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  1. Touched on all 3 guns the second time around but both of my assaulting teams got completely wiped out in the process. Only the two supporting MG teams were able to exit. Wasn't able to supress the two opposing MG bunkers with my MG teams. Got minor victory but failed to aquire the documents - how do you get them? And is it even possible to silence those damned bunkers? If you get the documents, do the Germans stil have big calibre shells lobbing at you in the 2nd mission?
  2. Soldier (only survivor) passed the gun and set in the square next to it. Probably didn't trigger the touch objective. In all the havoc going on I wasn't paying attention, thought it did but aparently didn't. Am inclined to replay this mission. I now understand what needs to be done with those opposing MG bunkers which mowed down both of my assaulting teams down to a man.
  3. Thank you. Dicey then. PT, on first mission Gun 3 was not registered as touched although I had a soldier sitting there next to it.
  4. This campaign is what got me started with CM back in the day. Looking forward to replaying the updated version. Now the question: If this campaign gets updated again, will my saves work or I will need to restart it from the beginning?
  5. Well, CM Normandy's base game maps is probably what distractsthe most. Map making art has come a long way since then. Future modules for Nkrmandy imlrove on that aspect.
  6. Erm, Russia is No.1 corrupt state in Europe, followed by Ukraine. While there has been strong civil anticoruption movement in Ulraine, the corruption in Russia is strong as ever. You might want to check data facts before undergoing Russian propaganda lines. Edit: I am all in for more tank and other vehicle variety in CMBS, I just made a snark remark.
  7. Story is hiding behind a paywall. What is the gist of it?
  8. What? A body with only exposed parts being eaten away but otherwise fully fleshed up after more then a year of being in a water? How is that possible?
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