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  1. You might find it here (though the list hasn't been updated to v1.01) - http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=2353
  2. Try cmmods.com. Search under CMAK for "sky". k-trout has some sky mods that appear hi-res (3MB a piece vs. the stock 1.5MB models). He combined some Undaunted/MikeyD mods.
  3. Walmart * Save money. Live better. Nazi cakes no problem.
  4. Just to clarify a bit... the BFC purchased Macintosh version of CMAK does come with a manual - in .pdf format - as Wicky's screenshot shows. As far as a printed manual, no, not with the BFC version at least. From the FAQ located here - http://www.battlefront.com/products/cmak/cmak_faq.html Will CMAK have a printed manual? In order to reduce costs on this game and be able to sell it for only $35 we have decided to ship it with the main manual as a 210+ PDF file which is installed along with the game from the CD. The manual is very similar to the previous CMBB manual and we feel the vast manjority of players of CMAK will already own CMBB. CMAK will also ship with a 32 page printed Player Guide with a detachable Quick Reference Card.
  5. Nice stuff again patboy. I have always admired your unique modeling.
  6. Lt. Bull, I have made a turquoise free variation of the Rocket-Man tiles that you might want to look at. See this thread: Page 2 & 3
  7. Doing a comparison to the GaJ/RM mod, my 1550 .bmp is a little darker then the GaJ/RM mod. My 1570 is a little lighter. On the other hand the higher elevations look a little more natural with my mod in my opinion. I always play with bases turned on.
  8. Ok, they are up @CMMODs. Please let me know what you think of them.
  9. John, I had that happen once too. It was an older Mac with a budget nvidia graphics card. Trees became craters depending on angle etc. It wasn't that scenario but the problem went away once I rebooted.
  10. Thanks again for the templates RM. Here are my latest creations; the Gurra/Magua/GaJ/RM/_UX combo {turquoise free} pack for Italy: e.g. July'43, March'44, Dec.'44: If anyone is interested in trying these out I'll post them at Mod Central. [ May 05, 2007, 02:50 AM: Message edited by: _UXcva ]
  11. I pasted the Magua tiles over yours and experimented with the blend modes and opacity to bring your grid through the top layer in Photoshop because I didn’t have the foggiest how to make a proper grid. If you could send me your grid template that would be much appreciated.
  12. I was having the turquoise problem at the highest elevations (Italy) with my somewhat ancient ATI card even if I renumbered the open ground tiles. My current solution was to blend Gurra’s/Magua’s grass with RM’s/GAJ’s tiles. The lines are a bit subtler but I get no turquoise bits at any elevation now. {See pics in post further down} [ May 08, 2007, 01:47 AM: Message edited by: _UXcva ]
  13. Yes, thanks for links. Anyone know of a site with tactical numbers? In particular, a site where you could copy & paste the font/typeface numbers. I'd like to put more realistic looking numbers on my armor.
  14. ...Or click the Full Reply Form button, then click the URL button (which brings up a prompt where you can paste in the link). Another prompt will appear where you can give the link a name etc. [ April 05, 2007, 09:17 AM: Message edited by: _UXcva ]
  15. Good stuff Pat,, now you'll have to do the other 250's to match {w/ variation of course} yes?
  16. Wicky & Gautrek - Thanks for the replies. I wasn’t aware of either of those techniques. I’ll experiment a bit when I get some time in the near future.
  17. Pat, I am familiar with Gautrek’s mod tutorial; I’ve used it to add dirt, grime etc. to other modders mods. Also familiar with layers and so forth. My question then is how you fixed specially the bad pink areas in 3900.bmp. You’ll notice in the Cabe version the magenta is a different shade(s) towards the edges in spots; how did you offset that and make your edges so crisp/uniform? Did you use any painting as part of the process? When I tried the layer/similar/invert technique I still had to go in and paint to make the pink area uniform. Maybe my magic wand settings are off, though I’ve tried different combinations. -- and If anyone else has any advice I’d be glad to hear it Thanks (ps, I use Photoshop 6 or CS2 if that matters)
  18. Nice one Cabe! I like the Paris-Dakar rally look too. --Pat, how exactly did you go about removing the unwanted pinkie parts in the earlier version? I had the images in Photoshop and couldn't quite remove all the unwanted bits.
  19. I very much like your version Cabe, it matches the other NA HTs. This is probably unrelated to your pinky problem but on a Mac the pink transparency has to match the default pink (R:255 G:0 B:255) otherwise you get some bleed through problems. I'm a hack modder at best but I'm sure an expert will be along shortly with suggestions..
  20. Looking good Cabe. Its an improvement over what I had in my folder. Always a fan of the worn dusty look too.
  21. Ok, I've reposted Patboy's DAK 251/9 Stummel at CMMODs. {It originally was at cmmods but was lost in the great crash of '05 or was it '06 (?)}. Perhaps someone could recolor/recamo it so it matches the other Desert HTs. I'm looking forward to your StuG IIIF late Cabe and that is an attractive looking 251/9 Pat. [ March 14, 2007, 05:43 PM: Message edited by: _UXcva ]
  22. The helmet is nice isn't it... its the work of JorgeMC. It can be found at CMMODS, JorgeMC CMAK helmets I've also emailed patboy to draw his attention to this thread. If he doen't respond soon I'll post the DAK 251/9 at CMMODs on his behalf.
  23. I think this is one you're looking for. It has the DAK palm trees but more of an Itay/yellow color scheme. The .bmps seem to be 3900-3910, 3912. Not sure if there are other .bmps shared or otherwise connected to this mod. I could send you the files if you'd like. Maybe email patboy?
  24. Not loading for me @2346 (Central), Sunday night.
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