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  1. I do believe in that scenario there should of been Bradley's? yes the poor soviets didn't stand a chance once I figured out how to get hem hull down on the hills.
  2. I read this book when in the Army 86-92, great book always wanted a RTS scenario's for the battles.
  3. I have played some canned missions and its playing much better then before. meaning now my American forces are seeing the enemy and the LOS is improved. game play feels much better to me.
  4. my partisan's, stuck can not move out of this corner. https://www.mediafire.com/file/j8a1whz8qmdfbob/stuck1stcannedfr.jpg/file
  5. lol, my fingers are faster than a keyboard and brain. I have question is this reinstalling CMRT? because this looks like the whole game again?
  6. what are they blowing out? candles; life; a canon?
  7. unfortunately my down load stopped and froze at2.7gb. thanks I bet all the non pre-order people are happy!!
  8. I want my pre-order portion back! 1 hour to download, come-on!
  9. It said in the Email don't tell anyone!!!! So I could down load it first!!! can't you guys read!!!
  10. of course you left out the huge wadi's out there.
  11. I still have my NTC map from my days in the big green.
  12. I seen a crap load of these at Desert Storm.
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