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  1. Vein I want to thank you for taking the time to do this, you do so much for the Battlefront community and I really appreciate it. Your mods are always outstanding and make gameplay so much more enjoyable. Cheers.
  2. Great work HerrTom, thanks for sharing.
  3. That explosion animation looks awesome, is there any chance you could post some gameplay footage of the explosions.
  4. It's a damn shame Combat Mission hasn't got a better engine for graphics, because IMHO it dominates all other military games gameplay-wise. Combat Mission with a modern graphics engine would be perfection.
  5. I upgraded to engine 4 and purchased the CMBS battle pack 1 but now the tracer mod I have been using in the past no longer works. I LOVED that tracer mod, from memory I think it was from Veins CMBS Effects mod. I'm begging can someone please create a new tracer mod compatible with engine 4 if they can find some free time.
  6. I finally completed Mission 2 and gave the rebels a solid thrashing, patience was the key. I just had a quick look at the mission 3 map but haven't started the mission yet, the map looks awesome and I'm anticipating a vicious dirty close quarters battle fighting my way through all those rows of houses.
  7. I have played the 2nd mission twice now, in my first attempt I was pressed for time so I basically tank rushed the villages and my armour was thoroughly obliterated in a very short time. I tried the mission again today and approached the villages with more caution, my dismounted infantry fought their way into the village outskirts but soon required close armoured support. Once again I wasn't patient enough and suffered heavy armour losses. I'm going to try again tomorrow when I will have more free time on my hands, this is a great mission that definitely requires patience and close infant
  8. I called a ceasefire with 20 minutes remaining in the first battle because I just didn't have enough strength left to take the crossroads. Every single objective was a scene of horrific close quarter combat, it was pure bloodshed. Brutal support fire from brilliantly placed enemy fighting positions really decimated several of my assaults. The crossroads was pure hell. I had a quick look at the start of mission 2, the map and the winter camouflaged armour looks incredible, really looking forward to having a crack at that mission tomorrow. Judging from what I have seen so far a l
  9. This looks like it's going to be amazing, those screenshots are awesome.
  10. I had that exact same bug on the bridge, I ended up reversing my tank off the bridge and crossing all my armour in another place.
  11. I finally got some time to play the first mission last night. Objectives AZ001, AZ002, AZ004 and AZ006 were easily taken, so I figured objective PRIGNITZ was going to be a cakewalk. 3 large plumes of billowing smoke are now spewing out of my precious panzers... I'm restarting the mission! Great map and the briefing is really, really well done, I'm looking forward to having another crack at the first mission again tonight.
  12. This mod just keeps getting better, thanks so much for this AMAZING work.
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