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  1. but you did not forsee that in 2007, agreed?
  2. what is the decision process to be "assured"? sounds like a risky and difficult decision to make.
  3. agreed, but there is nothing wrong with talking politics in a civil manner, should you consider a politics seperate forum? bad idea?most likely
  4. agreed, and tactically in real war I would imagine those conditions halted real attacks
  5. Is the mud ground tile much more likely to cause bog/immobilization if the ground condition is set to wet as opposed to dry?
  6. Russia is a big country , why would'nt Russian players(customers) LOVE this game and love playing it out as the great patriotic war against the Germans?, just like American players likes playing the American side and liberating Europe.The Eastern front should have just as much popularity as the Western front if not more if you look at it from the Russan point of view, so I don't know why the sales number do not bare that out?
  7. Well it should, its been around since 2009, no?
  8. Never say never to Barbarossa or early war, if its on their todo list they are not going to tell us, remember Steve loves the eastern front, so I would'nt be shocked if this is a surprise sometime in the future, ala CW style
  9. Could'nt you just charge double ?say 120$ for a France 1940 game?you would only need half the units sold to reep the same $, and I'm just the type of maniac to pay that, and Im sure more would to get the niche within the niche game they want.
  10. with all due respect, I dont think Im going to lose any sleep over that.
  11. Take a deep breath, relax, is it possible your doing something wrong? if you apply previous gaming experience to CM you will surley fail, if you apply strict real world tactics , you will fail a little bit less,lol.
  12. thanks that worked, anyway to give one big roof onto a warehouse instead of multiple small ones?
  13. yes that's exactly what it does , cycles all of the configurations, but never goes to "no wall" , goes to a destroyed wall. I must be doing something wrong.
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