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  1. From what I have read this might be an upgrade to avoid as older PC might not be able to handle it. I will stick with 10 until I am forced to migrate.
  2. My memory of the barracks was my only visit to play in a wargame at the club there. A fun game with multiple players aside. I will see if I have any photos. Everything changes...
  3. Hope you enjoyed it, decent turn out by the looks. You can see the show on YouTube. The Japanese HaGo is worth a look as never seen a runner.
  4. Well looks like it is just down to peaceful protests to oust the Taliban forces, I am sure that will work out well for those brave folk holding banners... What a sad story for those left...
  5. BTW for those not subscribed to Mark Felton he has a good quick overview on former Afghan army Interesting watch for me...
  6. BBC earlier had title saying it was going against them, headline now changed to more neutral tone. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-58443679 They are under severe pressure.
  7. I would not want to work in that office, a bit too much pressure to perform.
  8. BTW the British REME built that Panther after the end of WW2, or supervised the Germans doing the real work. Mark Felton just released a video about the "British" built Panthers
  9. Integration is never straightforward or easy...
  10. BTW thanks for the first hand accounts always useful to read, of course it is just one person's perception so has to be weighed with other sources before a model is created and maybe tweaked... One of the many things I love about this site is these 1st hand accounts. I would love to hear more about the Warsaw Pact POV and perhaps those from East Germany or former Soviet Bloc countries will pop by to explain about the Saggers crap points? If they ever got to test fire them?
  11. I can just imagine the quartermaster when the #hit hits the fan and the Russian's invade saying don't issue those old munitions as they are past their best before date... Just sayin....
  12. You can rest assured that everything is crappy as humans and organisations are involved. The beauty with freedom is that we stand a chance of highlighting the crap to have a better chance of it being slightly less crap than those that can not talk about how crap their stuff is.
  13. Btw those be Oranges when the OP is talking Apples which is pretty relevant to actual game play....
  14. The clip you posted is not working for me so still not seen any firing? There was acknowledgement that there was military test firing away from the ship, but that could be obfuscation by the British?
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