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  1. Oh, I wasn't aware this was a thing. I'll take a look at this after this week.
  2. Well yea spotting with UAVs is wonky and takes time, but why you always got to be in a hurry?
  3. Very interesting, this is pretty major. I still remember us practicing "line combat" by BU-05 with revisions.
  4. Your scouting vehicles should be your UAVs, this is a 21st century battlefield dammit !
  5. I found out that javelins miss when you move your vehicles around at high speeds. So that would be my guide to operating them - don't park them around one spot and have deliberate and fast transitions between covers.
  6. Damn, I don't even know where there are line 23-2s left other than the airborne and marines. I guess specialist AD units, but CM doesn't really portray them.
  7. I'm not exactly sure how Kornets are so easily detectable in game. The coordinate-net laser for guidance net is magnitudes weaker than target laser used on classical reference systems.
  8. I can completely understand this behavior over long distances, but at such range ...
  9. You can't really carry more than two RPOs per person, so only four per squad. There should be 8 or so additional RPOs in the RPO Platoon MTLBs. That seems a bit low since the standard allocation for BMO-based platoons is 180 launchers, but I don't have the sources for MTLB to compare.
  10. My first actual combat PBEM deuce-kill in CMBS.
  11. That's not going to happen since they invested into the models.
  12. The real hypothetical is a patch that renames T-90AM in to T-90M and M1A2 SEPV3 into M1A2C .
  13. I don't care much about seps, but even bringing the TOEs of regular formation up to 2017 standard for existing sides would be a sweet deal.
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