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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deutschland_83 Posted in the reforger thread, but might be missed due to the Swiss invasion... This series gives some political background and has a bit of military interest. Worth digging out and might be other half friendly to watch together.... 😉 A win win and they won't know you are getting into the cold War groove.
  2. Not seen this TV series mentioned but it is very good to give non Germans an insight into some of the period politics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deutschland_83 I really enjoyed it and a useful insight to some East vs West German dynamics. YMMV but worth hunting out Imo.
  3. Me too. Not sure if it has been lock down contributing but I certainly have a hankering for this period and really never thought I would see it come to fruition. So what a good surprise and the AAR has really given us a great insight to the game with two well matched opponents. They will no doubt keep one another happy in the care home of their choice, playing on the local LAN. I am glad Steve and Charles were persuaded to do this before they sail off into the sunset, which they will do at some stage... (as we all will...)
  4. Well you are now ahead of Bil in commentary and he is certainly playing catch up. As for comments I try not to say anything as I could let slip clues as to what we know and you don't. 😉 But I think you will see that folk were in your corner when you read the Peanut Gallery thread... Before I just saw this latest post my guess was a draw... Looking forward to Bil's take on the last few turns...
  5. Me too, computer graphics are coming on in leaps and bounds, nearly movie quality and hats off to those involved in making it.
  6. Hmmm I wonder if this quote is Bil getting his force into position A0? Good update from the Capt but it could be getting worse for him if A0 is occupied by Bil? Still digging infantry from an Urban area is tough so could still be a draw in games terms? April is nearly upon us and I looking forward to getting my hair cut and playing this game... (For our American friends we have been in lock down and barbers closed since January?)
  7. It ain't over til the fat lady sings, and my god the music you two have made is epic and truly enjoyable. We feel your pain and joy...
  8. No worries, Bil has been entertaining us with his side of the game, we await eagerly your perspective.
  9. 😳 some times you get things wrong.... Now to find how I delete old forum entries.... 🥴
  10. Some people are soooo demanding!!!! It would be great material to see but I am sure Bil has enough pressure on him already.
  11. The Dragon streaking towards the BMP is a beautiful picture... I bet you are feeling happy with that turn...
  12. I will have a play and see if I can see any diff by playing with the settings, of course the latest tech might just handle everything without tweaking...
  13. 2013 I knew it was a while ago but over 7 years... Thanks George
  14. I have finally got my new PC up and running with the new Geoforce RTX3060 and I seem to remember there was a thread some years ago about the best settings to apply in the Nvidia control panel. My initial Google Fuu has failed to find that thread and I was wondering if it would be worth having something pinned on the tech forum on reccomended settings for Nvidia control panel? Also if anyone has updated their settings and happy to share so I can tweak my display. Thanks in advance...
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