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  1. King of the hill... cut-throat, quick and nasty knife fight byte battles with Blue on Blue competition is looking for a few more players. People preferably need all the WWII games and modules, but we can be flexible. It's currently at Round 11 with 4 open slots to fill to play in this Rd. First come first serve! But anybody can sign up and get in line, 2 wins and you get to challenge the king for his throne. Losers get back in line! For details and to sign up head over to the Few Good Men website! Can you make it the throne?
  2. Ever fixed it? This cam isn't showing in my list either. Got all modules installed and activated. Edit: Nevermind forgot to patch on my clean install... doh!
  3. Good stuff! Haven't been to that site in ages, got some catching up to do!
  4. Interesting, so any possibility of the full battle replay ever getting included in CM2 commercial? Im sure alot of players would still love this, even with warts & all (beefy rig, lots of HD space etc,).
  5. Good to see the new years post and of course the ever important bone-tossing! Good times ahead!
  6. Hey thanks man, glad you liked it! Yep that’s the basic premise of the battle, blowing sh*t up! I like oddball fictional type scenarios. Yeah I’m not sure what bomb that is, forget, have to take a peek in the editor.
  7. Definitely dont need to install to your users/docs folder, that just holds your saves/settings and not the actual game. Default location on Windows is usually C:\Program Filesx86\Battlefront\CMSF2... Since you've tried installing to multiple locations, double check your shortcut to make sure its sending you to the right/new CMSF2.exe. But I think your best option is to do a total reinstall.
  8. Great to hear and will make for much bigger exposure, especially on Steam. Most of the Slitherine fans already know about CM/BF.
  9. Guys double check the version at bottom right to ensure the patch installed correctly! Should say 2.03 (BFC) If not then follow c3k's instructions.
  10. Sounds good, already downloaded and will give it a spin!
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