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  1. Steve, thanks for the info. Your response wasn’t slow, so no need to apologise, I was just conscious that my original query was going backwards in the recent postings at a rapid rate (in itself great news, very happy for the enthusiasm and interest here), so thought I’d bring it to the front again. And, there’s a deadline! I’ll make a note for 31/12/20 (or 12/31/20 ...) to check ...
  2. Bump my own post: any info on the Mac version arriving on Steam?
  3. I've just looked at the Steam page, due date 25 August ... but it lists only PC specs, doesn't seem to have the Mac version? (Or not so far, anyway ...) I would (if possible) link my direct purchase to Steam to play / update it that way, or even consider buying it again ... but not if there's no Mac version! Any info on that aspect?
  4. Hope you found the Mac versions: they are there! (I'm on a Mac too.) Not that I'm feeling slighted or anything, but the "Mac" aspect of the Mac files often isn't obvious from what you (me, anyway) can see straight from the download screen ... the PC versions seem to have the magic letters PC early on in their filename, but you have to choose the file that (often) is NOT the PC version and click to download it, to see that it is a "xxxx mac.pkg" (or .dmg) file. The filenames could be made clearer, perhaps, to aid finding the right version to download ...
  5. If it’s a Mac, have you seen this ...
  6. @Ultradave message me your email address re the above?
  7. Here is a file, turn 016. As the Allied player(s), I patched mid-way through 015 and sent that to the Axis side: no problems noticed up to that point. After 016 (this file) then came back, watching the replay showed scuba-guy (our new name for him) appearing and behaving as above. AFAIK, the Axis side don't see anything odd, including not seeing their scuba-guy ... Password is ... Italy (embarrassingly pedestrian!) Ooops, file too big to load here. I'll share it via DropBox if you can message me with your email address.
  8. Yep, I'll dig out a suitable file: thanks.
  9. So, anyone any idea what's going on here? A group of us are playing a multi-player per side CMFI battle, begun just before the patch came out. We decided to patch, and the turn was updated as per the recommended method. The post patch turns show this (below): an enemy (to me) guy running into and across the bed of a river (useful attribute!!), where he isn't (in terms of the enemy's placements), and where (of course) he shouldn't be able to move at all ... The file looks corrupted now, and we don't seem to have a way back, other than a re-start; but I've never seen anything like
  10. FWIW, I continue to hope that the somewhat slow release schedule is partly because CM3 is being worked on as we speak ... I admit to thinking sometimes that the balance of work / "issues" on CM2 is a little off - I guess mainly because of the decisions taken many moons ago over the structure of CM2. For example: there are (almost) infinite pains taken to get new release TOE / ammunition load-outs etc right (which is good, of course), but we still have to accept (rather too often for my taste) AP shells exploding harmlessly, repeatedly, on a tree sitting exactly in front of the aiming
  11. I *think* what @RepsolCBR meant was not that it's HIS view that things are too big / too complicated, but that that's what BFC say to explain why every new release *seems* to take so long ...??
  12. Hey @Bud Backer ... if you were going to demolish the whole town, I think the regulations require that you apply for the relevant permit before you begin ... 😊
  13. Another thought: if you want to continue the game via both updating to the same version, you can do that mid-game but there is a process to follow ... Not done this for a while, but IIRC the person updating needs to view the replay of the previous minute in the file they can see / load in the old version, save off the file mid-turn, update / patch and then give their orders in the new version, to send off a new version file to the opponent who already has the newer version? Make sense???
  14. Being an old game, is it possible that you and your opponent are now not using the same version of the game? I'm not sure, but *think* it may be the case that, as well as not working cross-version, the game "knows" that it's not a valid file and so doesn't even show you it in the interface and so is not able to load it?
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