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  1. In the reference notes to the JTS France 40 game (usually very well researched) they mention two volumes of "Fall Gelb" from Doug Dildy (Osprey). Seems interesting but why two volumes with less than a hundred pages and each about 13 Euro. Got very good reviews though.
  2. Thanks, could be a good e-book alternative.
  3. Thanks for the update Steve - and you're right, a third Swift album would have broken the seventh seal.
  4. Thanks Erwin for the maps. Maps in themselves are not a problem to get hold of, but when I read a book I want specific maps that illustrate what I'm reading about at the moment. Much more easy to follow the proceedings that way. Far too many history books are lacking in this regard.
  5. Thanks, had a look at the Amazon link. I should have mentioned that I'm interested in the invasion of the low countries as well. The table of contents indicated only France. Will keep it in mind though.
  6. I'm on the lookout for a great book about the invasion of France in WWII. I'm getting the JTS France '40 game on sale and want to read something good on the topic - preferably with detailed maps. Do any of you fine gents have recommendations?
  7. I checked the "Neptune monograph - prepared by commander task force 122 on 21 april 1944" which was the last major detailed briefing before D-day. There is a section called "Terrain and Coast" and bocage is mentioned in pretty sweeping formulations like "in 'bocage' country" and so on. There is no detailed description of the characteristics of bocage and how it could affect operations. There are two photographs, one view over fields and one from close by. But neither of them come across as being something different than a regular tall hedge. So from this it seems like the Allies was ill-prepar
  8. The French Resistance helped the Allies a lot in preparation for D-day. In fact, I have the Neptune Monograph reprint that contains all the info prepared for the Supreme Command. I'll check and see what it says about bocage. But then, theory is one thing, being there in fighting in it is something completely different.
  9. Mental note to myself - play it! If it is one of your favourites it must be good.
  10. See my post above. Stated by BFC as not a bug cuz shaders are deemed by them to look worse on in certain weather conditions and therefore off. This might vary between computers perhaps.
  11. Thanks for making the test. I had intended to do the same as this mirrors my experience. Airbursts in the modern games, but also close arty hits in the WWII games rarely cause much system damage.
  12. Sorry, man...PC or console? The way they released it on last-gen consoles under false pretences is close to fraud.
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