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  1. Has BF ever thought about a Map Pack with several master maps and other large maps of regions, of course in great detail?I would gladly pay 15-20$ for something like that.
  2. The German name field is replaced with very strange symbols. I removed all my mods yet the issue remains. Its only with the scenario East Prussia Defense with setup zones version. https://youtu.be/-uBzjW-8wgc
  3. Total guess on my part about what's causing that bug, we know there are restrictions to tanks on bridges do to types of bridges, maybe the engine gets confused about what kind of bridge it is and makes a decision saying "nope can't move, I'm not the right type of bridge".
  4. sure how do i do that? file was to big to attach
  5. I am on the 181st turn of a very large scenario, and the game stops loading at 36% , i hit cntrl ,alt , delete to get out of the screen and is says CMFB fatal error, out of memory, any thoughts?
  6. I understood, i was just pointing out that 25min load times is something that needs to be addressed , with all compliments and respect to the amount of work that went into the BMM.
  7. This is not a big deal,have an upfront agreement not to do this, anyone who would (take advantage of this is ) to begin with is a moron, it would easily be found out at the end of the game when you see the tank crews bailed out and hiding in the back , or if you see them scouting? game is VOIDED, will you play him again? no.
  8. even more confounding , the sherman is not firing at the Tiger
  9. they are all still at spotting at the end of the turn , which does not make sense because someone yelled at "Panzer", its spotted, unless they lost sight of it, but it should go back to a generic tank marker
  10. Is there a way to make a huge factory ?, like we could in cmbb?
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