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  1. I think it's only a short step from Schwimmwagen to cavalry and bicycle troops. Both of which were used more than the Pershing. Although, to be fair, none of them took out a King Tiger. Still.
  2. It just occurred to me reading this thread that it may not be obvious to non-grogs that a Schwimmwagen is an amphibious vehicle that can cross a river without a ford or bridge.
  3. I love the fedoras on some of the Volkssturm members. They look so dapper.
  4. Komrade Ivan speaks perfect '70's English. Dig it! Because they don't ride in jalopies anymore. And the old man has is own track! I think the dude has the lingo down so perfectly because he was in spetsnaz, where they all learn to rap in American-ese.
  5. It's battlefront. You know it will be more complicated than that. First they will need to determine whether the hole is above or below the waterline. No, wait, I skipped a step. First they will need to determine where the waterline is based on the number of men and equipment being carried by the SW. As well as the density of water, which can vary slightly based on temperature and salinity. Then they determine whether the hole is above or below the waterline...the angle of shot will be important because some shots may enter above the waterline but exit below it. After that, it's a simple calculation of amount of water that can enter based on the number and diameter of the holes. However, what might be tricky is that as a SW takes on water, it will gradually sink, meaning that the waterline for a holed SW will constantly be changing over time; this will be critical for determining the effect of new hits.
  6. And Schwimmwagen. And partisans in Schwimmwagen.
  7. I heard a rumor (or a "rumour") that the MoD was interested in replaying France 1940. I think Battlefront should begin preparing now.
  8. You aren't fooling us Steve; we know that's from the CMBN Space Lobsters of Doom module. What we don't know is why the British MoD is worried about space lobsters.
  9. I would like to see realistic modeling of the sponson gun and turret on the Char B. I would also like to see a Char B. And it should be included in a '39-41 early war module.
  10. I'm a big East Front fan...but I do think that some of the appeal of that front had to do with the fact that the cold war was going on at that time.
  11. Troll post. CMx1 had absolute spotting (or whatever we used to call it). If one unit on the battlefield saw a unit, all other units instantly knew it was there. Instantly! CMx1 did have 38(t)s, though...so it had some advantages.
  12. Despite the many steps, my installation has gone flawlessly.
  13. I would disagree with this - timetables matter a lot, especially at CM's level. It's not a matter of "losing" if you don't capture the village or hill on time, but it is often a matter of the larger attack stopping until tomorrow because you can't move supplies up until the hill is cleared (or whatever). It can also mean the difference between enemy troops being able to escape or being cut off. As others have mentioned, time is compressed in CM - probably by at least 4 or 5 times. A quick 30 minute CM battle would probably take at least 2 hours to fight in reality (if not longer). A 2-hour CM battle is an all-day battle in reality. But the number of *actions* taken in the 30 minute CM battle/2 hour real battle are going to be the same. CM - basically - cuts out the numerous 10 minute pauses where everyone freezes and nothing happens. (Not to mention platoons getting lost in larger battles and the CO having to send a runner after them to point them in the right direction). Of course if I just want to play around, I'll set up a small QB and give myself 2 hours to play it - that way, I can futz around to my heart's content (and I do this a lot). But there are lots of historical reasons for time limits like we have in CM - accounting, of course, for the time compression.
  14. Actually, I think it [CMx1] was on CD. Which included both the Mac and Windows version.
  15. Crawling into buildings is my SOP for entering them unless I know they're safe.
  16. I think spreading fire is rare enough to not be an issue within the scope of CM (with maybe one exception*). But I think that persistent fire in one location is more realistic, and could mean that that location cannot be entered. But - even within an action space, fires will start small and spread. While they are small, troops can put them out; to be realistic, we would probably need rules for troops fighting fires. Which starts to get kind of complicated. *Fires started in a building should maybe spread to other squares in the same building. Unless firefighting troops put it out. What I would actually like to see is a chance that 3+ story buildings, when rubbled, fall into an adjacent square. Possibly blocking a road.
  17. I didn't know that CM was ever on TV. But I found out about CMBO when I read the review in the NY Times (which today just strikes me as completely weird). I bought the game immediately and joined the forum a couple of days after that. And you can still read the review here! http://www.nytimes.com/2000/10/05/technology/game-theory-playing-war-but-with-a-new-set-of-rules.html I do miss boardgaming and miniatures for the social aspect...but I never really found a good group after college.
  18. I would also recommend River of Blood against the AI. I also won, but I also felt like the AI kicked my ass. It has an interesting puzzle aspect to it, plus lots of opportunities for realistic tactics.
  19. "This smoke mission is brought to you by Lucky Strike cigarettes. Smoke 'em if you've got 'em!"
  20. I've had good luck using area fire with the new Granatgewehr teams the Germans have. They aren't as effective as mortars (and I keep expecting them to be like mortars), but when you fire enough rifle grenades, you will eventually kill some infantry.
  21. Keep in mind that the 88 Flak, when viewed from the front, is approximately the size of a military truck.
  22. I've had some luck with having Granatgewehr teams area fire on an occupied building. I'm still kind of figuring out how to use them...
  23. Sources are inconsistent in what they mean by "penetration". Usually when penetration is stated as a number, it means that the projectile has a 50% chance of penetrating that number; presumably it has a smaller chance of penetrating a few millimeters more. But the gun shield on the HT does seem to be sloped pretty well - eyeballing it, it looks like it's angled about 30 degrees from the vertical, and then goes back about the same on each side as well.
  24. This is worth looking into. The Garand's AP ammo had a steel penetrator and could penetrate about 10 mm of vertical armor at 100 yards. The MG gunshield on the StuG was a 10 mm armor plate (I'm not sure if it's the same gunshield on HTs, although they look similar). The gunshield is sloped, though, so at 200 meters the shooter is probably safe from penetration. Most of the time.
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