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  1. Can't believe people still playing this. Glad you are enjoying it. All the best Andreas
  2. Desperation, never a pretty sight. Unless, of course, it's Boo being desperate, in which case we should consider charging entrance fees. All the best Andreas
  3. I do like to think of them as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypso. All the best Andreas
  4. You know you're too much into the Great Patriotic War when you start explaining to your staff what the concept of Aktivnost means and how they should apply it. All the best Andreas
  5. I think Jon is more likely to put the call through to your chosen place for retirement, the 'I ain't Shot Mum Rough Biker Community Retirement Centre - Waco, TX'. All the best Andreas
  6. Flowers? For Emrys. Are you serious? Why not pack in some nice Swiss chocolate and a gobstopper. Flowers... All the best Andreas
  7. Quite. To give an example from a Red Army division commander memoir: in the prep for the L'vov-Sandomierz Operation his rifle division was selected for the initial assault (the honour!). This entailed carrying out lengthy recces along its front line to ID all German strongpoints and whatnot to be able to plaster them appropriately with the heavy stuff that came in support. So a few days before kick-off, Konev shows up at the divisional CP and berates him for not having fulfilled the expected norm of identified strongpoints. The flogging done, he left, suggesting that if the rate of ID'd German strongpoints did not improve substantially, he would assign the artillery to a division that had done a better job. The implication of course being that in that case, this particular division could go into the assault with no support. An extra effort was made. All the best Andreas
  8. Bigger team, so they survive for longer. Can't run as well though. All the best Andreas
  9. I needed to get a proper computer first. I actually think it plays very well. Much improved over the CMx1 engine. I have played some games on the basic setting against the AI, and it's far more fun than I expected it to be. All the best Andreas
  10. Thanks a lot Steve! It's still 1.10 at the App Store. All the best Andreas
  11. Indeed they aren't. Just bought the big bundle myself. All the best Andreas
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