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  1. I absolutely get that however there is something special about playing your opponent face to face and watching his dreams and aspirations fade away after you crush his forces! 😛
  2. For me I play both ASLSK (Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit) which is most of the fun of full ASL without the serious rules bloat IMO. I also really enjoy Multiman Publishings "Tactical Combat Series" or TCS for short which is a great platoon level tactical combat system that is both easy to learn/play. TCS also has many games in the series covering all the theaters of WWII. MMP Tactical Combat Series
  3. Re-posting this as I know he was a well known figure among the early Combat Mission titles. I remember his scenarios well from those early days of CM. RIP "Wild" Bill Wilder. "It is with a sad heart that I need to report the passing of Bill Wilder. For those of you that know my history, Bill Wilder was one of the first gamers to join me when I founded Matrix Games. Our first project together was the Steel Panthers World At War game. I had just recently chatted with him and it was just like old times. I will greatly miss him. Bill's obituary can be found here and you may leave a mes
  4. Hey where are the 9+ shots of my inept Bazooka team finally getting the kill on that Stug with a shot up the tail pipe!
  5. They died well Bud and made Mother Russia proud!
  6. i was way too aggressive with the UKR and you certainly punished me for it!
  7. I think that was the only thing I have managed to kill!
  8. Yeah that was a nasty first turn for my poor UKRs. Revenge for our previous games I guess! lol
  9. Sometimes you have to use drastic measures to achieve results. "Serpentine Pattern!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzH3FxYvRs8
  10. Ahhh. That would explain it then. No worries and no rush, still using your mod regardless.
  11. Bil, Not sure if this is intended or not but I am currently playing a PBEM against an opponent who wanted to use the UKR forces. I am using the USA and his icons are showing CMBS's default red enemy icons and not the UKR ones from your mod. I am assuming it is because that even though we are technically fighting each other the game sees us both as NATO and doesn't know how to go about assigning the icons where a Nato player is pitted against another Nato player.
  12. Would it unnerve you even more if I told you I can easily see more than just that guy? How long are you going to leave those T90s back there?
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