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  1. Integration is never straightforward or easy...
  2. BTW thanks for the first hand accounts always useful to read, of course it is just one person's perception so has to be weighed with other sources before a model is created and maybe tweaked... One of the many things I love about this site is these 1st hand accounts. I would love to hear more about the Warsaw Pact POV and perhaps those from East Germany or former Soviet Bloc countries will pop by to explain about the Saggers crap points? If they ever got to test fire them?
  3. I can just imagine the quartermaster when the #hit hits the fan and the Russian's invade saying don't issue those old munitions as they are past their best before date... Just sayin.... 😉
  4. You can rest assured that everything is crappy as humans and organisations are involved. The beauty with freedom is that we stand a chance of highlighting the crap to have a better chance of it being slightly less crap than those that can not talk about how crap their stuff is. 😉
  5. Btw those be Oranges when the OP is talking Apples which is pretty relevant to actual game play....
  6. The clip you posted is not working for me so still not seen any firing? There was acknowledgement that there was military test firing away from the ship, but that could be obfuscation by the British?
  7. Another observation is that the server saves the final turn of a game so you can review, but it seems that after a period of time this is deleted, so you lose your history of who you played and the final turn is deleted to save server space I guess. The automated league / tournament system works well and shows folks progress as turns are uploaded. https://www.slitherine.com/tournaments/scores/604
  8. So another tidbit on the support process for PBEM++ Today 1st reported at7:30am server down, so no ability to play PBEM at all. - Numerous players have posted - Just the designer RBS responded on behalf of whole of Slitherine saying it is being looked into. Finally able to get back on at 3:30pm - No update from the Tech team saying it is fixed (as of yet...) I just happened to try it again to see if it was working... I am not sure how often this happens, but another thing to be aware of when playing via the system...
  9. I have just started using the Shadow Play Geoforce feature with my Nvidia card, software free with card. Dead easy to use, good results, and you can set it up to like a dashcam to record last 5 minutes by just hitting a function key so it is working in background even if you don't hit record. So if you have it that was easy option for me...
  10. Yes. Your memory is good.. I had all the original modules.
  11. I would agree this would be useful for the game and a good sales feature, mind you they would have to ensure the grammar police checked it out before publishing!!!
  12. Hi not sure what Video Card you have but I was looking for a solution to FOG2 not having a replay function and it was an easy solution I found which puts me on track to becoming a youtuber!! Alt F9 to start recording and Alt F9 to end recording, free software came bundle with my Nvidia card. I even have it set up so that if I am not recording and I see an Ohh Wow moment I can just hit record last 5 minutes... Bit like a dashcam working always... Geoforce Experience is the software. Shadow Play Here let me introduce a young someone using it for something I would (can no longer play)... So for CM to introduce something that is pretty well done already would IMO be a waste of their time which could be spent on the next engine or an Early War module with French Tanks!!! 🙃
  13. Nope your money your choice, there are a certain group of us reliving our youth and we have the time and money to do so, soon we will be superceded by the next generation who will do the same. For me the tie in with Slitherine allows Charles and Steve to have an exit plan from the business and if they can get a youngster involved who has the same passion the series might continue onwards. Also the tie in with the military helps keep the game engine alive in the future years... So a win win for everyone.
  14. I am not going to derail the thread further, but some folk need some education and a better understanding which I am happy to help with off line... 😏
  15. I had to leave the video before Bil appeared, just got back in so will be nice watch later.
  16. Slitherine talking about their military work and combat mission around the 1:14 mark
  17. I have solar panels on the house and have been waiting for batteries to become realistic in price to invest in some, I have not done any recent research, not sure if we are at the point for in home battery storage, I will have a look again later this year... Waiting for a monitor might be a bad idea due to inflation, and inflation is coming with all the money being printed (In UK and America) so these last two years will seem like good times in the near future... Hope I am wrong....
  18. On a serious note I have delayed purchasing a new monitor until later in year when chip production is sorted I hope...
  19. All you need are decent King Edwards for decent chips
  20. Just found another quirk which might be worthy of mention for anyone testing. I just loaded up a multiplayer setup to look at but not complete setting up my forces. I just wanted to see map to ponder my set up later today. I tried to exit but the program locks that out so only way to exit was to crash the whole program. Ctl alt dlt... Doing some research it would seem this is an anti cheating feature to stop save and reload scumming. With such large setup for some CM scenarios you are going to have to allocate time to complete it fully else it doesn't get saved. Just something to be aware of in the CM implementation of PBEM++
  21. Just finished this yesterday if you are looking for a small infantry action with a novel scenario Objective this one is for you. I really enjoyed the narrative and it was a tense game where I managed to win a minor victory. I won't spoil the events but something turning up at X when I had X on wrong side of the road really messed up my plan... I will also say that I hate RPGs (unless I have them)!!! The Americans really do not have the same firepower when it comes to these annoying weapons... The sense of running away was perfectly conveyed... The minor niggle was trying to learn how to use the camera in amongst the buildings to see the action, I have yet to perfect the view and getting good camera angles... Thank you to the designer for some fun moments.... Also I would think this might be tough vs a Human Russian Oppo, but it still might be good fun....
  22. Well today I started to get email notifications about waiting turns. Nearly a week to fix the issue for everyone as server was down. No one was getting notified that turns were waiting. The designer "RBS" of the game was / is on the ball and chased the issue and responded on the forum, so much kudos to him. But I don't think Steve or Charles would or should be doing the same for basic support stuff that Slitherine tech support should have a team on it. Imo. I had no email response to my request for help, not even an automated yes we got your request. Poor customer service imo I do hope support issues are discussed when pbem++ integration go live is planned. 😏
  23. Just finished this mission and good to get my teeth into as a gentle (if painful) learning lesson that M60's are no Uber Tank... Lost 3 Tanks and a TOW M150. Although the M150 was something I could not avoid... I watched the beautiful sight of three Red Eyes streak upwards and converge, then a few moments later the not so beautiful Brrrrpppp as some rounds came back into the open top of my newly arrived M150 to devastating effect. The Ying and the Yang... For me I just get a big kick out of seeing the Red Eye Missiles streak upwards, like a little kid, yea!!! Anyway still got a total victory despite my Piss Poor management of my armour and the loss of three tanks. Good lesson not to engage the Soviets at range as they seemed to pick me off and my AT missiles went high, short and when they did hit leave dents in those nasty T72 turrets!!! Did not get any Dragon action so will be learning about those in another scenario. Thanks for the Scenario MikeyD good job!!! Just think how many folk you are annoying and pleasing at the same time!!! 😁
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