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  1. I´m talking about facts: FAST in CM is a bit faster than jogging. To run 200 metres in one minute (12 km/h) is not exactly a run four your life speed. I did that test in CMBN, in CMBS the speed is even slower due to body armour. Anyway, in both games there is no balance between quick and fast movement.
  2. Totally agree. In my test a infantry squad in quick movement is able to run 177 metres/minute (10,6 km/h); the same squad in fast, 201 metres/minute (12,06 km/h). On the other hand, at the end of the round the troops that run fast are "tired", the troops that run quick are "ready". In comparison "fast movement" (i would say jogging) is not balanced and seems to me almost useless.
  3. Why target arcs are cancelled when an unit receive a face order? Is it a bug? Thanks in advance
  4. I think it´s an excellent idea. Furthermore, the follow order looks a good solution to endless clickfests. With follow orders I wouldn´t mid to play large maps. Definitely.
  5. What about a modern NATO tactical symbol representing the unit type? I like that idea!
  6. I want to start a long email game with a friend. Should I wait for a 1.04 patch? Thanks
  7. Thanks a lot Kieme. They´re wonderful.
  8. It was a combat between several T-34 and PIV. Distance: 500 metres. All tanks were destroyed with one shot, oh and from the frontal side. This is my experience against yours. I hope one day we get more information and details about the current rules, in this way nobody will be able to justify everything using the magic bullet theory.
  9. To my mind one of the issues is the "random check" of visibility. It´s totally absurd to make it in several circumstances (ie at close distance in clear terrain). Conscripts or veterans, soldiers have eyes. The other day one of my units couldn´t see from the top of a mountain a large group of enemy tanks and infantry approaching in clear terrain because I was a conscript. Instead, they detected my unit even though it was in a forest. It doesn´t matter if the game has complex formulas or amazing combat rules, because visibility affects decisively to engagements. Basically, it is needed
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