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  1. I absolutely get that however there is something special about playing your opponent face to face and watching his dreams and aspirations fade away after you crush his forces! 😛
  2. For me I play both ASLSK (Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit) which is most of the fun of full ASL without the serious rules bloat IMO. I also really enjoy Multiman Publishings "Tactical Combat Series" or TCS for short which is a great platoon level tactical combat system that is both easy to learn/play. TCS also has many games in the series covering all the theaters of WWII. MMP Tactical Combat Series
  3. Re-posting this as I know he was a well known figure among the early Combat Mission titles. I remember his scenarios well from those early days of CM. RIP "Wild" Bill Wilder. "It is with a sad heart that I need to report the passing of Bill Wilder. For those of you that know my history, Bill Wilder was one of the first gamers to join me when I founded Matrix Games. Our first project together was the Steel Panthers World At War game. I had just recently chatted with him and it was just like old times. I will greatly miss him. Bill's obituary can be found here and you may leave a message to his family. Leaf Cremation - Here Bill Wilder services will be held on September 6, 2020, at 3:00 pm EST at The Church at Green Acres Baptist Church, Smyrna, GA. The service will also be online at - Here" ~ David Heath
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