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Black Sea v1.03 released!

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V1.03 is released! Here is the announcement: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=339&Itemid=584


You can download it here for PC:




Or here for Mac:




IMPORTANT: The v1.03 patch must be installed over a v1.01 version of the game. Make sure that you patch to v1.01 before installing this.


SAVE GAME COMPATIBILITY: Save games from earlier versions ARE COMPATIBLE, provided that you save your turn-based games in the COMMAND phase (not the replay phase) before updating.


Patch notes below:


Makarov pistol ammunition is now listed as "9mm".
RPG-7 rounds now self-detonate at a distance of 920 meters.
The dismounted AT-14 Kornet can now be fired from inside buildings, albeit with a suppression penalty.
The M25 CDTE is now better at estimating range, allowing it to more accurately airburst rounds over walls.
Under barrel rifle grenade launcher (M320, GP-25, GP-30) grenadiers are now better at "dialing in" the range to target, allowing them to fire more accurately adjust range after firing successive grenades at the target.
FIXED: Incorrect muzzle flash for SVD and PSR rifles.
FIXED: Problems with max detection range of some US Army infantry thermal weapon sights.
FIXED: Javelin missile would appear a meter to the right of the tube when the launcher was facing a specific cardinal direction.
FIXED: Tripod-mounted M240L machineguns had to pause firing every 50 rounds, as opposed to every 200 rounds. 
Previously overly restricted BM Oplot AAMG should now be able to fire over most of the frontal arc of the vehicle.
BMP-2M and BTR-82A now use the same modernized 30mm APFSDS ammunition as the BMP-3M.
US now uses only HEDP grenades for Mk.19 grenade launcher. HE grenades have been removed.
Russian 12.7mm ammo is now AP-I, instead of AP.
Vehicle airburst rounds are now better at estimating range, allowing them to more accurately airburst rounds over walls.
FIXED: Humvee-mounted US Army .50 caliber machineguns were using Mk. 211 ammunition instead of AP-I.
FIXED: T-72 rotating cupola with attached AAMG failing to rotate and use the MG.
FIXED: Rare issue that could cause ATGMs from a vehicle to consistently swerve off course.
FIXED: Vehicles firing a direct trajectory gun (such as APFSDS ammo) at the same elevation as the target were occasionally hitting the target's top armor or hull deck.
All T-90 variants have increased hull side protection.
All T-90 variants have slightly increased front hull armor protection.
BM Oplot lower front hull armor protection was slightly reduced.
The T-90AM now simulates 10 main gun rounds being protected in a turret bustle with blow out panels. In effect this will make the T-90AM somewhat less prone than the T-90A and T-72 to catastrophic explosions after being penetrated.
The single layer of Abrams turret side ERA (M32 scutum ERA tiles) is now less effective against tandem HEAT warheads.
Duplet ERA on BM Oplot tanks is now more effective against tandem HEAT warheads.
FIXED: ERA on a few vehicles occasionally not functioning properly.
FIXED: Some rare issues with T-72B3, T-90AM, and BM Oplot armor protection.
FIXED: Occasional issue where a tank's frontal hit location would be reported incorrectly.
FIXED: Issues with smoke grenade launchers for some Russian vehicles, causing them to form insufficient smoke screens to their front.
FIXED: Shtora deploying smoke grenades twice in a row. 
The flight path of Air-to-Surface Missiles (ASMs) such as the Hellfire now have a steeper attack angle, removing their vulnerability to active protection systems and making them less likely to hit terrain obstacles.
Krasnopol precision artillery round accuracy has been slightly increased, while Excalibur accuracy has been slightly reduced.
Electronic Warfare settings of Medium or higher will no longer prevent laser-guided precision artillery missions from happening. These missions will continue to suffer the usual delivery time penalties due to communications interference.
AAA fire (such as the cannon fire from Tunguskas) can now be seen in the sky by the enemy when they are fired at aircraft. This matches the current behavior of SAMs. 
Troops will now "Cower" less readily after being shot at if they are in a low suppression state.
Small arms fire and ricochets from friendly units will no longer cause units using the Hunt command to stop moving.
Units are better at targeting the exposed portions of a hulldown vehicle.
Units with handheld AT weapons are more willing to attack APS-equipped vehicles on their own without needing an explicit Target command.
IFVs (such as BMPs or Bradleys) are now better at choosing the optimal weapon system for engaging enemy IFVs. In most cases this means that they will favor immediate use of autocannons over ATGMs.
FIXED: Vehicles with a dismounting vehicle commander (such as a BMP's squad leader who also doubles as a vehicle commander) not getting the proper benefit of having a trained crew commander when the leader was in the vehicle.
FIXED: Passengers in the bed of a M1152 Humvee not recognized as valid small arms targets.
FIXED: Infantry on the move that had their next waypoint adjusted would sometimes turn around and run back to the last waypoint before continuing with their orders.
All vehicles equipped with Active Protection Systems (APS) now also cost Rarity points in Quick Battles, which under normal settings will further limit the amount that can be purchased.
A variety of IFVs and APCs with advanced sensor and defensive systems now cost more points in relation to older vehicles with less sophisticated equipment (such as thermals and night vision).
Russian vehicles equipped with APS now cost less points in Quick Battles, bringing the cost of APS in line with equivalent US Army systems.
T-90AM now costs more points in Quick Battles relative to the T-90A.
Most infantry units now cost less points in Quick Battles.
FIXED: Attacker Electronic Warfare setting in Quick Battles would apply to both sides.
US Soldiers now visually carry their pistols in thigh drop holsters.
Russian and Ukrainian rifle grenadiers equipped with GP-25 and GP-30 grenade launchers now use a unique hand grip animation.
More vehicles and weapons have normal maps.
Numerous tweaks to vehicle 3D models.
Russian night vision goggles are now worn over the left eye.
FIXED: Some black textures: gear stowed in back of UAZ 469 appearing as black, M1152 steering wheel, Igla-S missile, and occasionally Ukrainian tanker helmets.
FIXED: Some buildings in a small number of maps had an invisible second floor.
Removed laser designator from Russian recon squads.
Amphibious capability for a vehicle is now noted with text in the Vehicle Info Panel.
Micro UAVs will no longer make a large explosion when they crash.
BM Oplot tank is now equipped with TIUS-NM navigation support system.
FIXED: Various crashes.
FIXED: Elevation changes improperly calculated in some maps under specific circumstances.
FIXED: A variety of bugs caused by vehicles moving onto or under bridges.
FIXED: An independent house had a couple windows that could not be seen through.
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Is the black texture on the BTR 70 wheels (LOD bug) also fixed ?

