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  1. whats strange its only affecting this scenario
  2. lol , funny i just bought cmbb for 5.99 from GOG, not to play but possibly convert some to Fire and Rubble
  3. yes, but was that tactic actualy used ? i remeber it doing a long time ago and got criticized for it being gamey
  4. agreed , I remember to , but i dont have to have conflagrations, just the potential for stuff to burn, does it get out of control?maybe?
  5. its a must for a realistic war setting, it was important to have random spreading fire in CMBO, important and accurate
  6. im still not getting it, do you mean something like the Blitz wargaming site? thats where I find all of my pbem opponents
  7. yes bunkers are knocked out to easily, I feel all defensive works don't give enough protection and need to be tweaked in favor of the defender, that goes for trenches, foxholes, and sandbags
  8. i guess the real issue here is why isn't the "flame wasp " in the CMBN?, when it was so prevalent in CMBO?
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