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  1. I really need your help accessing my nod tools. I have some neat ideas but i just need to get by this issue. 

  2. Hello Kieme

    Hope you're doing fine and well. Do you play no more CMBS these days? 

  3. Someone cheated big time here... but it was Worth it!
  4. The old repository should have a complete mod for buildings I did a year ago, there should be at least one fitting an older arid setting.
  5. Nice Bud, could you tell me what's the period of publication of those comics? Which years mor or less?
  6. Thanks Bud, it's a very fun and entertaining reading. all your images remind me of when I was a kid and during the summer time I read comic books from an old publisher (during the '90s), some examples:
  7. You might consider this a work in advance for the upcoming CMRT module, all those textures could be simply ported when the new game (module) comes out (if they improve over the original ones but I would bet on this already).
  8. That's an impressive and fantastic work of modding the entire game. Congratulations, great work.
  9. It's a bug related to the game not the mod.
  10. By all means go for it, thanks for your words. That's the reason I also uploaded the vanilla empty map.
  11. Hi, modding the shape of the buildings is not possible, because even if the 3D model could be worked on there would be a lot of programming necessary for the Windows, doors, floors, and how the units interact with them. You can mod the surface of what we have now, in the end, the buildings in the CM2x games are created as such in order to represent the building through a concept more than making realistic structures of all types; the variety of what could be seen on any landscape is what makes a huge task to represent reality within the boundaries of a videogame (considering game type
  12. Thanks. Wish I could, but the files would be too big for my internet speed, the upload would be very difficult and slow for me so I never managed to make compilations.
  13. Thanks for the heads up, Seems really strange since the BRDM-2 UA mod has no file that gos near to the RPG-7 silhouette or the dead mark, anyway I have no mac so I can't dig this up more than this sorry.
  14. Indeed, that shouldn't happen. Call it bad luck or anything like that is not helpful. That simply shouldn't happen, because even if an elite top gun pilot dodges, uses chaffs, flares etc. can't escape 12 missiles from so many different trackers... We know they were tunguskas and strelas (what kind of strela?). What about the air asset? Do you know what was being targeted?
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