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  1. Not as important for modern modules but for the WWII titles simple things like the presence or absence binoculars have a bearing for the initial spots of pretty much everything at longer ranges . These aren't necessarily present in every squad. If you are playing scenarios where AT guns are a menace having HQs with binocs and radios in good and sometimes prominent spotting positions is important to respond quickly to new threats.
  2. It has been awhile since I looked at this closely but I think the following is broadly true. Units need to be in contact to share information. Voice contact extends to about 50m so at elite and iron units this far apart are essentially the same. Longer visual contact from 50 to 90m requires friendly units to "spot" the other. This is much easier than spotting an enemy but not automatic at Iron. The main issue slowing info sharing at Iron would be units not within 50m and either hiding, significant concealing terrain or blocked LOS preventing spotting. I have never dire
  3. I think using the + / - buttons to cycle through your entire force will show you which platoon the halftracks belong too. I had a similar problem when I disembarked multiple crews to be medics and then couldn't at first figure out which halftrack belongs to which crew.
  4. Built the "rules" (I prefer to call them guidelines) up over a long time and still use them. Haven't changed them for quite a time now. The game engine does a better job than ever of punishing out of command units taking casualties. Original post is over 5 years old now and the guidelines developed for at least 2 before that.
  5. Hi,

    I saw my "guidelines" mentioned by you and that you use a variation. Can you let me know what you do differently. Always revisiting those things.

  6. This was Panzer Marsch. Accumulated points but spotting enemy infantry. If you spot enough to get victory conditions I think the next scenario you start with many enemy as spotting icons for easier artying. Don't have it on my hard drive so I can't double check but the packaged campaign for CMSF Marines Module also had a similar mission to start with. Small group of marines moving through an urban area on the right and farmland on the left. CMSF also had a few other scenarios where you only had a small contingent to creep forward for spotting and arty purposes for about 30 minutes be
  7. Area firing in the general direction of contacts is often enough to get suppression and cause casualties. This doesn't mean you need LOS to the target either. If a target is 100 to 120m away and your LOS is well short of this you still have excellent results simply shooting in that direction even if you are 70m short of your actual target. Your hail of bullets travel a lot further than you eyes can see. Clearing a forest is extremely ammunition intensive and you will take casualties.
  8. v4 can't be the sole reason as I have seen the exact same occurrence with a different tank (German) from a CMBN module well before v4 came along. It could have even been before v3. The tank was also destroyed so something more than panicky crew is involved. It was a long time ago but from memory there is some type of penetration warning as well.
  9. I have seen idetincal behaviour. Can't remember the exact vehicle but it was a turret less tank of some variety. It's appeared in the fourth mission of the Kampfgruppe Engel campaign. Wasn't amused. Pretty average losing a tank to rifle rounds in a campaign.
  10. Spoilers but not really many. I keep a screenshot of my results and usually some very brief notes as much to let me know about replay-ability as much as anything. My notes were not great. "Chaos at Ferme Diedenhove - Major Victory as Germans. Bloody battle losing many troops and tanks. Very large force to attack with." Unfortunately didn't comment on the ability to play again but the fact I mentioned I lost "many" means I would not have been happy some things. From memory my attack had stopped mainly due to armour running out of ammo, KOed or mobility. Still had lots of infantry.
  11. What he said is correct as far as I know. CMFB (plus CMRT and CMBS I think) had scenarios designed after AI triggers were built into the scenario editor. These were retrofitted into earlier titles as I understand but the originally shipped scenarios/campaigns with the earlier titles were made with slightly less sophisticated tools. AI triggers don't necessarily make a better campaign.
  12. I have the following and they are all good but they are definitely different types of good. These are my personal opinions and the general community may views things differently. I only play solo nowadays and don't play QBs. CMBN + Commonwealth Forces + Market Garden + Upgrade to 3.0 (did not get battle pack or vehicle pack) - Expanding your original purchase with these will 'complete' this period of the war for you and also provide you with access to in my opinion the best campaigns. CMBS - Each different game definitely has its own feel but this is by far the most different out of
  13. Moved on from that mission but to me it looked like there was impassable terrain in the action square. Same spot.
  14. Easter Bunny has visited Australia. The fight it had with my refresh monkeys was awesome.
  15. The briefing isn't consistent now I have looked at it more closely but regardless the effect seems absent. Mist in a dawn quick battle the visibility starts out at just over 300m and using the LOS tool I can see it grows each turn.
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