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  1. Will you Vote for Trump ?

    I would if i would life in the USA.

  2. Thanks. As suspected the UI is still not full width and the unit pictures are taken from Normandy, that makes me sad.
  3. Merry Christmas! :ph34r:

  4. Whats wrong with the 2016 Toyota Camry ?

  5. Whats a crackpot ?

  6. Why be so hostile towards me ?

  7. Please stop calling me a troll, thanks.

  8. I hope you are not mad at me any longer i have learned from my mistakes.

  9. Kieme as far as i know you did only 2 vehicles in digital camo, now that have made a green version for the Oplot,...could you please make one for the BTR4 ?
  10. Whats a "Battalion of Luftwaffe Fliegerhorst" ? A Battalion full of airbases ?
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