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  1. I really need your help accessing my nod tools. I have some neat ideas but i just need to get by this issue. 

  2. Hello Kieme

    Hope you're doing fine and well. Do you play no more CMBS these days? 

  3. hehe never seen a video like that one, thanks for sharing.
  4. I have been uploading my mods to the new site, but the upload of big files Always fails for some reason.
  5. Someone cheated big time here... but it was Worth it!
  6. Thanks panzersaur, as Always it's extremely useful and good to have people with actual experience sharing their thoughts on the forums.
  7. If I could I would turn them off most of the time.
  8. The type of vehicle matters a lot in my opinion. As usual I hope that someone we all know about hops in the thread and clarifies this, but I belive the type of vehicle changes what a platoon of mechanized infantry can and cannot do. The BMP-1 or 2 has a given amount of internal space, a given position of soldiers carried inside, a specific weaponry. Different assets mean different conditions of the fight. You can learn how to fire a generic rifle, but training with one, specific rifle is another thing.
  9. Unfortunately not, I tried to but there's no way. I am stuck in a conflict situation between two software creators none of which has a remappable option.
  10. Speaking of which, is it somehow remappable? Because I have a WIFI antenna's program which has the same setting and I really can't use this command in game.
  11. I am sure some of the former US Army members will add their personal experience as Always, but I can tell you that the size of a man doesn't really matter when Thermal optics are factored in. The reason why some vehicles in game have an excellent spotting ability is the fact that they are equipped with Thermal imaging sights, often mounted on a 360° CITV and with several magnification levels. As a comparison I can give you a nice test to try out: make a test in game and use a vehicle such as the MTLB (standard version), you'll see how difficult it is for it to spot anything, even very close by infantry. Because if you look at the real vehicle you'll see how limited is its vision equipment. As regarding your past spotting examples, you should consider several other factors such as troops experience because it has a very strong influence on any situation... what was the experience level of those crew? Did they have any obstacle in front of them (even partial)? what weather conditions? What distance?
  12. It's a bit of a surprise this lack of the Schwimmwagen. I mean, take for example the dedicated signs we are going to get, a couple of them were taken directly from the famous photograph: So, despite this extreme detail, we can't really remake the above picture in game because we have the signs but we miss the vehicle... a pity, in my opinion.
  13. Thanks Juju, really looking forward to something new with a tone that fits the new game.
  14. Unfortunately they will, unless you manage to swap the models for the vehicle crew, but if they fight US armor they will share the german crew. All in all we can only try some gimmicky it's up to BFC to add such kind of things in a correct manner.
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