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  1. Great work HerrTom, thanks for sharing.
  2. That explosion animation looks awesome, is there any chance you could post some gameplay footage of the explosions.
  3. It's a damn shame Combat Mission hasn't got a better engine for graphics, because IMHO it dominates all other military games gameplay-wise. Combat Mission with a modern graphics engine would be perfection.
  4. I had that exact same bug on the bridge, I ended up reversing my tank off the bridge and crossing all my armour in another place.
  5. I finally got some time to play the first mission last night. Objectives AZ001, AZ002, AZ004 and AZ006 were easily taken, so I figured objective PRIGNITZ was going to be a cakewalk. 3 large plumes of billowing smoke are now spewing out of my precious panzers... I'm restarting the mission! Great map and the briefing is really, really well done, I'm looking forward to having another crack at the first mission again tonight.
  6. I would truly love to see some winter camo. I done a Google search for reference pics of abrams tanks with winter camo but found virtually nothing.
  7. Thanks waclaw, will definitely be downloading your winter ambient. Totally agree that this mod has breathed new life into the game, in fact I actually prefer the winter landscape.
  8. This scenario looks like its going to be a beauty!
  9. More great gifts bestowed upon us. Thanks SeinfeldRules, I have enjoyed playing all of your scenarios. That Mine Mill Mountain map looks great.
  10. I'm certain anyone who has ever been fascinated with armoured battles on the Eastern Front would truly appreciate playing this scenario. It's perfect.
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