If not then why ?

It's so annoying...


And this was the only thing you could think of to say?


If it's so important to you, why didn't you download and apply the patch and check, rather than just asking ...

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 Three cheers for ChrisND's unstinting dedication to the cause! :D  :)

And another three - or more  :D

That is a long list of fixes. Good job!

Now I'll get started on one of the campaigns.

Just curious, what was the difficult bug at the end to fix that delayed the patch?

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Patch 1.03. problem, the size is about 377 MB after downloding, and after applying the patch, the game wont start, just black screen, no sound, no nothing...


Thanks in advance...


Ignore this, my fault ;)

Edited by oggy
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"FIXED: Various crashes."


Would one of these crashes been lock-ups while the blue bar is running? This has happened a few times since starting the American Campaign and constant saving with the long write to disc is getting a bit annoying.

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APS QB points balancing seems very hmmm... how should i say it. Pivotal is probably the correct term. After some quick rummage through russian toe, new balance certainly seems to favour "quantity has a quality of its own" -style of gameplay which incidentally is just the way I like it! :) APS is now very expensive and having entire units APS equipped is no longer possible. Also the infantry is now positively a lot cheaper and it is easier to field entire mechanized battalion battle groups in large quick battles without having to minmax everything to the point of fantasy. This is good.

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Did you also update the main installer for CMBS and is it at the same link (where CMBS 1.0 was downloaded after purchase)?

Just want to DL the latest installer (since CMBS won't be updated for a while) and it's hard to access battlefront.com due to all the ipbanlists for my country to get the most recent link :(

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Thanks for the thanks!

Did you also update the main installer for CMBS and is it at the same link (where CMBS 1.0 was downloaded after purchase)?

Just want to DL the latest installer (since CMBS won't be updated for a while) and it's hard to access battlefront.com due to all the ipbanlists for my country to get the most recent link :(

No, we have *not* updating the main installer yet. That's going to come sometime soon. Making a new full installer is an entirely separate process and we never hold up releasing a patch because of it.

Note that the direct link for the downloads go through different IP filters than our website and also different from this Forum. That is because they are behind different firewalls managed by different companies.


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