be easy. Then two shermans get lit up. There's an AT gun and something else that hit anything that leaves the dead ground. I've ordered infantry to start moving forward. Arty observer getting in position to call strike on AT gun position. This all takes a while, big map & lots of units, but getting there. And I get my first encounter with the weird little 37mm-PZfaust thing. He has the jump on my sherman but first round hits tree and second goes high. He doesn't get a 3rd chance: Meanwhile, some folks need to work on their peripheral awareness: but the russians spot first and the PPsh is at it's best at this short range The advance slows as the armor hides in dead ground. The infantry push forward across a wide front while arty is called in. Hopefully I don't have many more surprises, I am ready to clear up the remaining Germans and move on to the next battle.
  21. yo all, why hostility to young people? It just makes you look foolish. YOU WERE ALL YOUNG ONCE TOO and not endowed with the decades of experience and wisdom you now possess. I bet many of you smoked pot, binge drank, watched way too much TV, wore nylon pants and danced to michael jackson, or banged your heads to crap like Kiss (I did like Kiss in ~7th grade, but one day realized "these guys kinda suck musically" -- fortunately moved on to Allman Brothers multi-year binge (I genuflect and make sign of cross here, blessed be Thine Allmans, may they jam in peace w good soundman)). So yes, you once looked silly to an older generation back in the day. So maybe we let the kids do their thing while they can -- they'll all have kids and mortgages and endless bills and be grumpy soon enough.
  22. At 71 I hope to be playing cm3 and checking the forum where folks are complaining the cm3 is dated and when is cm4 coming out. Oh, and Barbarossa and AK will be out by then on cm3 . Along w all our current cm2 faves. And best of all no day job robbing me of my time & staring-at-computer mental budget. 71 is a ways off for me but it's sounding kinda good right now...
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