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  1. My understanding was it was $ and upset citizens (especially mothers of casualties). On the subject of $ back then, like now, the war cost a lot and it was effecting people's standard of living which they didn't like. But unlike now there was no "deal" with citizens to improve their standard of living so it wasn't as serious an issue back then. On the subject of upset citizens, there were protest groups protesting the loss of their loved ones. This was tolerated since it wasn't viewed as direct challenge to the authority of the Kremlin. It got out of hand especially combined with the previous issue. Or there was a concern in the Kremlin it could get out of hand. Since they didn't view the Afghanistan conflict as existential they could pull back. Note they kept control of key parts of the country for a while after the pull out. The Najibullah government lasted for several years without the issues of the Soviet occupation. Putin could be facing the same pressures except he learned from the Afghan war and the fall of the Soviet Union. All protests are a direct challenge to his authority, period. He has been dealing with all protest harshly from the beginning. He also realized that if the people don't know the truth then they cannot complain about it. Hence his work from the start to take the old Soviet "you cannot trust any source as correct" propaganda method but dialed up to 11 and combined with just covering up the number of casualties. Back in the Afghan war the "loss" of the war was not existential to the Kremlin - they started it to quell Islamic unrest. While the loss itself seemed bad they really maintained control for a long time after they pulled out through their usual proxy arrangement so it didn't seem so important compared to the cost any more. Whereas this current war is existential to Putin since he made it that way when he started. That's the Cole's notes from memory. My take away is that Putin learned the lessons of that part of history well and applied them here.
  2. Meanwhile it was doctrine for the Soviets which is why it was added in CMRT. Riding on tanks in non combat was fairly common for the western allies but only the Soviets planned, intended and specified from on high to do it during combat. I'm sure someone can quote an example where that happened on the western front but it was very atypical. Hence it was not in CMBN. I'm not sure why CMFB gets it other than we all asked for it Re-doing all the models in CMBN would be a large task - large testing task mostly - so it has not been undertaken.
  3. A caller can call artillery slightly out side their LOS - over a hill for example. So, no they do not need to see the ground impact. They do have to see something so your original suggestion of see the explosion effects are likely true. My guess is its more of an abstraction than actually see the displaced ground in the air. However if the spotting round falls too far away or behind other obstructions then additional spotting rounds will be called in. As per what @Ultradave is talking about. This is why if your FO has crappy key holed visibility it will take longer for FFE because the have to wait for something to land where they can see it to give direction. As per @MikeyD My experience makes it seem pretty reasonable overall. If your FO has great visibility the spotting to FFE proceeds quickly and smoothly. If your FO has poor or spotty visibility it takes longer. If your FO has really bad or no visibility then it can even never resolve.
  4. Indeed. My trick to getting to those hard to reach guys is to move a team next to them and then give that team a slow move to another square such that the move path goes right over top of the casualty. I'l make that order a long as needed to line things up. Then I pause in the adjacent square for 45s (if my guys are already in the next square) or shorter depending on how long I figure it will take to get there. Then next turn I cancel the move order. Usually that is either perfect or near enough that my guys can help out the casualty. When I do this I position the camera low and right with the aid team that way next turn I don't forget to cancel the move order. Yeah done that a few times makes buddy aid exhausting and super long - nut just for me :-).
  5. Can't anyone get into a jeep and drive? I thought so but maybe I'm wrong. There are lots of units that are jeep borne and one of them is the driver. Perhaps they are special. I think I just reached that conclusion form that observation and never tested it out. For sure but lets fact it he will get spotted and shot. Either their commander will get cocky and take a risk or Murphy's law will just get him killed.
  6. Hey question for those that might know. I hadn't really thought about but a friend asked me and all I could say was "beats me": How are they keeping these long range drones in contact with the remote pilot? The US has said they don't want the UA doing this so they probably are not using the US satellite network and starlink has been denying them usage in Russia. So how are they doing this? Clearly for 10s of Kms and maybe even 100s of Kms you can just use a radio carried by the drone to stay in contact to a location in Ukraine. Over 1000Km wouldn't that just take too much power and be too weak a signal?
  7. I listened to this on my way to work this morning: https://pca.st/episode/4f1c5971-2b30-4198-9047-da1050e9f673 It's a good podcast. They don't always have things right but it is interesting to listen to them talk about politics in various eastern Europian countries. This episode is about Turkey, China and Russia battling for influence in the Asian former USSR republics. Gives some glimpses in the internal rot inside Russia and China's growing influence.
  8. Honestly I always felt that this was Putin's hope all along. It's not even Trump specific. Putin has done everything he can to just sew chaos (I call him a Chaos Monkey). If he can get an adversary focused on something else he's happy. If he can get allies to squabble his double plus good happy. Not exactly a grand planner just create as much chaos as possible and throw your weight around while everyone else is busy trying to figure out who did what to whom. It never was a grand 4D chess game with. Not exactly a new thought here.
  9. OK perhaps but I don't he needs that. There is one other thing that is consistent about Trump though: - is an incompetent manager and has even lower skilled people surrounding him. This means that if Putin decides to make a move he kinda doesn't care if he annoys Trump because he's all bluster. Plus, see ego line above, a little BS and platitudes his way would probably be enough to keep Trump feeling like a winner and Putin gets to do what he wants anyway. Look at some of the interactions between them in the past. Putin utterly embarrassed him and he didn't even notice (I'm thinking Helsinki). Trump then spend the week talking about how great Putin was. Any other leader would have noticed the slight and been pissed. It is likely not relevant though because it will take Putin longer than four years to get his army's **** together. Unless.....
  10. This sounds about right. Yeah it does. I seriously doubt that Putin gives a rats *** about how Trump looks. The fact is he will need at least 4 years (really more as you point out) to even begin to contemplate mounting a new invasion. Indeed. Even a lower level of support from the EU would mean trouble for a weaker RA. As several people have pointed out Ukrainians would still fight on their own even. Clearly the less support the harder it gets but even with Putin's collapsed options it looks pretty bleak for his success.
  11. What?!?? We would never, ever stoop to that level. What a gross mischaracterization!
  12. Other than the alternate history where you are still alive that is
  13. I believe this is a problem of compatibility. The old version of the code doesn't run in Win 8 (or maybe 10 I forget). One of the updates fixed this issue. I recommend contacting support - they know exactly which version works with what and can help you figure out what upgrades you might already be entitled to. Battlefront Helpdesk
  14. But, but, but I want to feel better :-< I say use the new ammo and missiles to mess up as many attacks as possible and hit as many logistics and HQ targets as you can find. Rinse and repeat.
  15. Yeah, I have had occasion where my method did not work as expected too. I usually figure I messed up but now you are making me want to test it
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