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  1. There are great back and forth arguing about this subject there. Everyone interested about reading these subjects http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums?a=search&reqWords=tiger&use_forum_scope=on&forum_scope=23110283 great "arguing" Finish this from my part I want to quote Shot2Pieces If he is around here maybe he has more data on this matter. Cheers LT
  2. The infamous Tiger Tank busted with MG fire video. Lots of discussions about this in IL-2 forums
  3. What I do is crop them for perfect size to fight ladder QBs as the variety in your maps is so huge that even on one map there are possibilities tro fight different type of battles. Also might edit the amount of flags.
  4. Hi, and welcome! I´d go with CMBB and CMAK as with CMAK you can also play ETO battles, or if you find the anthology it has the whole trilogy in it. And with CMAK you can play with New Zeland units too. LT
  5. Look here scenarios by Hans http://www.the-scenario-depot.com/scenario_finder_alpha.html?letter=S&game=CMAK and from mods look under cmak mods search junk2drive www.cmmods.com
  6. posted an AAR to the discussion area of your scenario at TPG Cheers LT
  7. you don´t need to disable the firewall but open a port for TCP games for CM. In my firewall I just open the firewall settings and allow all my CM games to open a port through the firewall. This way I won´t risk anything unwanted coming through
  8. I avoid running over them incase infantry hiding in there ready to throw TNT and Molotovs and Tanks bogs easily and might even get immobilized on the process
  9. snow bmp files are different from summerones so they´ll appear only if parameters are set to fight on snowy terrain. Edit to add:Welcome aboard when you have learned the basics against ai. you should try pbem or tcp games. Only then you learn how to really use the certain troop assets etc.
  10. I have all of your mappacks, great stuff!
  11. Along with WeBoB there is another very active club you can look into. it is called The Blitz You will find slim to non dropouts there. I have had only one within a year and that was due to RL issues and my opponent informed me about them before he had to drop out. Cheers LT
  12. Thanks! Hope you like the whole campaign if you are going to play it! LT
  13. Hell at Waldam Beach Allied assault Allied: 12516pts, Axis:4646pts This info from the editor. LT
  14. Hi guys I am really enjoying all the updates and opinions on the battles. I cannot answer to questions about Waldam Beachead scenario as I have only experienced that agains ai. All I have to say. Murder...evenly. Haven´t hear from Fredrock for a week. I am sure he will visit here ASAP. Keep these post coming. I am sure your questions will be answered and your reports are highly appreciated. Thanks LT
  15. Der Kuenstler I once played a game and switched frim tcp to pbem only to have my opponent tell me (and i also saw it as they were visible) loose 4 shermans. As the next reinforcements rolled in he got those 4 back plus the reinforcements plus 4 more shermans that were not planned. I knew my opponent and he is a good guy I have known since we were kids so no cheating. He checked how his reinf. should arrive and thus the aliens abducted 4 they returned 8. Not bad. So we agreed that he didn´t use the 4 extra tanks and had a great fight in the end. So I can say they can dissappear but I think our
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