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  1. Make sure the BMP is 24 bit, otherwise it might mess things up.
  2. There was a thread a long tima ago about a community idea to do a collaboration on a campaign from the US perspective (TF Butler) and use the R2V module as FI would be more suited terrain wise than BN for the maps. I assebled some documents but have no time to work on it. If we have maps that can be converted to FI for the same areas as the 11 Pz campaign, maybe we can get more scenarios/campaigns out of the same assets.
  3. Is the release for April, cuz I watched Slitherines "Tea Time" broadcast and they showed a chart of upcoming releases and had it penned in for June 😟
  4. No worries, I understand the limitations of course.
  5. My idea was for this to be used in community made scenarios. I agree it doesn't look good, but if you want to simulate flak towers it might be good enough. Plunging shots take out tanks at long ranges and they have no way of taking them out. Regarding the one-use stuff policy - wasn't some bridges in the MG module pretty much used only once?
  6. Can you post larger (visible) screenshots? Nice work. Problem with non-tank turrets is that they are easier to knock out with arty. I'm currently testing what caliber is needed to knock out turrets. Using buildings limits how tall they can be. Edit: Ninja-benpark beat me to the punch.
  7. Quick mock-up in FI as a proof of concept that Flak Towers can be created in F&R which will include tank turrets. They have a low profile and are hard to destroy from the front. Very hard to hit with a shot coming from below and at a long distance. Also hard to spot which all in all give them a huge advantage. Where you place them can change how large the "dead zone" is which they can't hit. I don't know what it was with the real towers. I'm sure further enhancements can be made to make them look more real, but I did notice some really weird shadow artifacts when I
  8. Maybe there is no armored target in their assigned arc and therefore stay prone. Remove the arc and see what happens.
  9. Just asking, any AA guns far away firing? Because all shots are traced all they way when they fall back to earth again. I've seen it once, but IIRC it fell slowly and not like in your example.
  10. I don't have conclusive proof of it but I think some flavor objects (sheds, garden boxes etc) can throw pathfinding off for vehicles. Not in a major way but enough to have you turn your flank at an inopportune time. So I try to avoid them. Should be easy to test in the editor though.
  11. Great, that did the trick. Thought for some reason that Engine 4 covered all the engine upgrades since the base game. Still tricky business with all the keys, but now I finally have all in one document (I think). Once all games are on Steam, would it be possible to have just one key for upgrading outside of Steam? Now that we have the master downloads.
  12. Got a new PC recently and used master downloads for all games and all installed successfully. However, CMFI won't launch despite activating all things correctly. Have I missed something? Edit: Remember having an issue back when R2V was released and I had to reinstall the game again and it didn't work. Wiping the license registration and starting over worked IIRC.
  13. Thanks for the info. I have never used overclocking but have it in mind. But I wonder which tool is best to use, the one included for the graphics card (from ASUS) or the external Nvidia one?
  14. I have used Nvidia Profiler (name?) before and found benefits on a mid tier gaming laptop. Like @Holien I have recently upgraded to a RTX 3070 and a CPU with great single core performance and so far find little need to fiddle with settings. In time I probably will just to try to make it that little better.
  15. You can add them in the control panel for individual settings. Ideally they would be added automatically.
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