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  1. What about a modern NATO tactical symbol representing the unit type? I like that idea!
  2. Thanks a lot Kieme. They´re wonderful.
  3. Hey Kieme, thanks a lot for the loads of amazing work you´re sharing.
  4. Thank you Fuser. I can´t survive without your mods!
  5. It looks CMSF will be upgraded to 3.0 after CM Black Sea release (October?). Battlefront is really interested to not let this awesome game die. A wise decision IMO.
  6. Thank you so much, Kieme. The mods are superb. The revival of CMSF is on the way
  7. Great! Is it coherent to copy also the US paratroopers to CMBN?
  8. Awesome! :eek: I love those uniforms. Thanks a lot.
  9. Thanks Vein. IMO your mod is very important for CM.
  10. There are several features I would like to see some day in SC. First of all, I´m not a programmer so probably it´ll be difficult to make it real. 1-Simultaneous attacks to enemy units (2vs1/3vs1/4vs1) with bonuses for flanking/rear attack. 2-More flexibility with Action Points, I mean you can use one action point, move another unit and later spend the other three action points remaining. 3-I would give better bonuses in combat to infantry in woods, cities and rugged terrain, tanks were much better in plains. These features would add a much better richness from a bellicose point of
  11. Yes, I was testing hotseat saves a few minutes ago. Thanks!
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