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  1. It's only a first batch of 100. This is not the end total . They are going to equip a brigade , learn how to use the new toy and how to integrate it ( write the tactical and operational employment manual) then make a bigger order. Though I would not expect the grand total to exceed 600-700. They can probably build 150-200 a year . These numbers are only for the T-14 MBT version. The 2300 number probably also included the infantry version T-15 (both the IFV and APC versions , one has autocannon and kornets, the other has 12.7mm only) and the other versions for engineering vehicules, medi
  2. I want the boomerang . Big improvement and way more survivable. Can probably withstand the 40mm heat grenades of US infantry at least.
  3. Thanks. So basically its the T-90AM in the game. Good guess Battlefront !
  4. Looking at the video, when they install back the turret it seems to have a shiny and unpainted new gun compared to the T-90A we briefly see untouched at 0:08. So good chance its the new 2A82 that has way more muzzle velocity and can fire the greatly improved ammo Vacuum-1-2. Question is, at 900mm long , can they fit the needed autoloader in that turret ? Probably not. But still, the increased muzzle velocity if the gun could increase the penetration ability of the svinets-2 round by a fair margin.
  5. This interesting video is showing T-90As being modernized to T-90M standards. So it has started. I Do not know if its the version Battlefront introduced in the game or the better one announced in the media which sports the new gun from the Armata and can fire the new Grifel round which is claimed to penetrate 900-1000mm at 2000 meters. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=680228372164921&id=428343390686755
  6. Kornet crews are trained to aim over a Target and AT the last minute to move the beam on the Target .. so the Target is not tipped off by the laser. Something we dont see in CMBS . This and tank crews not lasing targets at under 1500 meters since its point and shoot with 100% probability at that range .
  7. Its the B3M ... With the panoramic thermal for the commander and full Relikt coverage . They are supposed to be for the new organic tank compagnies of VDV. So you should see T-72B3-M with commander's panoramic thermal sight and full Relikt ERA ( including the turret) in a future VDV module for CMBS unless Battlefront believes otherwise. The ones you saw at the parade represent the new standard for all current and future t-72b3 modifications which are still ongoing. Relikt on the sides and old K-5 on the front of the turret. They are stand-ins until the units get reequipped with Armatas s
  8. Those are not T-72B3M. They are T-72B3 MOD 2016. The ones with the panoramic thermal sight for the commander are B3Ms or B4s. They are to be deployed but only 150 of them for now.
  9. Maybe they Will be fielded in small numbers and you are right. CMBS is not wwii and historical accuracy and OOB realism is less important. Its what if. I would like these versions available in a family extension pack with educated guesses as to capabilities. Much like the Abrams has LWR , ERA and Trophy in the game. I want to explore what added capabilities it would bring the Russians. I dont care much about the real world. On a tactical level they would Make a difference in some part of the Battlefield which is the focus of CMBS.
  10. Good source but some errors . The T-72b3-M or B4's panoramic independent sight for the commander does have its own thermal sight comparable in performance to the SOSNA-U. The panoramic sight's designation is PK-PAN and you can Google it.
  11. Russia and Belarus are military allies and have a mutual defense pact. Thus Russia has troops and airbases in Belarus since many years.
  12. Using infantry to screen tanks Will prevent huge losses to tanks near built up areas (grosnyy style) but you Will still lose some tanks. Losing 10-15 tanks out of a hundred is okay . This is what's happening to the Turks. Also There is not Much you can do against well hidden infiltrated ATGM teams sniping from 3-4km. You Will lose tanks good Tactics or not. Thats where tech comes in It can prevent normally unavoidable losses some of the Times but it wont save you from bad Tactics or deployment.APS would have saved those tanks and revealed the launcher so it can be destroyed by R
  13. that could have been a hard or firepower kill. Lower and it would have been pretty much a gun mount hit and the Kornet has a decent chance against that weak point.
  14. You can simulate combat in a Chemical or nuclear environment by making Troops unfit or weakened and making them all Green. That should Do it.
  15. Hi Vlad, what's Up ? Just telling you I was involved in a major argument in the " new vehicule family" thread and there was a lot of Russia bashing. They are hopeless to be polite. A post talking about the T-90M went very bad. They dont take the russian Military seriously and I believe IT shows in the game. Bunch if proto-facist if you want my opinion. I'm leaving the forums since anything balanced is not respected here. So God speed to you and may Russia emerge victorious. The world needs it to be freed from the "exceptional nation". Let's hope we avoid nuclear war, Trump wont last long.

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