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  1. IDK,lol, thats why im asking, I dont see why not if they have desert tank camo
  2. Why are the tanks in desert camo but not the infantry?
  3. you should consider therapy my friend, enjoy what you have! there is so much content between the 2 new games
  4. Just noticed that in the editor, very nice.
  5. This is to much !Sensory overload.Battlefront your releasing your games way to fast , I cant handle it!
  6. I've watched all of the episodes, you will find out stuff you never knew! Its like 20 hours long.lol
  7. Any chance this will happen from you magical modders?
  8. I have great respect for the amount of time and work goes into making a scenario, and I'm sure you all strive for stringent accuracy, and with all do respect please don't fix things in place so that we can't not move them during the setup phase. Such as mines , obstacles , gun placements . Please give the player a little flexibility in the decision process in the setup phase.To me half the fun is deciding where and how this minefield should be setup, or where I want to place this gun.So I guess what I'm saying is to have setup zones a little more flexible as to not restrict movement.Example, if you want an 88 flak in an exact spot , maybe give that 5 action spots in all directions for set up.
  9. question about this scenario, I changed the ground conditions to dry to see if the winter camo would default back , but it did not , the winter camo remained in dry , am I missing something?
  10. good point , but the spotter didn't miss 18 spotting rounds, i thought the manual states spotting arounds are inclusive into the total?
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