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  1. While Ive been less than thrilled by the direction BTS choose with the SF games, Im always happy to see them do well. I look forward to the Normandy game and hope I will find my way back here after being dissapointed by SF.
  2. Now, thats dedication and passion! Thanks for dedication both to you and the team. Im sorry to see yourself having not much to show for your personal time and money spent on this. I hope there exist some karma in the world, and your efforts will be rewarded in some other way. Good luck with your future, and thanks again!
  3. Ok.. the controls are HOPELESS. This is one of the games I really want to like and play, but how can I when the controls are counter intuitive (to other RTS') and are all over the keyboard. I mean, cmon, the technical quality is nice, bit the controls are from the 90this. Please look into this as the controls of any game are fundamental to the enjoyment of said game. And please dont give me any crap about how we will get used to it. We already are used to how most games handles movement and control, why would this game need any special keys for that? (hint, it doesnt and it is just stupid)
  4. Hehe, havent posted here in a LONG time. Anyways, if you do a search you will find PLENTY of (heated) discussions about this. But it can basically be explained by this: Due to modelling restriction, the Stug's front is modelled as the whole front is resistant to the 76mm, while in reality, only parts were. Expect this to change we the eastern front is visited again in cmx2.
  5. Good AI? No. Atleast not in 1.03, I uninstalled the game after that. Perhaps its better now, but I doubt it is significantly better.
  6. Yay for these statements. However, Im puzzled as to why you keep harping on about "the bad guys" that does not like your design decisions.
  7. Id like just to voice my opinion that Id favour different vehicles over multiple instances of the same vehicle. I play the games to fight, not look at the doodaads.
  8. Serbia is suffering from a national vitcimization syndrome, and has so for hundreds of years. Poor, poor Serbia.
  9. Doing so would spell the end of the US world dominance for sure and as a bonus, would not accomplish the the probable mission goals.
  10. Is this really true? I know that some systems are under development, but the history of anti-missle systems does not provide great confidence in the effectiveness of future systems. </font>
  11. Regarding RPG effect on Humvees: Here is one that just keeps on rolling after being hit: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=2b4_1180908686 While I dont think these will be moving anywhere soon: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=8f4_1177581052 http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=8f4_1177581052 I guess its dependant on what kind of warhead you use and where you hit. While the first Humvee kept on rolling, I think some of the occupants can very easily have been injured or killed.
  12. That was strange. Anyways, thats an older version of the vehicle. I used to be a driver for the newer one, the BV206. They were really good winter terrain and off road vehicles. But I wouldnt want to be in one in a combat zone as they have no armour at all. Armamanet usually consisted of one .50 cal mounted on the roof.
  13. Some of us just want to play a *game* that gives us interesting challanges and the oppertunity for *balanced* battles vs other players.
  14. Just to clarify, does this mean that the 1st WWII game using the CMx2 engine will NOT be Westeren Front? In which case I would rejoice!
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