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  1. This might interest those with a Normandy interest... https://www.soldiersofshropshire.co.uk/events/ (Virtual) Lecture Series 2021: “75 Years On – Shropshire Soldiers on D-Day” – David Thornycroft, 29th January 2021, 7 – 8pm UK Time https://www.soldiersofshropshire.co.uk/events/?event=EVENT606167 Not sure if there is a ticket limit but let's give the guys some support... P.s. No UK VAT or taxes have to be paid to take part.. (All from Europe and the World Welcome...) 😈
  2. Further evidence of "taking back control" https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55734277 Seems like there will be lots of goods being returned. Of course the liars in charge are saying these are all just teething problems. Project Reality...
  3. Alan I have seen the reports from SA hope you are keeping away from the enforcers and staying safe. It could always be better, or indeed worse... Maybe we should set our VPN to use SA as a purchase point...
  4. This might explain the new rules? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55530721 The joys of a democratic process undermined by foreign interference, lies and a populist right wing liar whose simplifying message is broken down into 3 word sound bites used to emote feelings of a lost world.... The consequences are now being felt as these teething problems are being highlighted. Project reality... It could be worse?
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORTP3a7fErM&feature=youtu.be Interesting comments made that the then Soviet leader was thinking back in the 60's that tanks were becoming redundant and stopped all heavy tank development. I guess this is a topic that will keep popping up as technology changes. BTW if you have not seen these Tank Chats from the Museum they are well worth the watch and subscribe to help keep them going during these tough times.
  6. History repeats itself again and again because humans are basically the same throughout History. The same motivation and desires just re-spun with different words. The technology changes but humans remain the constant.
  7. Bear in mind that not all of those scenarios will have been designed for HtH play. Solo play requires different design choices to H2H. So you or your opposition will have to get used to the imbalance. Perhaps get the stronger player to take the weaker side.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-54301097 Sorry to just read this, youngsters with their life ahead of them.
  9. Saw 2 B52's heading home as I was working in the garden, lovely clear day this afternoon very good view, pity I didn't get a snap of them. Wonder where they had been today... Still quite in UK news about the increased flights, but Covid cases are soaring and economy diving, Brexit no deal likely and I guess America election more news worthy.
  10. Nice video, if folk are annoyed by my tongue in cheek comments I will delete them. I had not realised UK paras were in Ukraine so I am finding the thread useful. Not seen any BBC coverage yet, but other "news" is hogging the bandwidth. Thanks Haiduk for the info...
  11. Well that explains why we have seen those flying around here training. I guess what would a Republican presidency be without a war. I wonder how he will square it with his Russian pals. If life was not boring enough for folk let's have a military crisis to add to the excitement!
  12. They flew over our house, wondered where they were going... Nice to send some friends a bit of support, I guess we will see more...
  13. A saying from the UK is that "Possession is 9/10ths of the law" I wonder how long that will last based upon past performance.
  14. Let's hope it rains a LOT... Enough people have died for this venture and others lost homes and been hurt for the land grab. More interesting times to come no doubt.
  15. Just a cultural difference between nations, I wouldn't take offence. You meant well. I spent time being educated at an American High school and while I had a great time it was a real eye opener on how different the American patriotism level is compared to the UK. For example standing up every morning being "brainwashed"(btw me being cheeky) going ra ra for the flag was very alien was just part of how kids are indoctrinated. I can see the reasons for it as America has to meld different folks into citizens. The love from America towards the UK is not really reciprocated and our desire
  16. Dominic C (Boris's brain) shaking up the whole status quo. Lot's of establishment in his sights. Mind you by using CM it might be shown that tanks are still required if they want to protect our allies. Hmm I have just realised we don't count the Europeans as allies any more... 🙄 If I were being really cynical perhaps Russia is our new friends after the help they gave Boris...
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53909087 I wonder what tools they have been using to assess if we can get by without tanks?
  18. The world is all about people, when two good people meet good things can happen I am glad the right people at both companies have put this agreement in place. I hope it works out as planned. Really pleased for both companies. Congratulations.
  19. Nothing for the Russians to gain... They have a thorn in the arse of Ukraine which is all they ever wanted so mission accomplished.
  20. A man sat behind a computer screen with a beer belly in his underwear is not very photogenic! 😉
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