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  1. Can't answer your question but I can let you know a remake of Pattons Best is in the works right now. Will be published at Compass Games most likely.
  2. Yeah, my first tabletop wargame per see was Risk too but I was 7 years old when I first got in contact with the computer games so that platform was where I got my first taste of the blood. Only returned to boardgaming after a friend lurred me into them a few years ago. Moving board pieces around activates other brain sectors then by playing pc games, I can really feel the change. Loving both mediums with plenty of unplayed or barely played Steam and other games in the library too. Got the Second Front already on my radar. Spoke with the developer - it is gonna be an arcady CM so not that sure I wanna have it but waiting for reviews to make up my mind. Thank you for chimming in. Off to sinking some more Japanese boats I go now - dog is tired from the forest stroll and games, wife went to the beach and the house is all mine now... Silent Victory here I come!
  3. I have at the moment Shogun (aka Ikusa) Empire of the Sun, Sekigahara, Silent Victory, D-Day at Peleliu, Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid, Julius Caesar, Pacific Victory: Pacific theater of WW2 and Napoleon: The Waterloo Campaign. The last 3 I made myself from the Columbia Games spare parts and user published map modifications which I printed on neoprene mats and modified player cards which in the end netted me bigger maps 'cos the originals were too small for ease of play and I saved a few bucks too doing so. Have other board games but do not fit into the wargames cayhegory. Have a bunch of GMT games preordered and a big whish list of games I wanna have. Haven't ordered any tactical boardgames as of yet since CM games scratch that itch already.
  4. What a great thread this has become. Thank you for sharing your points of view/experiences, guys!
  5. It is indeed a very special immense joy! Especially when the components are made so good - GTM has some top notch stuff going on for them. Will be some time before I can play them but will do, thank you. Maybe you can trick your son somehow to come or play the game on the vassal - no trickery needed for the vassal. I still haven't found anyone who would play Conflict of Heroes, Combat Commander and Old School Tactical, all 3 boardgame systems and tell me what he thinks of each. I know tasted differ but soem general outlines for each compared to other could be given. Thank you for your input.
  6. Storm of Steel has a solo expansion - you might want to get it for when electeicity is out. I am only interested in Conflict of Heroes Guadalcanal for when the solo expansion comes out if ever. Not sure still if Old School Tactical system surpases it though. I will defenitely put more time in studying tactical boardgames and decide if I should get me a tactical one and which one of these I will get. Most likely none but we shall see.
  7. Added it on my to study list. Am hesitant to get tactical level boardgames though.
  8. Haha, yeah, no wonder, I was shelling you guys with boardgames. I got Silent Victory, D-Day at Peleliu and The Doolittle Raid. Only opened Silent Victory - my wife have given a green light to open that one and that one alone as a reward to me for cleaning up the garage. There are two more day -long things I will do around the house and for each I get to open another game. Fun, useful arrangement, haha. Also makes the whole arrival more valuable due to accumulated positive tension. So I opened it and loved the content and then she came and I explained her the brief history of US submarine warfare in the Pacific and how it relates to this game. She said: "Oh but rhis is horrible, you can die in the submarine in this game!?" Hehehe. We went over the components, the medals, the historic captains and showed her where you put punched counters and she went: "Oh, I wanted to throw away those plastic covers!" She thought my newly arrived counter trays were just some fillers for the games to stay in the box. Thanks (insert any diety you worship) she didn't!
  9. Now if we manage to integrate Steve into STEAM I think we have a winner right there - 3rd problem solved. Seen people from other forums see CM crowd as an elitist, closed, militarist, uber pro usa bunch of guys who get hostile easily when someone says something that most often then not triggers them. Something down that line.
  10. Demo updated to the latest game engine should have been posted too. That way people should have no excuse to complain if the product is not up their tastes.
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