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  1. New QB points for the patch: Huge: 22,500 Large: 14,100 Medium: 8,850 Small: 5,568 Tiny: 3517 EDIT: I posted the numbers for an Attack scenario. For Meeting Engagement, Huge is 18,020.
  2. Soviets will get an Infantry Only QB branch in the upcoming patch. Along with a few formations in their Armored QB branch.
  3. I didn't do the TO&E for this module, but from experience it is likely that you can find it in FJ units.
  4. The hiring contract states that members of BFC must fall in battle. No other way out.
  5. Yes. It comes with some AA elements and an attached tank company (or an attached motor rifle company if from the tank branch)
  6. I've been busying getting this Cold War game into your hands. No time for streaming nowadays. Just too much work to do (in a good way).
  7. Don't be too harsh. I was purposely courting casualties, both for time's sake and to show some defensive systems. But CM being CM, it didn't really work out this playthrough. The last rehearsal I lost two Bradleys... I'm expecting my court martial any day now.
  8. I am looking into this. Got your save, thanks for that.
  9. Thanks! I am plugging away in the background.
  10. You can't do that, finally including that vehicle is one of the seals of the apocalypse.
  11. The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
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