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The CMx2, PBEM poll


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A, most likely, based on the demo or solid pre-release info (a'la the Alpha AAR between Moon and Fionn)

CMx2:II? That would depend a lot on CMx2:I, natch. When Tiller started releasing his PzC games I thought 'wow - gotta keep getting these', and I did, for a while. But I stopped getting them after three (they're up to 12 now I think), despite some of the later releases being of campaigns that I'm very interested in. The AI sux0rz, and I haven't really found a 'community' to buy in to. Also, the whole thing started to feel like a cash cow that was being milked bone dry.

I fear that if CMx2 does lose async play (i.e., PBEM, or whatever BFC come up with and decide to call it) then the community will change significantly, and become something I'm not interested in. Also, several comments by BFC about CMx2 have had a distinct 'cash-cow' ring to them, in my ears. If/when either happens, I'll most likely stop buying the games - BFC aren't a charity, and neither am I.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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