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  1. From the top of my head - most terrain/ground features from BN should work as well as fortifications and such. Just try
  2. That is indeed a very useful tool to make the AI react to the player's attack.
  3. I've seen it repeatedly, first in the German campaign before the latest patch, and now in the British campaign with the new patch. After the German campaign I tried to made a quick test in the editor but couldn't make it happen again. Could this be caused by old scenarios/campaigns being updated to the new engine? As a test in the editor becomes "new". What kind of save would be of most use, action or planning phase? Problem with action phase is that you can't check the FO/JTAC if a bomb as been used or not during the phase. On a related note - are regular British grunts supposed to be ab
  4. There is no snow graphics yet, it will come with Fire and Rubble module. But the setting in QB is already there though.
  5. I will definitely try that as well as a part of my ongoing test. And I miss Eddie Van Halen too. Saw them in Stockholm some 35 years ago. Time flies. Too fast I'm afraid 😟
  6. Never heard of such a thing or seen it. Can you remember which sort of bug it was - drop down, rubber-band or teleport? Can you remember which bridge so I can have a look in the editor?
  7. I think the idea behind not getting heavy weapons after buddy aid is that the weapon is damaged and therefore not worth having.
  8. Sadly we still get bridge bugs from time to time and personally I want to get to the root of the problem so we can solve it once and for all. Or as much as possible. I know it will be hard, but challenge accepted I have set up a "test arena" of bridges and vehicles to study bridge bugs and try to analyze why/when they occur. So I need some volunteers to run the test and provide me with saves, screenshots etc of bugs and I will complile it all somehow. This is the base test and it is for FB. I might tweek it further on depending on what hypotheses I want to test. There might also be a test
  9. Occupational hazard I guess, but I read it like "it's an IED even" - and my mind started to race 😵
  10. Nice maps - like postcards. Now let us blow them up 💥
  11. Ok guys, just did a trial test and in a couple of turns I caused seven (!) teleportations from under a bridge to its top. Just like that. First observation that causes it is road under a bridge with a clearing that comes close to the tank to get through. The other is if a vehicle drives to close to a pillar and with the waypoint line through it. So I'm optimistic about this type of test getting somewhere. Will release in the coming days for those who want to participate. Here is the basic test area. Will explain more later on.
  12. Test screenshot post: Works for me, use "direct link" and the button below "other media" and use "insert image from URL". Edit: I have never noticed images disappearing from this forum using Imgur. But I don't have a ton of images there.
  13. @MOS:96B2PThe forum changed recently and now only accepts from Imgur if the link is https: , so add that if the generated link don't have that. At least that solved it for me.
  14. That sounds like a mission from a campaign. Which and for which game?
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