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  1. That's a CMBO operation. You can find it at the scenario deport.
  2. Just recently finished it H2H and had a great time. I had the Americans and my opponent tried to stand back at long range and use his superior guns and optics. Didn't work out all that well for him. He eventually took the objectives, but the cost was high. Very high. Can't really suggest any tweaks. As you say; it's a lot of fun if you like massive tank battles and lots of blowed-up armor. The map gives the attacker a lot of different options. I'd call the replayability factor pretty good. Make some more CMAK operations Iron Duke. "Counterattack at Sarrebourg" is still one of my all
  3. I'd like a copy, I can't get to the download either.
  4. I concur with Holien. I assumed the Amis would have artillery and they did not. If they had, I probably would have lost bigtime. See my AAR above; this is a GREAT scenario as-is. I think the American player needs to go for the blowout/destruction of the German forces, as opposed to exiting the map, but I'm not sure he should be clued to that fact in the briefing. In the endgame, the German is likely to have 1 platoon of Infantry and 1 or 2 AFV's, the Americans have enough force to roll over that if they only will, IMHO. Caveat: I have not read the American briefing for this scenario.
  5. EmilVille Exit AAR - Chuck "vadr" Grimes (German) Setup - Something of a classic situation: An American advance, west to east across a long map. The German defenders have reasonable fields of fire. Terrain items of note include a southern, secondary road which is sunken, running parallel to the main highway W-31. Heavy woods in the North center of the map, with a wheatfield to the east of them. The sunken road to the south is surrounded by wheatfields and brush, in an area segmented with stone walls. I don't think he'll send his light elements in force down that sunken road. They can
  6. Lab Rats in Norway AAR - Chuck "vadr" Grimes (German) Setup - Well! Isn't this interesting? I'm guarding a Lab site against a commando raid. I'm a little surprised to see a scenario like this in a tournament, but I'm certainly willing to take a crack at it. I have a number of guards (sharpshooters) and minefields which I cannot place, 2 platoons of security troops, and 3 HMGs. Since by definition I surrender the initiative here, I've elected to place the 2 platoons in the north and south construction areas, 1 MG in each truck, and one MG on top of the main lab complex. I expect to de
  7. North Of Epron AAR - Chuck "vadr" Grimes (German) Setup - A raid on an enemy artillery site. Looks like fun. I've elected to try to take out battery 1, and then make a grab for the center of town and that VL. If I can get battery 2 well and good. if not, I'll content myself with 3 flags. Both of my Infantry platoons start at the edge of the swamp west of the main road. My two 75mm HT's start in scattered woods on either side of the road, with good fields of fire to the building labelled "machine gun nest". I'll likely start putting HE into this building on turn 1 to take it out. o
  8. A lot of players have commented on that "wide open" gate and how that was the (hindsight-enabled) way in. I don't think so. I think most of the successful defenders followed an operational plan similar to mine; hold the main body in reserve, detect the enemy on the perimeter and react to his attack(s). I put both of my reaction platoons in the center "construction areas" with the MG's on trucks close by. I was prepared for an attack on the gate and was watching it closely with the "guards". I don't think an attack through the gate was necessarily as viable as it seems in hindsight. E
  9. As the Germans, my opinion is exactly the same as your opponent. I thought the scenario well designed, but I did not think it appropriate to be included in a tournament. Vadr
  10. Congrats to the winners! Well played all! See you in RoW III! VAdr
  11. Well, I think I can certainly guess one of the two in question, but how can any of the scenarios be a waste of time with this scoring system? I turned in AARs for all 3 games, and did not hold my fire in the "Conlusions" section... Unleash the hounds James!
  12. Finished all my finals games. Not sure who else is still playing in Tourney III. Most enjoyable. I (salute) all of my opponents for the interesting and challenging games. Big thanks go out to Treeburst and the Boots & Tracks team. Great job all. Just go ahead and put my name in for RoW III. Can't wait... Vadr [ November 12, 2002, 08:33 PM: Message edited by: Vadr ]
  13. yep, it's related to FSAA, and I went back to the 30.82s, problem solved. Many thanks
  14. Strange little bug. Not critical, but somewhat annoying. I recently updated my NVidia drivers to the 40.41 release and I'm beginning to regret that. I play a lot of PBEM. Before the upgrade, when I entered my password to open up a move, I could see the password as I typed it. Likewise, when I saved the file, the program displayed the previous filename, and typically I would just change the last number. I assume this is normal behavior. Since the upgrade, I can still type in my password, but no text shows up in the input field. The cursor moves as I type each letter, but no text is di
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