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  1. Is someone looking to do a pack of these conversions like I did with the CM:RT maps?
  2. I was seeing it on both the Su25 dumb bombs and Su24 dumb bombs, so yeah it could be two separate bugs relating to each bomb type. Although the similarity between each bug seems to be too coincidential. I think aircraft weaponry in general needs a look at to weed out both of these problems.
  3. I reported this bug in June 2015, almost 2 years ago. Good to see it hasn't been fixed yet...
  4. I tried to put all this stuff on FGM about a year ago, it didnt work - so thats why we are where we are now, using a 3rd party hosting site.
  5. There is literally a giant grey download button the center of the screen saying "Download this file". it isn't that hard.
  6. For now I have uploaded them to filedropper - hopefully they should last on there for a while. Mix and match for some interesting combos, especially if your trying to represent razvedchiki or special purpose forces. SG_MSV_Uniforms v1.2 http://www.filedropper.com/sgmsvuniformsflora SG_MSV_Uniforms_Flora v1.0 http://www.filedropper.com/sgmsvuniforms SG_Gorka_Uniforms v1.1 http://www.filedropper.com/sggorkauniforms
  7. I could see potential usage for an option for CBRN scenarios, such as operations in the wake of a tactical nuclear strike or CBRN strike. As when enabled units have the PPE "skins" enabled (simlar to how they have night vision goggles and camo faces at night) and that everyone is slowed by the extra exertion, C2 is worse because of signal outages, etc. Both NATO and Russia train for combat operations under these environments.
  8. The slat armour hanging on chains is an interesting addition over the rubberised flap bits on the T-80U series and on the T-72B2 Rogatka.
  9. So after a few more tries, i got the game to boot, there was a message saying "liscencing failure, please run "Activate New Products - CMBS" in the root folder etc". I attempted to run the "Activate New Products - CMBS", and it seems that that is causing the "CM Black Sea.exe" message. Any further thoughts?
  10. Since installing the upgrade, if i try and boot the game I get a "CM Black Sea.exe" has stopped working message. Anyone else having this problem?
  11. They are all feasible with user made scenarios, but not with QBs.
  12. Maybe a way of getting around this is adding an additional split squad option (alongside scout team, at team, fireteam etc) which just splits off the SL, and the rest of the squad is led by the senior soldier/asst. SL?
  13. Anybody think we will see the Forpost in the VDV etc module?
  14. Agreed, hope this is in the next patch. I would like the extra challenge of no LWR as playing as the US.
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