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  1. I didn't do the TO&E for this module, but from experience it is likely that you can find it in FJ units.
  2. The hiring contract states that members of BFC must fall in battle. No other way out.
  3. Yes. It comes with some AA elements and an attached tank company (or an attached motor rifle company if from the tank branch)
  4. I've been busying getting this Cold War game into your hands. No time for streaming nowadays. Just too much work to do (in a good way).
  5. Don't be too harsh. I was purposely courting casualties, both for time's sake and to show some defensive systems. But CM being CM, it didn't really work out this playthrough. The last rehearsal I lost two Bradleys... I'm expecting my court martial any day now.
  6. I am looking into this. Got your save, thanks for that.
  7. Thanks! I am plugging away in the background.
  8. You can't do that, finally including that vehicle is one of the seals of the apocalypse.
  9. The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
  10. It is a longstanding tradition that we soft-launch roughly a day prior to the announcement, and eagerly wait for the first person to spill the beans on the forums.
  11. Lapdog33 has been banned as the sockpuppet of a previously banned member.
  12. Guys: arguing about the US election results, and any nasty jabs related to it, are absolutely an off-topic political discussion. There are plenty of other places on the internet to do that, so don't do it here.
  13. Get the v1.02 for PC and Mac here: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=350&Itemid=612 This is a minor patch that covers some issues that we didn't get around to in v1.01. Patches for other CM titles coming soon! Patch notes: TO&E and Formations * Commanders of German 2nd and 3rd grenadier rifle platoons have higher ranks. * Organic 81mm mortar teams in German Parachute platoons and companies can now be called for indirect fire through the support tab. * FIXED: Some US airborne infantry rifle squads would start spl
  14. Politics thread locked as off topic (steering from geopolitical consequences to election discussion).
  15. Main thing that visually sets apart 10th Mountain from what we've already got is that they'll be in 100% M1943 uniform gear items, as opposed to the mix you see right now. (as an aside, everyone thinks of those snazzy snow outfits and skiing gear when they think of 10th Mountain, but by the time they actually got into combat in Italy that gear had been turned in, because surprise, there wasn't a lot of snow and serious winter weather. Look at combat pics of the unit compared to the highly visible training pics)
  16. Well, I just finished putting 10th Mountain Division formations into the TO&E database for the next CMFI release, so... We've been busy. Very busy. More info soon.
  17. Let's keep this discussion respectful guys, please.
  18. I'm discontinuing the regular stream schedule, but I will continue to stream when there is something new to show, such as new battle packs / modules / upgrades etc.
  19. Link to the patch webpage. Final patch notes below. http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=350&Itemid=612 v1.01 PATCH NOTES: Content * Several scenarios and Quick Battle maps were updated to fix typos and other minor errors. Gameplay * Heavy Woods is now impassable to vehicles at all times, even when there is Heavy Snow. * VT-fuze artillery can now perform General missions with ground impact. * Bushes less likely to stop cannon fire. * M8A1 HMC now available in Quick Battles. * Vehicle commanders now butt
  20. Here's the last of the items that we are getting into v1.01: * Vehicles plot more direct paths when crossing barbed wire * Halftracked vehicles destroy wire when crossing it * Mortar gunners will operate correctly when other teams are in the mortar halftrack * StuG loaders don’t keep opening up their hatches under heavy fire
  21. We have some more items that will make it into the patch as we squeeze another couple of items in at the last minute (one of them is a fix for StuGs expending their whole crew trying to man the loader MG. Another is a fix to mortar HTs not being able to perform fire missions with the default loading while HQs are in the vehicle).
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