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  1. By chance I saw that Kieme made a terrain mod for Black Sea which uses the same idea that I have for making plowed fields as free from moiré as possible. My current test texture is pretty good and like Kieme's it reduces moiré significantly but not entirely. So I suggest downloading it for now and I will make mine later on. I hope it is available at CMMODS. I will probably concentrate on making on that suits FI as Kieme's work for the other titles. How to deal with season changes I haven't thought about yet.
  2. It appears that the BRDM-2 (don't know which version) has a tank as its contact icon. Is that intentional? Seems weird to me.
  3. Yeah, I don't appreciate my oppo having X-ray vision 😨
  4. I haven't had time to work on it but the first texture worked. Even if they work I will have to improve them so that they fit the overall color scheme of the games. So one might be suited to FI and another to RT/BS and so on. I agree on the contast thing - same with shadows, much more jagged in those conditions.
  5. That's my brewer; a Coffee Maker (CM): Black Sea. I like my coffee black and strong as hell 😈☕
  6. I really looks great. One minor thing though. In FB, the G43 looks like it has a drop shadow in a different style than the other weapons I've seen so far. g43 shadow.bmp
  7. Thanks for the heads-up. Never heard about it. I'll look into that.
  8. I hopped over to the Nvidia Forums and there seem to be some issues with recent drivers so I updated to the newest one. If my problem persists I will try to revert to an early one, but I rather not as the new ones support ray tracing for Red Dead Redemption 2 which I'm getting in the Steam sale.
  9. I have it. PM me with e-mail adress and I'll send it.
  10. I should add that I haven’t updated any Windows or hardware stuff recently that should explain the problem.
  11. I have never had issues with input lag with CM games, but the other day I noticed it in BN. Didn't play yesterday and it was the same today. So not an isolated instance. Then tried FB briefly and had input lag as well. No problems in any other programs, games or browsers. Lag occurs both for keyboard, mouse pointer and mouse click input. Sometimes it can be up to 0,5 seconds. Sometimes nothing at all. What to do? As it is now it is barely playable. Will test the other CM games tomorrow.
  12. I don't know if it is fully confirmed but I think they intend to create a multi-player single side system. So you can play the campaign with different players controlling AGN, AGC, AGS, Air Command and so on. Would be really cool and also an easier way to get through the campaign with not as much "work".
  13. I still see moiré with this mod only a little less pronounced. Moire occurs with a repeating pattern and not with a single terrain tile, so my conclusion is that it is all about the pattern on the single tile and if it will induce moiré when repeated. I have downloaded some terrain textures that look promising in that they can be a fair representation of a plowed field, but not creating moiré. First test is looking promising. Will do some work with this when I find time and give players a few options to try. Right now I have three different textures that I hope can work out well. My experience is that moiré occurs most in sunny conditions, but I might be wrong. One thing is for sure and that is that the pattern occurs much more at different camera angles toward the ground, direction orientation and general light conditions.
  14. WITE1 with dlc (lots of smaller stuff) will probably be in the Steam summer sale for about 70% off. Maybe try that and see if it is you cup of tea and then get the new game. Everybody who played the first one seem to like it. I will get it once it gets a dlc with smaller stuff.
  15. Same problem with non-existent tow cable on IS2 (the model in the Seelow Heights scenario). Reported before patch but still remains.
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