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  1. I want the boomerang . Big improvement and way more survivable. Can probably withstand the 40mm heat grenades of US infantry at least.
  2. Using infantry to screen tanks Will prevent huge losses to tanks near built up areas (grosnyy style) but you Will still lose some tanks. Losing 10-15 tanks out of a hundred is okay . This is what's happening to the Turks. Also There is not Much you can do against well hidden infiltrated ATGM teams sniping from 3-4km. You Will lose tanks good Tactics or not. Thats where tech comes in It can prevent normally unavoidable losses some of the Times but it wont save you from bad Tactics or deployment.APS would have saved those tanks and revealed the launcher so it can be destroyed by R
  3. that could have been a hard or firepower kill. Lower and it would have been pretty much a gun mount hit and the Kornet has a decent chance against that weak point.
  4. Hi Vlad, what's Up ? Just telling you I was involved in a major argument in the " new vehicule family" thread and there was a lot of Russia bashing. They are hopeless to be polite. A post talking about the T-90M went very bad. They dont take the russian Military seriously and I believe IT shows in the game. Bunch if proto-facist if you want my opinion. I'm leaving the forums since anything balanced is not respected here. So God speed to you and may Russia emerge victorious. The world needs it to be freed from the "exceptional nation". Let's hope we avoid nuclear war, Trump wont last long.

  5. https://mobile.almasdarnews.com/article/turkish-army-suffers-heavy-casualties-failed-east-aleppo-offensive/ Here is someone videos
  6. Exploding an Abrams with a front turret penetration snapshot and then surprise another wow. Where did the front turret shot penetrate ? Turret ring or the area just around the gun mantlet where There is no DU armor ?
  7. Its official. The T-90As Will be upgraded to T-90M (AM) standards . All 400 of them. So the T-90AM is no longer a fantasy. This Along with some BMP-2Ms as confirmed by Vladimir Tarasov. http://defence-blog.com/army/russia-unveils-new-t-90m-proryv-3-main-battle-tank.html
  8. You can open up the scenario in the editor and change them.
  9. Arty being more lethal in CMBS would indeed make alternate fighting positions and shoot and scoot a must though the maps are fairly small for such tactics. Directs hits should be rare but even near misses or overhead airbursts would be dangerous since you would lose some sub-systems that makes an MBT such a threat on the modern battlefield. Much more so than in WWII.
  10. I'm talking about in the game panzersaurkrautwerfer. I like playing the Russians, this is probably because most people like to play the US and I like the challenge. Nothing personal against you or americans in general. I focus on the russian side since I play them more. When I play the US I like to play infantry-centric battles. Here you go, another reason to hate me I have nothing against your favorite toy either, the Abrams but blowing them up in the game is satisfying becauss they are indeed fantastic machines As for real life, A war with Russia would be bloody for all sides and I hav
  11. So artillery will Kill APCS and IFVs and severely degrade or mission Kill MBTs even with near misses and airbursts. If battlefront would model this in the game I guess artillery would be the dominant arm on the battlefield and battles would be fought between the depleted and severely degraded survivors of arty barrages. Also gives the attacker a strong advantage since its easier to hit defenders with arty. Guess Russia would have a great equalizer or worst right there. Would that make for a fun game ? In a modern setting with superb detection and acquisition (drones.. radars..thermals) m
  12. It seems that attillery effects in CM were modeled after the old erroneous model describéd in the magazine. Airbursts regularly destroying main guns and optics seemed to be the nom according to these professional tests . It also included Bradleys as targets. Airburst arty would transform a battle into a fight bwtween immobile and expensive pillboxes lol
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