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  1. Video on progression of Russian losses per type of weapon/asset over time (according to UA):
  2. This is good news, however, there are no statements in the document that would indicate that Sweden is any closer to giving Gripen to Ukraine than before.
  3. @Haiduk , can you please elaborate a bit about the Kiev dam mentioned above. Is there any way for the ruzzians to destroy it with outside force? Is it even ”fragile”?
  4. Don't know about the area you mentioned but when I did research for my scenario Rittersprung I saw photos and period topo map of the Our River near Ouren (Belgium/Luxembourg border area. And it is definitely was an obstacle to be considered and far from "just a ditch". At least there.
  5. Short party though, now it stands at 2002!
  6. The Russian Oryx page is back online for me now.
  7. Just for info, I did a mod for plowed snow fields and noted that the "minis" are 512*32 pixels in size which surprised me. Maybe because of the pattern. Also noted that there is a wide variety of "mini" sizes for different textures and couldn't figure this out. A solution to get improved distant view is high on my wish list. Alas, maybe we have to wait for CM3 for that to happen.
  8. Likely against equipment out in the open.
  9. Found my old CMBB CD-ROM I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and installed it. Regarding the 1.04 patch - is that the same one that was needed to play the game on Vista win-system?
  10. Is it a part of the Market Garden module? I have it but it has the MG suffix. Can't remember if I put it there after downloading or not. So if you don't have the module it doesn't work probably. Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vp7kwd9m8r7ozq/MG Westerbouwing Heights.btt?dl=0
  11. Not the greatest scenario to be honest. I hate having reinforcements suddenly appear in line of fire. The US side is at a serious disadvantage and can more or less just hope for the best. TRPs for Soviets should have been excluded to make it a bit harder to bring down the hammer on the US troops. The only good thing is that my oppo is suffering more than me It is based on a stock scenario that IIRC is not recommended for H2H play, so..... Is there any point in exiting units rather than not having them killed? Any difference in score since the scenario is not to be finished?
  12. Sometimes throughout my battles I didn't receive notifications either. Checked spam folder every day too. Looks like a bug in the PBEM++ system.
  13. Sweden has declared that we will send 10 or so Leopard 2 tanks as well as Iris T and Hawk AD systems. https://www.svt.se/nyheter/inrikes/regeringen-presenterar-ytterligare-svenskt-stod-till-ukraina
  14. During the last few turns the Hinds attacked two targets, one successful hit on a Bradley and a suspected hit on an Abrams moving just out of view. Got several attacks from my US CAS (had them in the air most of the battle and Soviet Shilka fired only once and two Igla launches) that hit several targets and missed some. And unfortunately some Blue on Blue infantry losses
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